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Pennies from Heaven


‘Pennies from Heaven’

Quote of the day

‘Less Stress equals more Success. Stress takes over your mind and your body and leaves you to pine. Success takes over your mind and your body and leaves you to be fine, full of shine and dripping like fine wine.’

There is only one stress and that is financial stress. Financial Stress or FSS or Financial Stress Syndrome is a real life disease epidemic designed to kill but to kill slowly. It is designed to lessen life and to destroy life’s true value. FSS lures people to borrow and then live to regret in full sorrow. Interest rates peak as high as 4000%APR in 1st world countries like the UK, I refer to these principles of lending as sacrilege and the Lenders should be disciplined. Are you employed? Are you happy? Do you live on the edge of the fence each day unsure of tomorrow? These are acute levels of FSS. FSS consumes your will to live and makes your life a shrill. There is only one antidote and that is knowledge. Knowledge is free. Knowledge is information, it is sacred and historic. From knowledge you receive awareness, understanding and realisation. Awareness makes you conscious of your current FSS. It makes you respond accordingly with a key plan and it makes you grasp the rudiments of life and how to live it. Understanding is your perception to life and your current dilemma. Perception makes you observant over fine details. Perception makes you keen and responsible. Perception gives you a better insight into the world of living successfully. Realisation makes you realise your status quo and outlines an agenda with a defined will to accomplish it and to fulfil it. Knowledge is vast and knowledge is a niche area too. Knowledge is like a vast library of information but a niche area listed alphabetically so you could make you search in specific areas of your quagmire. Be open right this very second, what is your FSS? Commit to paper, now you can see it, it is real, staring at you. You have looked into the microscope of your problems. You are face to face with your dilemma, the problem area of your life where you go to bed stressed and wake up the next morning even more stressed. In at least 99% of all your quagmires you will find that FSS stands out as your worst dilemma. You see Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls money is the pallbearer of ALL evil. Stress is Evil. Stress manipulates human beings to empty lives and emptiness. Dear Friends you need knowledge. I received knowledge almost 20 years ago in a voluminous archive of data that dates back to the beginning of time. It was my personal revelation that changed my whole life around. Today I am wiser and certainly not a miser. I am a devotee with a spiritual Master’s degree. I am thee and not of them. I am a writer and certainly not a fighter. I am sparkling with enthusiasm and crackling with satisfaction from my actions. I am a mentor of my community centre for knowledge has given me all of this that money will never buy. If you are struggling to make ends meet I want to show you a way to start your business for as little as £15. Write to me at for further details and I shall send you a free information pack. Try it for 30 days and if you are dissatisfied I shall refund your money without fail. Knowledge makes you generate money unselfishly and drains away all your sorrows so that your tomorrows shall be without any further borrows.


Glow like Ember in September


Project 49

Quote of the day

‘Being consistent in all that you do like seasons in the annual calendar of our lives. Change like the autumn leaves and bring new colour into your life. Spring into action like new buds waiting to unfold into a multitude of colours. Soak up the Summer sunshine to bring warmth and energy into your life. Keep warm in winter and let the twilight of the evening sunset make your vision expand even more.’


To sustain your meritocratic fortitude you need to bring forth your inner glow, a glow only you could see, feel and touch. It is a glow that needs to be rekindled if faint and a glow that needs to twinkle if tarnished. You have tried, we all know that you have but the world is changing and if you do not change you shall be held back like so many others that cannot find their way forward. Sustainment ensures constant endurance and tolerance even when the tide is out. You are indeed very, very special but when changes happen you suddenly forget your importance in life. This article is dedicated to you for your presence on planet Earth, for your endeavours since we first met and for your courage from the beginning of your realisation. To ensure sustainment you need to glow like ember. Ember is created from glowing hot coal and remains hot even when the fire has gone out. Ember has a spark to it. Ember radiate a substantial amount of heat and gives of an aura of an amber glaze that lights up the sky at night and sends signals to others of warmth and glory. You need to be like ember. Your goals must glow all through the night and can be seen even in broad daylight. Your goals like ember must radiate a sense of warmth for yourself and to others setting of a golden essence of radiance that emits signals of authenticity and receives signals of wisdom and acknowledgement. This is the glow that I want you to have at all times. I want you to feel it in the morning, during the day and at night. I want you keep a piece of sometime with you like a piece of paraphernalia that reminds you of your goals. Hold on tight to this every moment you can and as you hold it think of your golden goals. Think about what you have already done and about the things you will want to do. When I went to Brighton recently I picked up a shining pebble along the seashore which I keep in my pocket at all times. I hold onto it, I talk to it and I use it to remind me of my responsibilities and my presence on planet earth. I keep it as an emblem of courage and fortitude or ornamental charm in my pocket to acknowledge that I have a purpose in life and using my golden goals I can make life more interesting than ever for me as well for others. I am indeed the captain of my golden goals. I am responsible for my goals and from these goals cometh my future. I must change or modify my goals as my course or charter changes. If I cannot sail through the Suez Canal to travel to say India I need to redirect my vessel on a new course perhaps longer but surer. As the Captain of my Golden Goals I must keep my craft of intent in good order from stern to bow or from head to toe, from hull to sail or from skull to tail. I am going to make the final months of 2014 the best months of my life because I know that I am indeed special. This is the motto that you should print off and keep in your wallet. This is a memento of your true value in life and your significance to your overall contribution to life. You need to have the Midas touch to remind yourself that your goals are really golden goals and that everything you touch shall turn into gold. A signature on a dotted line can change sand dust to goal dust. This is the spirit of ember in September that I want you to have and it is the ember in September that I certainly will want to have. Have a great month and a great future but don’t hold opulence in your hands to keep for yourself but be generous and share it, because there is enough for all.