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31 days in August – The Autumn of our dilemmas


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Quote of the day

‘What is life without life itself? With 31 days in August we shall explore the meaning of life, to appreciate it, to alleviate our tremors and to remediate our dilemmas.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! A very warm welcome to the autumn of our lives. Welcome to August 2015. What is life without life itself? What is a rainbow without a beginning or an end? What is the purpose of life without experiencing it, enjoying it and fulfilling it? What is the meaning of life if there is animosity between every pair of eyes and anger in the clinch of every fist? What is love when hate is so rampant? What is life after death when there is no appreciation of life before death? What is health without wealth and what is wealth without health? What is change if you cannot make an individual change? Dear Friends, August has the answers to all your questions. August is the season of change. August is the start of a new beginning and a tally end. August brings out the colours in you and when you sparkle with colour you will bring out the colour in all of them. August is the time for seasonal change and a time for you to make a defined change. I am so happy to embrace this beautiful month, the month of colour, the month of new beginnings and the month of seasonal changes. As the leaves get ready to change we need to also find the time to change. To change like the leaves takes courage, patience and endurance. Change is to arrange your life into a new kaleidoscope of vibrant colours. Change is to have a range of purposeful goals bespoke to your needs. Change is to exchange old habits for new habits, to exchange bad moods into good moods and to exchange sadness into happiness. Change is to become strange by shifting from the ordinary mode to the extraordinary mode. We have 31 days to do just that. We have 31 days to explore the meaning of life and become fused with it. I call it the Fusion of Life. The Fusion of Life is a separate article to follow in August. There are many more articles for you to read, capture, print and keep or print and share. Life is all about sharing. In fact the principle motto of Universally Friendly is to care, share and remain fair. Start August with a bang of enthusiasm. Let the rain of inspiration fall upon you and let it stimulate you to act with the character of an unselfish and purposeful human being. Let the light of your life shine form a distant and awaken the weak and the meek in front of you. Care for all in August. Care for the ones that are homeless by giving part of your paraphernalia to them, openly and liberally. Share your daily bread to those that go to bed hungry. Share part of your earnings and give to the poor that cannot find the energy to enlighten their lives. Be fair, be fair to the man or woman that walked passed you. Show reason where there is treason. Be open-minded in all situations instead of clinging onto to narrow-minded values. Be impartial rather than partial to the vulnerable. Do these things for others and they will do the same for you. You have to learn to give liberally in order to receive consistently. I wish you a splendid month in August and by the end of it I want you to see a change in you and to be proud of the profound change that you instilled in you and in your values. You have the power to change so why not change for the good, like the trees that change their leaves to create new ones for the new annual cycle of life.


Think like a Tycoon in June


Project 304

Think like a Tycoon in June

Quote of the day

‘You can be whoever you want to be, you just need to think big. You have to build a picture of your dreams in your mind and then apply a bit of action to complement those dreams. In other words you need to think like a tycoon.’

Bonus Quote

‘Think big and you shall become big. Think of your existence and you shall exist. Think about your life and you shall love your life. Think about your family and your family shall think about you. Think about Almighty GOD and you shall sit beside HIM when the time is due. Think about the birds and the bees and they shall think about you and fill the sky with vibrant colours and sweetness that is so pure and divine. Think about those difficult days and tomorrow you shall marvel at the wonderful days ahead of you. Think big for you shall become big.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! A very warm welcome to you Dear Friends on the birth of a new month. Welcome to June where our theme is to think like a tycoon in June. More importantly we need to reach the pinnacle of our success as a tycoon in a given time. There is no need to hurry or scurry but a time allocation of how long it will take you to reach the pinnacle of your success motivates you to work harder and more diligently. Dreams are created daily but real dreams are created once in a lifetime. Real Dreams carry you onto cloud nine ready to make a pact with our Heavenly Father. This pact shows that you believe in yourself and that you believe in Almighty GOD. This pact is unselfish and it is all about having a purpose in life.  Your life is a precious gift. It is unique and it is untainted. What becomes of tomorrow is what you instil in your mind today. If you think like a tycoon you shall become a tycoon in a given time. What is a tycoon? A tycoon in my opinion is one that build a financially independent lifestyle unselfishly. He or she believes in themselves and works industrially each day to carry out a given task or a set of tasks to fulfil and accomplish by the end of each day, and collectively at the end of each week. A tycoon gives part of their fortune back to society without accepting recognition or glorification. A tycoon assists people that needs assistance, a tycoon insists on remaining altruistic, a tycoon consists of Integrity, Honesty and Trust and finally a tycoon resists temptation. Are you ready to become a tycoon in June? Are you ready to set the foundation to a better lifestyle filled with joy and happiness? Are you willing to work diligently each day and every day for the rest of your life? If so, welcome to the University of Success. Welcome to Universally Friendly. I wish you well and I bestow upon you a magic spell of love to make your month in June a successful one. It can be done for it was done before by countless individuals. Nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself. Don’t follow the sludge that leads to a common grudge or to judge someone else wilfully. Don’t begrudge someone either. Believe in yourself, that is the first protocol of your plan of action. What follows is indescribable. I am ready to take off like a rocket in June, will you join me to watch the stars glow and the planets rotate? Welcome to June dear Friends. You can do it whether you are young or old. I did it and I am still creating little goals every single day.

Over in October


Project 73

‘Over in October’

Quote of the day

‘In October 2014 it shall all be over. You shall be anointed with a new makeover to brush away those gremlins and moreover you shall be staid rover, travelling the Earth in search of peace and a devout rambler that speaks to the flowers and the birds and the bees.’

Dear Friends let us embrace this month with a new ideology and that is love, genuine love. Yes, I am talking about the affection for the animals, the adoration for the flora, the friendship for all, the tenderness for your loved ones, the feelings for the needy, the fondness for the seedy, the devotion for Almighty GOD, the passion for your goals, the desire for your actions and the enthusiasm to get up each day to get the job done. Yes, I want you to love to live your life despite the many trials and tribulations that scars your mind and your body. Today I want you to start anew like a shoot that emerges from the Earth and watches the world from below. What are the chances for this shoot to survive? It will survive because it has being coded with the knowledge to survive. It wants to live like you to grow into a tree and to carry its own history for the world to read. If you are willing to accept this then you shall be anointed with a new vision, to start your life from today like never before. Can you imagine waking up to the sound of desire and passion? Have you ever tasted the authentic feel of passion and desire? Passion is the hunger to succeed. It should be like an early morning paroxysm that drives you out of bed to accomplish rather than to procrastinate tucked into your eiderdown. Desire is your earnest and personal wish described in your own words and feelings, written with aspiration and undertaken with motivation. Can you imagine yourself free from debt, free from threat, free from sweat and certainly without fret? In October we want all these negative feelings to be over. Yes, Over in October. I want you to start fresh. I want you to have a vision of your future in a world filled and teeming with opportunities. I want you to dream your future and to taste it by experimentation. I want you to carry this mental picture with you every single day from now on, the start of your era. I want you to fit into the shoes that you feel comfortable in and walk a journey across deserts, mountains, chasms, caves, undergrowth, overgrowth, forests, savannahs, marshes, ghettos, slums and natural disasters without fear, without a morsel of tear, without a sneer, without the slightest sear but instead with a bright cheer, unmistakeably clear with the sheer delight of having to love your life. People have let you down but from on you need to uplift yourself. You need to shred those gremlins that lurk under the skirting board, which makes repeatedly your day dismal and abysmal. I want you to submerge into new knowledge and emerge from it acknowledged and wiser. Let the 31 days in October be used wisely. Us it to overcome those addictions, and to trample those contradictions and to annul those saddened convictions of guilt and to augment those convictions that broaden your belief. You can do it but you need to believe. You need to believe in yourself. You need to believe that you can achieve your dreams. You need to believe in the whole concept of believing. You need to consider all and to and the confidence in every living organism let alone every human being. This is the hallmark of true faith. Faith stops wars. Faith creates Friendship. Faith confirms your longevity. Faith brings you comfort, joy and happiness. Faith is like living matter or a medium if sat upon will carry you like the planets and satellites into daily rotational orchestrated movements that is precise and twice as nice. Love your life. Love it more than anything else and from it reap the rewards for your constant gallantry and your concerted efforts. With love from Anthony, a person that cares, shares and remains fair.

Be in Tune with June 2014


In Tune with June

Will you be in Tune with June? White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Welcome to June 2014. Welcome to a month that embraces the middle of the year. Welcome to a month of opportunities, the real question is can you been in tune with June. The world is bountiful. The world is your oyster. The world is your paradise and the world is your abode. The world opens limitless opportunities not just a few but for all from every city visible in The Universe and to every street that demarcates its borders. Quote do the day: ‘To be in Tune with June is like a melody that sounds chorale and flows with chimes that resonates a fitting time for you. To embrace life you need to be in tune with it, especially in June. You need to strum the right chord and sing in tune with natural flair and constant care.’ I want personally to wish you success in the month of June and I want you to propel your magnificence so that the angels can hear you. I want you to see changes in you and to feel your progress on a linear scale of positivity. I want you to be in Tune with June. Don’t ruin this opportunity that comes once a year. Take positive strides and step into a world of personal stardom. Climb the highest peaks of your career in Tune with the month of June. Fill the air around you with sounds of musical notes. Let your charm be a lever for others to follow. It is a bit like having an orchard of sweetness and fruitfulness around you. The question is how much you can eat even though you ploughed the fields relentlessly. It is a quest to care, share and remain fair. It is about the birds and the bees for without whom the honey, mildew and the pollination shall come to an end. It is about understanding that success is a joint venture ploughed into the sovereign fields of opportunities. As you blossom with a bluish sapphire transparency, your glow will flow and make sunshine when it rains or snows. This is the conquest of making your life in Tune with June. It is about understanding everything that you see. Don’t mock the salamander if they are mythological and live in fire. If they do let it be for they do you no harm. Don’t bark at the rooster that awakens that awakens you after a restless night. The rooster has a job to do and certainly does not interfere with you. Don’t slander the man in the sheepskin coat for he may be cold or is just passing through. Like the salamander, the rooster and the birds and bees this man like all men are so essential in your journey to success. Ladies and Gentlemen, light up the torch that shines knowledge and shows wisdom. Don’t shine the torch on confusion. Make your pledge to find your edge and create that harmonic flow that makes music in the atmosphere of human occupation. Don’t live with discord, contention and jealousy. These are old battlefields that have left the soil poisoned with death, abuse and torture. Live with harmony, be in Tune with June. Like and love the flora, the fauna and the planet as a whole. Hold each grain of sand in the palm of your hand and say that it is only sand and not yours or it is worth x amount. Be in Tune with June, be in tune with the symphony of success that blends a cocktail of harmony and togetherness. Stand amongst all the tallness in the world be it man made or natural and feel equally tall. Drive your message with gentle steps and live on Earth with humbleness. Now your machinery of thought and action is tuned in such a melodic fashion that passers-by will stop and stand in awe. Walk each day from now on with eyes focussed on achievement rather than procrastination. Have mannerism in all your daily chores. Light a candle of visibility so that people know that you are good in your intent. Don’t follow the same old habits in June 2014 but create a channel of new routes that create colour and charm in your daily life. Always remember that GOD loves you. Give equal love in return for the magnificence of our Heavenly Father that watches us each day.

Will you become Aprable and Caprable In April 2014?


April 2014

Are you going to be Aprable and Caprable in April 2014? A very hearty welcome to the 1st of April 2014, a month of tangible religious events, my birthday and a month of profitable change for you. It was farewell to March, yesterday where the corridors of activities have come to an end. A chapter in your life has ended. I hope and pray that you did well and in anticipation of that challenge I award you with a special accolade of friendship and honour. There are a few assets that we need to grasp onto as we meet April 2014 and that is friendship, love and understanding. To maintain this we need to be become more Apr-able and C-apr-able than ever before. What is the difference between being able and being capable? The ability to be able to do something is to have the skill, power, knowledge and competence to do something. This could be something at work, home, school or out in the open field. You cannot drive a bus just with the desire to do it. You need to gain knowledge about obtaining a PVC Licence, the training to pass it and the skill to manoeuvre the vehicle on your own. The ability to be capable is the ability to administer your chores on your own merits and abilities. You have a PVC Licence, you are fully qualified and now you are in charge not only of the competence of the vehicle that you are driving but also your competence in coping with different situations such as passengers, motorists and pedestrians. Quote of the day: ‘Success in life starts form of a blank canvas in any chosen field. You acquire knowledge in that field to an ideal point where you become able and competent enough to move on to the infinite point where you are capable to handle situations on your own.’ This constitutes your working week, and this does not necessarily start on a Monday as we all have different shifts. Our rewards for our abilities and capabilities lies in our weekends. A period of 48 hours where we rejoice over our accomplishments. The concept of being able and capable creates a niche for us in the month of April 2014. It tells us an important point. It tells us that we should not live just for the day but live for the rest of our lives.  If we are not able as yet then we need to take strides to become able, this is really a self-assessment. If you are not relaxed at the weekends then you are actually not able to cope with your workload. In others words you are incapable. You may well be a Teacher for the past 26 years but if you are not willing to change to Government legislations and abide by Ofsted’s policies then you will run into serious problems. All faculties of Education, work or even leisure are constantly changing. We need to change in order to maintain our abilities and capabilities. This shall be the focus of our inspiration in April 2014 – Aprable and Caprable in April 2014. I want you to be prepared for changes and make the relevant changes when the need arises. I want you to enjoy your working week from now on and rampage over the spoiling of a great weekend. I want you to walk the plains of the Earth by grasping the rudiments of life and the spectacles of your surroundings like never before. I want you to become the achiever like never before. I want you to raise your standards to an unprecedented level. I want you to attain your goals irrespective of what they really are. If they are unselfish I guarantee you that you shall achieve them. I want you to believe in yourself and in the purpose of your existence. I want you to live on to 100 years. I want you to hold the hand of the person next to you and feel their importance as you would expect them to feel the same about you. I want you to eat well, look great, talk eloquently, walk tall and fear nothing, I want you to become able and capable in April 2014. I want you to understand right from wrong and to make wrongs right and to help those that constantly do wrong. I want you to pave a righteous path in front of you by removing moss, webs and weeds that block your vision and dreams. I want you to speak to Almighty GOD daily and form a bond of never ending happiness and friendship till eternity. I want you to give freely to all that know you by sight, during the night and under the bright lights of a beautiful Spring day. I want you to not hold on to grief but rather to hold on to the belief for belief is indeed your cure to homeopathic relief. I want you to love everything, from the morning dew to the hovering dandelion that parachutes its way across the atmosphere of silence. I want you to be successful, period. I want you to become healthier, wealthier and bask in the true resources of longevity and prosperity. I want you to leap forward and pass over the rainbow of opportunities taking what you need and leaving enough for others that follow you. I want you to be proud of yourself. I want you to acknowledge your existence by gleaming into the mirror of reflective qualities and feedbacks. I want you to know that I shall always love you for the rest of my life but remember that our Heavenly Father loves you more. Follow me on Twitter for daily inspirational tweets that help to keep your goals alive.

Welcome to the 1st day of September 2013


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Welcome to the 1st day of September 2013. Many of you have been my friends for many years and judging from your feedback have found peace and solace in reading my daily tweets. I am here to help, to fill your heart with the passion and desire to become an achiever. I shall hold your hand and guide you to a life that is more enjoyable. What would you say is the real meaning of enjoyment? I would say that to enjoy life is to experience it full on. Quote of the day: ‘To enjoy life is to take extreme pleasure in doing what you really want to do and to reap the benefits by being completely satisfied.’ Are you ready to do just that? Will the month of September prompt you to take action? Every action gives a noted reaction. Take a stone in front you. Take no action and the stone is left unturned. Take little action and the stone will be displaced. Take a hearty effort and the stone shall be under your control. It can be moved or it can be removed. It can become part of your needs. It can make a wall or it can be crushed into pebble stone. You are in charge and whatever action you take you will see a result. This result maybe good or it may be bad. It is your effort and you shall exercise this effort according to your will. Your will is your final bill. Printed from a till it will give you your worldly deeds. You need to fill the gaps from now on. You need to go up the hill rather than downhill. You need to get a thrill in whatever you do. This is normally from a developed skill. There isn’t a pill that you need to take but rather a pledge that you need to instil.  Fulfil your actions with a dose of celebrated goodwill. Your will is your innermost desire and passion to willingly to do things right on a more frequent basis. Your ‘will’ will make your actions over the months and years to come worthy of printing. Yes, Dear Friends let us make the month of September 2013 a month to always remember. Let it be a month to remember when you took the right actions to give you a life that is befitting to your needs. Have a special Sunday for it is the 1st Sunday of September. Enjoy it with the genuine will to make tomorrow a better day for you.

The Kaleidoscope pattern in your life,


The kaleidoscope pattern in your life,

Good day to you Dear Friends from a much brighter day here in good old London town. Despite the bad weather we still are here living in a world filled with surprises. Years ago we always shared a white Christmas. Today we don’t and having snowfalls in March shows clearly how climate change is affecting us all. There is a definite drift in seasonal change, flower blossom and migratory patterns. One thing for certain is that we are still here. We were placed here on Earth as sole custodians of the living world and like a school that gets monitored by Ofsted we too are been monitored. GOD watches over us each day as we watch over others. Where is it all going wrong? Where is there hope to cope? I spoke a few days ago about a kaleidoscope pattern in your life, I want to exemplify this to help us get things right again. When they say you are feeling blue it normally means that you are emotionally setback with a touch of gloom and melancholy. Blue on the contrary is such a vibrant colour filling the sky and horizon in a majestic pleasantness of opulence and wonder. So when you feel blue like a blue Monday reach out to the opulence of blue Universe and become part of it. Sometimes they refer to you as being yellow in a cloud of cowardice or possibly a sensationalist with gross exaggeration. Yellow, however fills the petals of daffodils and covers the rind of lemons and the nutritional aspect of egg yolk. You need to enrich yourself with the splendour of yellow, a primary colour in the visible spectrum. We often go red in the face because of an embarrassing moment, you know the feeling as I do on numerous occasions. Don’t feel like this any more but characterise your redness with an abundance of haemoglobin in your blood with succulence of strawberries and tomatoes. Go green and starting feeling clean with a special touch of your personal preen. Green is for the grass that covers the terrain. Green is the leaves that captures carbon dioxide in the air and releases oxygen. Green is for the environment and your individual contribution plays a key role in maintaining a healthy environment. White or black they say we are, but we are not. We are human beings through and through. White is for the snow that creates a duvet of softness on the peaks of mountains. White is the colour of visible light. Black is the absent of light. It is the vastness of ones imagination for there are no boundaries. Black is beautiful. Quote of the day: ‘Don’t fill the canvas of your day with colours that can ruin your day and your workload. Choose colours that enlighten you and make you feel part of the overall picture of life. Love you all dearly, but remember GOD loves YOU even more.