The Precious Buds of June

The Precious Buds of June

Quote of the day

‘We are ALL like flowering buds but just a few of us have the courage to blossom. To change the chemistry of our progress we need to add colour to our lives. Our receptacles need new content. Our sepals need new ideas. We need to change our style without having a stigma of regret. We need to infuse our pistils with inspiration and challenge our ovaries to produce the fruits of life. We need to project a filament of motivation and an anther of aspiration. Do this diligently and you shall blossom like the precious buds of June.’

Previous Quote

‘So colourful are they not, so beautiful have they got, so aromatic in a flower pot, all together or as a single dot they remain our earthly bot.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Welcome to June 2017. It is wonderful to have you on board our cruise ship to guaranteed success. Welcome to a colourful season where the glowing Sun sparkles inspiration and the flowing moon drizzles motivation on your wonderful dreams. It is that feeling of triumph that awakens your senses to go out into the world of opportunities and blossom 24/7 like never before. We are ALL beautiful, radiant to the core, colourful to adore, the unique desire to restore, an individual with vigour and valour and with a heart that is pure. With such immense credentials, we should blossom like flowers in June. Don’t follow the saddened trail of looking pale. Don’t carry that stale appearance either. Inhale the goodness of life and exhale the badness that life can sometimes deliver. Your fundamental quest in life is to have the constant will to live your life to the fullest, harbouring each second of your day with care and precision. We see trails of garden beds on a daily basis, each displaying an awe of wonder, colour and fascination. Structurally each flower is anatomically the same. They have the same parts, the same pulsating hearts and the art or science of blossoming each year. You too are the same anatomically speaking. We have the same parts, the same allocated time, the same heart and the art to create, formulate and integrate. You are a precious bud with the unique power to blossom into worthiness, trustworthiness and adorableness. We need to inject into our fiery furnace the right fuels to support our demanding day. Can a car travel without fuel? We need constant administration of our affairs to fulfil our daily chores, done in sequence and with a certain degree of passion and desire. We need to complete our personal jigsaw puzzle to form a coherent picture of colour in Summer. Can a flower be a flower without a sepal or a petal? What are your missing pieces to your jigsaw puzzle? Only you can establish that. Look at yourself in the mirror and stare with intent to develop content. Do you need to smile more in order to go the extra mile? Do you need to lose weight to feel great again? Do you need to reduce enemies and start to create friends instead? Live your life to the fullest, be like a flower and start attracting the hunters of your abundant nectar. Give your nectar freely, be a protector to your fellow human beings and to ALL GOD’s creatures. Become a respected director of your daily deeds. Be the sole inspector of your good deeds, seek not a single reward for your humbleness. Dear Friends, be like the flower. Fill your heart with content, your mind with good intent and your soul with a heavenly scent of love. This is the chemistry of change that you need to instil within you to create the vibrancy of your life and to unveil your purpose.

Bonus Quote

‘Have a purpose in life and you shall have a life with a purpose. A life that has a purpose will always make you less nervous and more earnest.’

Think of a colour, fixate on it and fill the contours of your life with that colour. Use that colour to remind you that you are like a flower ready to blossom. Make this solemn commitment.

Trinket Quote

‘Blossom in Summer and you will never be forgotten in Autumn.’

I will be a creating a series of Trinket Quotes for you in the weeks ahead. These are new, short and direct quotes for you to keep in your pendant, purse or wallet. Have a wonderful month in June.


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