Welcome to the 1st day of September 2013

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Welcome to the 1st day of September 2013. Many of you have been my friends for many years and judging from your feedback have found peace and solace in reading my daily tweets. I am here to help, to fill your heart with the passion and desire to become an achiever. I shall hold your hand and guide you to a life that is more enjoyable. What would you say is the real meaning of enjoyment? I would say that to enjoy life is to experience it full on. Quote of the day: ‘To enjoy life is to take extreme pleasure in doing what you really want to do and to reap the benefits by being completely satisfied.’ Are you ready to do just that? Will the month of September prompt you to take action? Every action gives a noted reaction. Take a stone in front you. Take no action and the stone is left unturned. Take little action and the stone will be displaced. Take a hearty effort and the stone shall be under your control. It can be moved or it can be removed. It can become part of your needs. It can make a wall or it can be crushed into pebble stone. You are in charge and whatever action you take you will see a result. This result maybe good or it may be bad. It is your effort and you shall exercise this effort according to your will. Your will is your final bill. Printed from a till it will give you your worldly deeds. You need to fill the gaps from now on. You need to go up the hill rather than downhill. You need to get a thrill in whatever you do. This is normally from a developed skill. There isn’t a pill that you need to take but rather a pledge that you need to instil.  Fulfil your actions with a dose of celebrated goodwill. Your will is your innermost desire and passion to willingly to do things right on a more frequent basis. Your ‘will’ will make your actions over the months and years to come worthy of printing. Yes, Dear Friends let us make the month of September 2013 a month to always remember. Let it be a month to remember when you took the right actions to give you a life that is befitting to your needs. Have a special Sunday for it is the 1st Sunday of September. Enjoy it with the genuine will to make tomorrow a better day for you.


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