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Welcome to the 1st day of September 2013


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Welcome to the 1st day of September 2013. Many of you have been my friends for many years and judging from your feedback have found peace and solace in reading my daily tweets. I am here to help, to fill your heart with the passion and desire to become an achiever. I shall hold your hand and guide you to a life that is more enjoyable. What would you say is the real meaning of enjoyment? I would say that to enjoy life is to experience it full on. Quote of the day: ‘To enjoy life is to take extreme pleasure in doing what you really want to do and to reap the benefits by being completely satisfied.’ Are you ready to do just that? Will the month of September prompt you to take action? Every action gives a noted reaction. Take a stone in front you. Take no action and the stone is left unturned. Take little action and the stone will be displaced. Take a hearty effort and the stone shall be under your control. It can be moved or it can be removed. It can become part of your needs. It can make a wall or it can be crushed into pebble stone. You are in charge and whatever action you take you will see a result. This result maybe good or it may be bad. It is your effort and you shall exercise this effort according to your will. Your will is your final bill. Printed from a till it will give you your worldly deeds. You need to fill the gaps from now on. You need to go up the hill rather than downhill. You need to get a thrill in whatever you do. This is normally from a developed skill. There isn’t a pill that you need to take but rather a pledge that you need to instil.  Fulfil your actions with a dose of celebrated goodwill. Your will is your innermost desire and passion to willingly to do things right on a more frequent basis. Your ‘will’ will make your actions over the months and years to come worthy of printing. Yes, Dear Friends let us make the month of September 2013 a month to always remember. Let it be a month to remember when you took the right actions to give you a life that is befitting to your needs. Have a special Sunday for it is the 1st Sunday of September. Enjoy it with the genuine will to make tomorrow a better day for you.


The Real Key to Happiness


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It has been almost 19 years since my life has changed, and today as I pen this article to you I feel so invigorated to start 2013 knowing that I have a purpose in life, to do good to others as I would do good onto myself. There is so much to look forward to in my case scenario, but yet I am just an ordinary man no different to you or him or her or them, for that matter. I do not stand on a pedestal of recognition, fame and fortune and create outbursts that people will suddenly want to stop and listen. No Sir, I am somewhat different. I prefer to show by leading, setting examples and helping my fellow men and women who sometimes fall off their canoe on their treacherous journey of life like a canoeist on a rapid stream of torrid currents and breakers. Why am I like this and not like them is something I believe was a result of my circumstances, brought up as a young boy in poverty and solitude. People are so engrossed in their affairs that they sometimes do not appreciate your presence, even though you could spend many years trying so hard to greet or acknowledge them. In my own summation I know that I have been exposed to problems all my life from the age of 3 to be precise. As a young boy this worried me dearly and I would constantly ask myself why am I always a victim in every situation and why would people constantly take advantage of me. In my quest for this search and in my quest to find The Real Key to Happiness I stumbled onto something that was really a new concept from an old idea. I stumbled onto a system of ethical rules that if followed gave me a nine letter word of epic proportion and that was Happiness. Locked in a premise of solitude like a vault inside a building this realm of change was soon to befriend me, follow me and stick with me. I spent years searching for conclusive answers and when I eventually found it I needed to explore it. In once sense you could say that I spent the last 17 years experiencing it and now I see the results of my search and that is Real Happiness. In fairness I would like to unselfishly share this with you. It is not a magical potion or a complex formulae but rather a system of ethical rules that if followed with ease will give unyielding results. Surely deep within you this is something you too have been searching for, not necessarily each day but sometimes in a moment of sullenness or financial difficulties or perhaps at a time of bereavement. Happiness, an aura of eternal pleasure, bliss and profound feelings is yours for keeps too. Are you willing to follow a set of ethical rules like I did and begin to see results that are long lasting and self preserving? Are you willing to do so daily, with the strict understanding that you shall not wade from these instructions and that you shall not fall back and become saddle strapped like you are at the moment. If this is your thought pattern then welcome to Universally Friendly, a circle of friends around the world that care, share and remain fair. In the caring aspect Universally Friendly makes regular donations to various charities. In the sharing aspect Universally Friendly provides you with techniques to live a happier and contented life each day. Finally in fairness Universally Friendly reaches out to ALL to make our world a Happy and Healthier planet.

A Very Happy 2013


Happy New Year


A very Happy New Year to all my friends from around the world. I am so privileged to have you as my friends. I feel the goose bumps on my skin as I type these significant compliments. Thank you for finding the time to read my utterance and for appreciating them too. I will continue to hit the QWERTY keyboard on my office desk each day as it brings my great joy and immense satisfaction to me. I want you to embrace 2013 like never before. Keep attuned to my utterance and let it flow like water in a conduit reaching ALL corners of your inspirational abode. You will see changes if you are willing to embrace change. Remember look at 2013 as a challenge. There will be hurdles to overcome but always remember I will always be by your side to inspire you. Go well and do well. Reach above and touch the inspirational source form above. Love thy heavenly Father and share your worldly deeds with Almighty GOD.

The Approaching New Year


Dear Friends of whom you shall always remain, I wish you a pleasant day and a fruitful week ahead as we slowly say goodbye to September and welcome October. Would October hold a magic moment in our lives? Each day, each week and each month holds a moment of magic somewhere in the world. People are born, some become married, and others take occupation of their first home, some graduate, whilst others embark on a new career, perhaps it is your birthday today or it was a celebration of some sort. There is magic out there but did you know that magic exists every second of the day. Magic is not an illusion, magic is about miracles that happens each day. On the flip side of the coin there is sombre as well. There is death, murder, war, famine, frustration, castration, robbery, vandalism, terrorism and so on. What will October hold for you? Will you experience a moment of magic or a sombre of events in October 2012? Life is such a glorification hurtling into the frontiers of time. Every human being as the unique privilege to experience magic throughout their lives. How can you soak up this magic that fills the ionosphere waiting to be captured? Is it only destined for a handful or is every single one of you eligible for GOD’s greatest gift and that is life and the abundance of it? I want you to experience magic in your lives like you never did before. I want you to touch the skies and fill the glow of the spirit of Almighty GOD. I want you to embrace 2013 like never before. I want you to become magical! It is a life changing moment to know that when you awake each day you have the right to a fair life. A fair life is a life of magic. The air is crisper, the water tastes ionic and the food is good, real good. This constitutes your fuel to make magic occur. Then come the rhythm of sound bodily movements that allows you to execute your daily deeds in a firm and composed way.  Yes, Dear Friends I want you earnestly to make 2013 a magical change in your life. I am here to help like a Community Officer that paces the corridors of the modern world ready to guide, help and assist you when help is so desperately needed. Follow me on Twitter and be inspired to do well. Follow me with pen and paper and capture the essence of your life in script. Follow me each day and everyday and see a clearer light ahead of you. Follow me like the followers that followed Success. Follow me to a new and rebounding year!