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A Message for YOU, for HIM, for HER, for THEM and finally to the WORLD


Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting my blog today and as you pace the obvious keys on your QWERTY keyboard there is a hope for me that you might read and grasp the message that I say. I say this message in the hope that you will one day become my friend. For Friendship is the bond to everlasting Happiness. Friendship brings a smile when smiles are most needed. Friendship develops trust when trust no longer exists. Friendship unites people of ALL walks of live where division has taken so many lives. Friendship offers love and understanding amongst the chaos of Hate and misconception. Friendship brings life onto this world where life could not possibly exist. Friendship is charitable and develops hope to poverty, destitution and hunger. Friendship is not confined to certain groups for Friendship is Universal. My message simply is: ‘I want to start a chain friendship around the world and to form a bond of Universal Happiness’. It is a huge and seemingly impossible endeavour but it is something that is long overdue.

To the realm of Happiness that Friendship offers I bid you well on your journey today and when you return home I know that you will develop friendship as a language that invokes a smile, trust, unison. love, understanding, life, charity and hope.

Take care,



The Wonders of the world


When you feel down, under the weather, bereaved, in financial distress, neglected, abused, confused, ignored, bullied or just anxious with life I want to you to watch this video as an aperture to hope when hope is no longer there. I want you to watch this video when there is loneliness and when friendship is a lost word. I want you to watch this video when tears fall and when crying is a beckoned call. The world is your oyster and the pearl is your treasure. You are in charge of the world and therefore the world is your oyster. You are rewarded for your efforts and therefore the pearl is your treasure. So, when others make you feel hopeless, lonely, in tears and anxious, let that not disengage you from your real duty and that is the celebrated role as guardian of the world no matter where you live, who you are or how old you may well be. Don’t let others judge you but instead judge yourself, did you do well enough to take hold of your treasure. In the penance of your trials and tribulations GOD does watch over you but leaves you to do best in the capabilities that HE had already bestowed upon you. GAZE into the wonders of the world and be AMAZED for GOD has made ALL, from atoms to molecules, from compounds to solid rock, from living creatures to non living matter, from the galaxies of heaven to the Universe itself. Stop wondering about yourself but instead wonder over the world!

Appreciate Life


Do enjoy this video in the hope that an aperture of possible resolve can be found in ALL the pain and sorrow that you may hold within you. Try to appreciate life. Life in all its glory is a great grandeur, so when you awake each day do appreciate life, by living it and enjoying it. Strap your saddle firmly into every decision that you make and mount onto a decision that you are happy with and then gallop into the foothills of enjoyment knowing that life is the way you made it and appreciated it. Look around you and see clearly the essence of life, the beauty of the flora and the diversity of the fauna, marvel at The Creation, share equally and give generously, then look back and see if others have followed you. Waste not, haste not and caste not, This then concludes a day in your life, for all the pain that you gained shall slip away like the rain on the plains.

What is life without life itself?


As we see February 2012 come and go, where do we stand in the transition of time? We know that we shall get old, we shall live to tell a tale, we shall see the newer generation take over or we shall live in contrast in acute pain, sorrow, suffering and debt. Live appears to be the subtle art of choosing the one sphere of bliss or landing in the other sphere of total risk. It is not meant to be like this, it never was and it should never be. I want you to know that your life is the most important thing in the world that no amount of money, jewels or gold could possibly buy. Your life is worth 100 years in the physical plane and as we transverse along different planes we gather like the harvester new experiences and we do like the labourer better things so that ALL can benefit, manifest or invest. My name is Anthony, by now you must have mustered a collection of ideas of whom I really am but what I can wholeheartedly say that I received a revelation that has changed my life! I want earnestly to pass on this revelation to you at once so that your life will change too, not just for today or for your centennial life on Earth but from here and beyond!