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My name is Anthony and I live in the United Kingdom, soon I shall reach the age of 53 but I can safely say that I did indeed see a change, a change in my life, a change in my family and a change in the perspective of my vision of the future. I am just an ordinary man no different to you. Some eighteen years ago I faced a devastating blow, I lost my Mum through the most mysterious circumstances that would leave me each day paralysed with analysed thoughts.  I needed to search for answers to give me peace and solace. I was indeed bereaving, in a financial slump and extremely depressed. I was always very religious and still am, but I needed to search for further answers, answers that will be conclusive and not inconclusive. It was almost midnight 3 and a half hours after my Mum passed away that I received a revelation that would change my life for good. In that tranquil experience of total peace, bliss and equanimity, about 4am that morning I penned my revelation exactly as it appeared and like a molecule that can only be seen with a microscope or a formula that needed unravelling I did not see a clear picture immediately. Putting the pieces together eventually unveiled the Genie in the lamp that was entrapped from the beginning of time. Over the years I would unravel the mysteries of The Universe, about the Creation and more importantly about our fundamental purpose in life. Painstakingly I penned my findings in 3 books called The Modern Day Trilogy, comprising of 3 books, viz:

  • GOD has. Spoken again
  • 52 Steps to Success
  • The Key to Happiness

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