Welcome to the month of August 2013

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Welcome to the month of August 2013. Welcome to a new beginning where yesterday concluded the consequences of the month of July 2013. To some July 2013 held good consequences whilst to others July 2013 held bad consequences. Quote of the day: ‘A consequence is generally the resultant effect produced by someone or a group of people based on their intentions. If they intention were unselfish the consequences will generally been a good one. Conversely, if they intentions were selfish the consequences will generally be bad.’ How can we sustain a new month with unselfish intentions? It is a hard world where man has indentured the surface of our history with grief and destruction. It is simple, we have to persevere not just for the day but for the rest of our lives, willingly and purposefully.  May all your dreams come true in the month of August and may you be blessed with showers of happiness and speckles of joy? May you live onto to the full value of your life to the best of your ability in a daily contribution of good deeds and positive goals? May you remain in good health and if you are unwell may you recover soon and overcome any obstacle that comes your way. May you reach stability in your finances by living according to your means, keeping your expenses generally below your income? May you enjoy and cherish your loved ones with the harness of being a good and responsible parent. May you increase your friends from all works of life and more importantly reduce your enemies. May you choose the correct path as you meet each day and may your actions be humane as you pace the Earth? May you find happiness in your heart and may it profuse into your household where other souls share their lives with you. May you be granted the will to meet problems that come your way and to find a solution that will get you back on the road again? May you share your love with Almighty GOD equally and genuinely each day by starting your day with a prayer and ending it in gratitude? May the month of August 2013 trigger a defined and definite change for you? A change that you could feel, see and admire. May you achieve the perfect body and mind, spiritually attuned and morally balanced. May you treasure your life by loving yourself each day? May you live to love and love to live? May you appreciate the fauna that burrows the soil and walks above it and may you smell the scent of the flora that covers the Earth in a kaleidoscope of colour. May you learn a new word each day, thereby increasing your knowledge? As your knowledge broadens so does your common sense. May you embrace another human being fairly and justly? May you not judge or criticise another human irrespective of their faith or culture. May you grow with desire, with passion and with dedication? May you share your wisdom equally and unselfishly? May you enjoy the month of August and look earnestly forward to September 2013 with similarity and popularity.


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