Monthly Archives: May 2012

The Meritocratic Goal Setter


Who amongst you starts the day knowing that your life is so perplexed with worries, debts, illness, sadness, bereavement or confusion. The world is your oyster and the pearl is your treasure for every living individual. So, when doubt sets in or trouble stands at your front door consolidate your life into something more purposeful by becoming a meritocratic goal setter. As a meritocratic goal setter there is no trace of doubt in your heart for you now place reliance on Almighty GOD



You cannot define Success unless you tasted it. You cannot taste it until you tried it and you cannot try until you know what you actually require. Many Goal Setters spend unnecessary time mimicking other people. This is futile. You must be able to define what you really want in life, this must be rooted deep within you. You have to establish first if you have the passion and the desire to achieve, if not then it is not really meant for you.

People are the core to your success


Love people from all works of love with sheer determination and profound intent. Do not judge another human being irrespective of their colour, creed or culture. Do not judge another human being based on their emotions. Love one and another. Love them with all your heart. Emotions are temporary so don’t label a person based on their emotions.