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Take the 30 day challenge


On the 1st of September I will launching an updated site of Universally Friendly and a totally new site called JiP. In either sites you will have the unique opportunity to acquire The Modern Day Trilogy in various formats such as eBooks, DVDs, Picture Frames, Hard Copes and memories for a specially reduced price. For a limited quantity each month you may also acquire The Modern Day Trilogy in an eBook format for free. I want for you to read this Trilogy in time for the launch of my book called ‘A Pictorial View of the Universe.’

Yes, every human being on our planet from all corners of the world has the right to live equally, fairly and comfortably. Forming a bond of friendship creates the perfect platform to do just that. Can you imagine how wonderful your world would be if you could achieve the following:

  • To end 2012 knowing that you have identified yourself as a human being living equally and fairly on planet Earth. So many years have passed where many have perished not knowing the truth. Today, I want you to realise that you have the right to live onto 100 years and to enjoy every minute of your life.
  • To live debt free and acknowledge your presence on this planet with reverence.  Would you not like to walk the streets of your neighbourhood or your city feeling safe and feeling motivated. Is it not time for you to feel financially secure, to know that you can live in confidence knowing that you are in tune with the Universe. The Universe is abundant and caters adequately for everyone.
  • To be the controller of your destiny and to ride the craft of your chosen vehicle to a happier life forever and ever.  I want to share my revelation with you today and I want you to realise how important you really are in the whole Universe. I want you to start 2012 with the knowledge you are going to enjoy your life from now on.  Analysts may predict more gloom as if it was written in the stars, we are in charge of our destiny now because we acknowledged the truth.
  • To identify our role on Earth and to expend every second from now on, profitably. I want you to become a life long friend, a Universal Friend, strapped with a new vision not just for you or your children but for your children’s children. I want you to know that with a consistent effort you will achieve all your unselfish goals.
  •  Would it not be wonderful to finally know the truth? The truth is finally here. For every conceivable question that you may have asked for so long, a conclusive and logical answer is now given. Having real answers gives real meaning to your life. The video above portrays some of these questions. Now read The Modern Day Trilogy and get answers right away!

I want you to be part of this unique friendship called Universally Friendly that paves a new dimension to the world concept of your life. Look forward to your presence on the 1st of September 2012.


The Universe is Opulent


Dear Friends, how many of you can openly say that certain things in life is really impossible to find? When I was a young boy I always used to wonder why did I not have a birthday party or a toy for Christmas. I used to often wonder why I used to walk the streets without a pair of shoes or go to bed feeling hungry. I used to wonder why I did not go to a good school where my Peers could unselfishly impart valuable knowledge to me. Everyone will have a tale to tell and yet the Universe is opulent, pouring with an endless stream of wealth and health. I was only 35 years of age when I started to find out the reason why these things would happen. On reflection I feel hurt but the pain is not as potent as before but the memories are. It would be so wonderful to give onto others the gifts that will bring about inner joy and profound Happiness. This is my pledge to try and achieve at least just that. Bear with me and you shall see the world as never before. You will see how your life becomes so infused with valour and with courage. You will find the right tools to do the right work and you will wonder over the awe and magnificence of The Universe like never before. Be strong, be patient but don’t make others make you fell otherwise. Thank you for reading this message – Anthony

Make August 2012 your month


Dear Friends, thank you so much for finding the time to read my blog and thank you to all my friends that have sent me DMs, likes, RTs and personal messages. I am indeed unduly grateful and will always honour my relationship with you. August is indeed a wonderful and lucky month for me, especially August the 15th. This is the day when a beloved person in my life had passed away so suddenly and so unexpectedly and also it is a day when a beloved niece of my mine was born. Every human life on planet Earth should be a valued treasure from day 1 to the very last day when we shall depart knowing in advance that we left behind a legacy of good deeds and worthy contributions for others to follow and take note. I want to celebrate August 2012 as a significant change for you. If you have been reading my Quotes you will see clearly that I offer inspiration to those that need and inspiration to those that have lost it. On August 31st I shall be offering The Modern trilogy for you for free or as a purchase in one of many formats to suit your needs and circumstances.

You must acquire this Trilogy for in it you shall receive conclusive answers to many questions that remain a conjecture in life for so long. The following video clip highlights these questions:

 I urge you to find the time to read my updated sites on the 31st of August 2012 and I hope and pray that your life will change significantly as mine did almost 18 years ago. I cannot express in words how exalted I feel and how inspired I treat the making of a new day in life. I now walk the streets with confidence and wiser. Dear Friends take the 30 day challenge and make lastly impression on your life for good.