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The Precious Buds of June


The Precious Buds of June

Quote of the day

‘We are ALL like flowering buds but just a few of us have the courage to blossom. To change the chemistry of our progress we need to add colour to our lives. Our receptacles need new content. Our sepals need new ideas. We need to change our style without having a stigma of regret. We need to infuse our pistils with inspiration and challenge our ovaries to produce the fruits of life. We need to project a filament of motivation and an anther of aspiration. Do this diligently and you shall blossom like the precious buds of June.’

Previous Quote

‘So colourful are they not, so beautiful have they got, so aromatic in a flower pot, all together or as a single dot they remain our earthly bot.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Welcome to June 2017. It is wonderful to have you on board our cruise ship to guaranteed success. Welcome to a colourful season where the glowing Sun sparkles inspiration and the flowing moon drizzles motivation on your wonderful dreams. It is that feeling of triumph that awakens your senses to go out into the world of opportunities and blossom 24/7 like never before. We are ALL beautiful, radiant to the core, colourful to adore, the unique desire to restore, an individual with vigour and valour and with a heart that is pure. With such immense credentials, we should blossom like flowers in June. Don’t follow the saddened trail of looking pale. Don’t carry that stale appearance either. Inhale the goodness of life and exhale the badness that life can sometimes deliver. Your fundamental quest in life is to have the constant will to live your life to the fullest, harbouring each second of your day with care and precision. We see trails of garden beds on a daily basis, each displaying an awe of wonder, colour and fascination. Structurally each flower is anatomically the same. They have the same parts, the same pulsating hearts and the art or science of blossoming each year. You too are the same anatomically speaking. We have the same parts, the same allocated time, the same heart and the art to create, formulate and integrate. You are a precious bud with the unique power to blossom into worthiness, trustworthiness and adorableness. We need to inject into our fiery furnace the right fuels to support our demanding day. Can a car travel without fuel? We need constant administration of our affairs to fulfil our daily chores, done in sequence and with a certain degree of passion and desire. We need to complete our personal jigsaw puzzle to form a coherent picture of colour in Summer. Can a flower be a flower without a sepal or a petal? What are your missing pieces to your jigsaw puzzle? Only you can establish that. Look at yourself in the mirror and stare with intent to develop content. Do you need to smile more in order to go the extra mile? Do you need to lose weight to feel great again? Do you need to reduce enemies and start to create friends instead? Live your life to the fullest, be like a flower and start attracting the hunters of your abundant nectar. Give your nectar freely, be a protector to your fellow human beings and to ALL GOD’s creatures. Become a respected director of your daily deeds. Be the sole inspector of your good deeds, seek not a single reward for your humbleness. Dear Friends, be like the flower. Fill your heart with content, your mind with good intent and your soul with a heavenly scent of love. This is the chemistry of change that you need to instil within you to create the vibrancy of your life and to unveil your purpose.

Bonus Quote

‘Have a purpose in life and you shall have a life with a purpose. A life that has a purpose will always make you less nervous and more earnest.’

Think of a colour, fixate on it and fill the contours of your life with that colour. Use that colour to remind you that you are like a flower ready to blossom. Make this solemn commitment.

Trinket Quote

‘Blossom in Summer and you will never be forgotten in Autumn.’

I will be a creating a series of Trinket Quotes for you in the weeks ahead. These are new, short and direct quotes for you to keep in your pendant, purse or wallet. Have a wonderful month in June.



May is the archway to 2017

Quote of the month

‘May 2017 holds the key to your overall success. It is the archway to inspiration, the causeway to motivation and the doorway to aspiration. It is the expressway to circumvent your inhibitions, it is the entrance way to glory and the passageway to endless opportunities.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Welcome to the first day of May celebrated throughout the world as a Bank Holiday. May holds the key to your success throughout the remaining part of 2017. In the almanac of events, May precedes June. Therefore it enables us to gauge our weaknesses and our strengths too. Our weaknesses can be clearly seen reflected in the alleyway of constant mistakes. Like waste disposal bins littering the sidewalk, our errs in life become our scares in life. What can we do in the remaining months of 2017 as we stand in the Archway of May? We can back away but this will only frustrate us. We can find some leeway and move forward with caution. Sadly, we can as most do become a tearaway sort of person, I don’t recommend that. My recommendation is as follows:

Dear Friends, I want you to stand still in the archway of May and make some important choices, choices that will change your life for the common good. We all err, we all show some signs of a flare, we all sometimes want to dare someone or maybe stare at someone or even scare them. Why do we do it? We do it because we are constantly making mistakes but cannot acknowledge that we do and prefer to blame some else for it. You should not bring your efforts that you already made since the beginning of the year to a halt. You worked hard and bored the traumas of life that awaited you thus far. You are now a month away from midway. It will be June next month. Suddenly your gallant efforts to reduce weight is slowly falling to pieces. Your commitment to consolidate your debts is slowly falling apart. Your relationship is on the brink despite your efforts to make things work out. This is the archway of May that I am referring to. It is an archway that constantly reminds you to persevere. If you have fallen back, I say onto you and verily too, relax and a take a breather. You are now standing at the archway of May. It is an archway of Inspiration, you have my word on that. You need to absorb this inspiration because it will uplift you. As you slowly tread into this hallway of magnificence you will find the causeway to motivation. Some will see it immediately, others will see it later on. Inspiration gives you faith, motivation gives you courage. If you can comprehend this statement then your faith is strong. As you understand the blunders you accrued and the inhibitions that make you want to give up you will want to move on or start again. This decision is the bravest decision you will ever make. As the days pass you more opportunities will await you because your faith is growing stronger. You will see them as you grow and grow and let bygones be bygones. If you are willing to acknowledge your mistakes then you are on the road to recovery. Remember when you err, polarise and turn it into a repair. Let us make this into a memorable quote.

Bonus Quote

‘When you err, polarise it by turning it into a repair. The thoroughfare from an error to a repair is the most memorable road you will ever tread with care.’

The next opportunity is the expressway to circumvent your inhibitions. In this expressway, there are friends to help you make amends.

Bonus Quote

‘At the expressway to circumvent your inhibitions, you will always find friends to help you make amends.’

They will guide you to the entrance way that shows you the glory of your life. When you see this door, you will be reminded of something important.

Previous Quote

‘Start your day with a prayer and end it sincerely with gratitude.’

Now that you got your affairs in order the passageway to endless opportunities resumes. You can end something or start something. You can repair an error with a sense of positivity. You need to maintain your faith and let go of the hate.

Bonus Quote

‘You need to ascend the ladder of success rather than descend liberally down the bladder of failure.’

Bonus Quote

‘Dear Friends, always amend rather than defend. Start by setting a noble trend, by watching how you spend.’

Do the following as well. When a friend helps you to make amends you need to give something in return. Recommend that friend to someone else. Don’t offend that friend because he or she was a godsend. Don’t pretend to be unappreciative, send a word of thanks. So, when things fall to pieces learn to pick up the pieces. May your efforts in May be rewarded with success upon success.

Be grateful and graceful in April


Be grateful and graceful in April

Quote of the day

‘The gracefulness of a man or a woman is proportional to how grateful they really are. Gratefulness is classified as the ability to be thankful for life itself, to be appreciative to gain wisdom and to be pleased with the bounties of the fruits that they receive daily.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Welcome to the month of April 2017. I am so grateful for your presence and your grace to embrace this auspicious month. To be refined as a result of thy worthiness illustrates how important a person values their lives. They do not judge others but are nudged to judge themselves. They understand that life is precious and that time is valuable. Using these two assets they can gracefully achieve anything that their heart desires. Judging others for what they have is not the science of gracefulness. Gracefulness is about the ability to achieve, the agility to overcome, the flexibility to compensate and the dignity to live. If you cannot exercise gratefulness, then you cannot exercise gracefulness. These two ideologies work hand in hand. Success will never be forthcoming if you are not grateful for what you have and for what you are capable of having. Life is a gift, a precious gift bestowed upon you from the heavens above you. You need to understand the value of your life, every second of it. You need to be grateful for your shelter, despite the weather. You need to be grateful for your meals without a squeal. You need to be grateful for your friends, families and neighbours. You need to be grateful that you can see, feel, walk, talk and learn. You cannot judge the one and not judge yourself. We always like to critique, live in mystique, remain weak, speak harshly, appear weak, ignore the meek and disregard our physique. We do this because we live to judge others. Today we need to stop this foolishness and learn to judge ourselves. To do this we need to learn the science of gracefulness. Gracefulness comes upon us when we show gratefulness. Gratefulness denotes your acknowledgement to live and to live 100 years and beyond. Every second of your day is taken into consideration. Many of us throw our seconds away because they feel like pennies. Yet, pennies add up to pounds and pounds add up to prosperity. To touch the summit of prosperity signifies your understanding of gracefulness. Dear Friends, live your life with grace, embrace every second of your life with desire and passion, leave no trace of hostility behind, don’t chase the wrong opportunity, develop a strong knowledge base, create harmony at your workplace, never race into anything for time is at your side and more importantly nurture your goals at the base of your heart and let it grow into you and not anyone else. I wish you success but sadly success comes with hard work, your resilience to overcome inhibitions and your desire to appreciate life itself. I can show you how but you need to help me by following a set of rules that has worked from the beginning of time. Let us start in April with a new vision, a strong dimension and a little grace preceded by gratefulness.

March into March using the MODE Effect.



March into March using the MODE Effect

Quote of the day

‘Take charge of a new era in your life by marching into March with valour and vigour. Fill your socks with the warmth and suppleness that is needed to edge forward. Fill your heart with the glow that makes you flow. Fill your mind with the twinning of success and accomplishment of great people. Discover yourself first and then rediscover your entire surroundings. Recover from fallen dreams and uncover the secrets to succeeding. Uncover the glory that has been laid down from the beginning.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Welcome to March 2017. Are you ready to march into March? Like nectar to the bee and horns to the bison, like rain from above and springs from below you need valour and vigour to make it work. Valour is courage to take on the greatest task or the smallest task. If the shoe fits, we must execute a command with professionalism. That command could be getting up at a specific time or undertaking to dissolve a dilemma. Like a beaver that weaves through the undergrowth to stop the flow of water, you need to be able to weave your way through any growth. Experience helps, weariness does not and inexperience can be futile. Developing valour is rather a slow process. It comes with time. It comes with mannerism, optimism, dynamism and embolism. I call this the MODE effect. The MODE Effect establishes your Vigour. Briefly, Mannerism is about developing character in all that you do. People depend on you as you depend on them. If your character holds an emblem of honesty, quality and goodwill your courage is strong. Optimism is about sticking to a positive mode despite been thrown into a negative one. It’s hard but what is life without life itself. If a leaf falls on your front door do you get angry? If the wind blows a few tiles off your roof would you become angry? We have the appendages to resolve issues of different dimensions and expressions. Be optimistic, always. Dynamism is the ability to maintain your stamina. It is about having the zest to complete your tasks delivering your best in each instance. Finally, Embolism is the prime factor in developing your courage. As you know I created the ultimate Diary called Destinations. If you can recall, what was the primary importance of Destinations? Destinations taught you the principle of intercalation. It was about inserting into your diary sequentially a list of tasks that you can do perform with professionalism. Dear Friends, you can march into March with 100% vigour and valour or you can march into March with 0% vigour and valour.

Merry February



Quote of the day

‘Walking a merry path in February starts by being primarily cheery, a happy visionary, an optimistic contemporary and a legendary luminary.’

The best part of it is that it works. Welcome to the first day of February 2017. White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Finding a medium that reflects a definition of merriment is difficult if you start February in a negative way. You need to be positive. To do this effectively you need to start your day with a mind-set of being cheery. No matter what your problems are, past, present or future your mind-set should never change. It should always remain cheery. Cheery minds remove the DEW effect that haunts everyone in the early hours of the morning.  The DEW Effect is a Dreary, Eerie and Weary person. You are not and you should never be driven to become one. Let not the temperament of another person spoil your day let alone your life. Your life can best be summed up as a happy one. To achieve this happy medium, you need to become a happy visionary. You need to foresee what life will be like for you at the end of each day, each week and each year. Your daily input is vital to the overall result of your working day. Plan well and by being a happy visionary your plans will always work. Being an optimistic contemporary also helps in shaping your day and your life. These are important tools to keep by your side and to use them whenever needed. Being pessimistic makes you rather old fashioned. You need to change your outlook to life. Yes, be happy, be alert and be vigilant but try to be optimistic. Learn from your mistakes so that you may avoid making the same mistakes again. Build confidence within yourself like never. Don’t live in the past. Let it be water under the bridge. However, do learn from it and make tomorrow a more learned and productive day. Life is indeed wonderful but you do need to take extra care and precautions to avoid being abused both physically and mentally. Aim to become a legendary luminary. This is not an overnight process, it takes time and patience. You have the time so work hard to develop the patience. Don’t be selfish, help your fellowman and woman in the same way you once needed help. Yes, February 2017 can be a wonderful month for you but you need to participate in the process of remaining happy. Little things and big things can often make you sullen to the core. This is part of life so be prepared to meet the difficulties that come upon you. Difficulties come in all shapes and sizes. We ALL experienced them, maybe not all of them. Make today count. Have you done enough to make today a happy day? Did you wake up with the primary aim to be cheery? Dear Friends, you are indeed unique in this modern world. Your presence is vital to the overall creation. Don’t let other people belittle you, exploit you or intimidate you. Stand strong on a platform of confidence, on a podium of communication and on a stage of magnificence. You are very special. Every second of your life is important. Sleep well, be well, work well, rest well and always remain happy.

Have no fear, it’s a New Year



Quote of the day

‘Have no fear in your heart, for it’s a New Year that appears on the horizon of hope. Shed no tear for 2017 will pave a clear path for you. I am here to help you to steer away from unforeseen danger and I will appear at the dawn of your day guiding you with inspiration from the bottom of my heart.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Welcome to 2017. Welcome to a New Year of hope and opportunities. Welcome to a beginning of a new era without the terror of failing but the pleasure of succeeding. My promise to you is to provide you with the constant flow of inspiration to your door through various means bespoke to your preference. To overcome your fear of failure you need to have a new vision of hope. Hope Is written in the stars glittering across the horizon to touch your heart. You just need to believe in yourself and you need to believe in Almighty GOD. This is a prerequisite. First, you need HOPE founded by FAITH. If you start the New Year with these two fundamental requisites your journey into 2017 will be a lot easier. HOPE and FAITH are like Fuel and Coolant to a car. Can you make the journey by car without fuel or water? Likewise, you cannot make the journey to success without Hope and Faith. Secondly, you need a constant flow of inspiration. Inspiration is like fire in the chambers of a car engine. As the spark plugs ignite the fuel there is timed combustion which causes the pistons to move up and down. Without the spark, there will be no movement. You need Inspiration to keep your passion and desire at a constant level. The third requirement to success follows a series of instructions that has previously worked. You cannot reinvent the wheel but you can certainly tweak it to suit your circumstances. Similarly, you cannot reinvent the rules to success. These rules were laid down aeons ago as far back as The Garden of Eden. Over the millenniums these rules were tweaked to suit changing circumstances. I followed a series of instructions 22 years which I carefully wrote down word for word. These instructions became a blueprint to my overall success and I call it The Modern-Day Trilogy. Why you may well ask? I called it The Modern-Day Trilogy because I tweaked the instructions to suit my circumstances. These 3 voluminous books have been sold and distributed throughout the world. Today I urge you to get a copy if you want to see changes in 2017. If you are struggling to purchase a copy of The Modern-Day Trilogy, please send me a private message and I will send you a copy for free. It is my prime motivation to make available a copy of this amazing compilation to all householders on planet Earth. If it helped me, I am quite certain that it will help you. 2017 is made up of 365 valuable days and each day consists of 86,400 seconds. I want you to value your time on Earth and to make every second of your day count. I want you to love your life and to live your life. If you are faced with a dilemma there is a solution. Don’t fear for it is a New Year. I wish you a very happy New Year from the bottom of my heart. May every second of your year be filled with accomplishment and fulfilment. May your passion and desire grow and grow to unprecedented levels. Thank you once again for being my eternal friend. I will be by your side daily guiding you to act in the best possible way.

December – The month of Creativity



December – The month of Creativity

Quote of the day

‘December, the month of Creativity holds its place in the almanac of modern man. It consists of a period of festivity, a noted time of activity in the northern and southern hemispheres, a celebrated time of nativity, a phase for positivity as we create new goals and a historical phase of divinity.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! A very warm welcome to a warm and friendly month in December 2016. 12 months ago, when we spoke about creating goals it seemed more like 12 weeks ago? Time moves so quickly when you are immersed in productivity. Time is important and it is our most important asset. Therefore, we need to treasure our time in pleasure, leisure and a measure of solid work. I always refer to Christmas as a time of Creativity. We are always creating in December, especially our goals for the New Year. Goals shape our lives. If your goals are unselfish your future will be wonderful, beautiful and bountiful. This is a divine guarantee. Creating these golden goals is unique to every individual. As you create you need to meditate to ensure that your innermost feelings rise to the surface and expose exactly what you want in life. Everything starts with a vision and that vision starts from the base of your heart which is the foundation of your existence. Your heart is golden, it is pure, it is divine and it is your resonating tool that sends positivity to all parts of your body. In one sense, you could say that your heart is like the battery in your car. You need to care for it and how you do this depends on what you eat and how you exercise. For your heart to resonate positivity around your body you need to ensure that you set aside time each day to focus on your input. Inputting good foods into your system will always ensure good moods out of your system. Inputting correct levels of exercise will ensure that you downsize to the right BMI, stay away from the fries and maximise your workload. December is a month of Festivity for all. It is the highlight of the Christmas faith and we remember this well by re-enacting the Nativity. December is the celebration of Christmas where Santa makes his appearance through love and joy. December is a month for little children and big children. We all have the festive spirit in us irrespective of our faith. It is a time to reflect on the past 11 months and a time to inspect our strategy for the next 13 months. It is a time to rejoice, to embrace, to relax and to remember. It is a time for you, for him, for her, for them and for every individual on the face of the Earth to love and embrace each other. Have a wonderful start to a wonderful month, take care and wrap up well.