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May the month of May 2012 bring new hope and a new vision in your life


I am so pleased to follow and to be followed in the media of social networking. It gives me the greatest of pleasure to know that judging from the many responses that I receive that you are seeing a new dimension to life and that with a little effort from your side change will happen for you in the year 2012. Its not too late to start and neither is it too late to create an emblem of your passions and desires that  will make your centennial life on Earth worthy and filled with the spirit to serve thy GOD. I hope you would have managed to follow me on Twitter as each daily tweets cognate into a series of useful instructions to help get you started on a rugged road ahead.  I feel very passionate about what I do. Getting up early each morning is not a strenous ritual for me, I awake knowing that each step that I take in the next 17 hours of work is important and when others are perhaps dependent on me I feel a strong sense of responsibility.

To ensure that you could feel confident about my intentions I put forward a simple roadmap of Universally Friendly for the rest of the year. Use this service on a hop-on, hop-off basis. In other words if you feel that you need reassurance, assistance, motivation, inspiration or any form of help hop-on to one or all of the following events in our calendar year and snatch the opportunity that will benefit you. If you need one on one assistance then you must consider becoming either a Silver, Golden or Platinum Member. Until the 18th of May 2012 there are special bonuses for you to take advantages of. Wherever possible I offer my services for free. However in the climax of a lifelong member of Universally Friendly then a one-off fee is payable to cover administration, upgrades, offers and support. This is a minimal fee and you will recoup in no time.

Here is our roadmap for the rest of the year:

  • May 2012 – Launch of JiP or Jaguar International Publications. Here you may purchase if required The Modern Day trilogy in a DVD format, The Modern Day Trilogy in a memory stick format, Motivational Picture Frames, Stationery, Diaries and other reading materials.
  • June 2012 – Universally Friendly will be moving to larger premises, details of which will be posted to you. Here you may choose to visit the store and make your purchases in person.
  • July 2012 sees the launch of our monthly Webinars for ALL Universally Friendly Friends and Visitors, to assist you in making your life on Earth peaceful, productive and Happy.
  • July 2012 – Edition 2 of The Modern Day Trilogy in a book format will be launched.
  • August 2012 – Universally Friendly is proud to launch Virtual Shop online whereupon you may browse though an array of useful products made by Universal Friends.
  • August 2012 – The bespoke Diaries of the Century called  Destinations will be available for Sale.
  • Late September/Early October 2012 welcomes you to the Universally Friendly Olympic Summit whereupon you will meet me and other successful individuals.
  • At the Olympic Summit will be the launch of my long awaited book in various formats called ‘A Pictorial View of the Universe’
  • Late October sees the launch of The Universally Friendly Million Christmas Gift Appeal. In the spirit of Christmas Universally Friendly aims to make available 1,000,000 gifts to children and families all around the world. Your help is crucial. It is our first year to launch this appeal, we may not reach our target but the effort of trying is equally important.
  • November 2012 sees the monthly launch of our health conscious cooking school whereupon a special site is launched for you to view all your special cookery classes.
  • December 2012 is our Universal Birthday Special whereupon a celebration of people from all parts of the world reveal the triumph of victory despite the hurdles in life. There will be many many bonuses for you to help you meet the New Year 2013 less ladened with financial debt and stress.

This article is not a ploy to make sales but rather an avenue of hope for those that find life difficult to cope with. All net profits from any sales that Universally Friendly makes will be directed to charities that universally Friendly regularly donates to.I know what it is like to be destitute. without a meal, without a penny, without a home or without a birthday party. With all my love and friendship for a spirited month of May 2012. Anthony


The Umbrella of Hope and Restitution


Dear Friends, you can make a change to your life for the common good if passion, desire and unselfishness is instilled in your heart. You cannot have passion and desire and say that the future looks good. You have to ensure that your goals no matter how big or small are unselfish. This guarantees you real Success and profound Happiness for the rest of your life, 24/7. Please take the necessary strides to make 2012 a pivotal change in your life. It is important, it is crucial and it is relevant to your existence.

Did you carry your TAG?


When you leave home each day do you carry your TAG with you? You see Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls TAG stands for ‘Trust Almighty GOD’. Every breath that you take, every step that you thread, every decision that you calculate, every relationship you create, every seed that you sow, every goal that you envisage, every friend that you make, every journey that you conquer, every meal that you consume, every thought that embraces action, every word that you utter or every sound that you hear carry your TAG with you, always and forever. Don’t leave home without your TAG, make it part of your paraphernalia. Life is so abundant surely GOD deserves ALL the credit and the Love and the worship. I love GOD with ALL my heart and with ALL my strength every single day and as the radiant rays of the Sun strew its way into the aperture of my daily life I know GOD is there.

It is Time for change


Into the valley of intrigue there is hope and there is restitution for ALL and not just for a few. How would you like to open a new passage in your life that gives you life like never before. I want you to enjoy this video because it inspires change for you and for anyone else that needs change. I want you to make 2012 a significant change in your life. I want you to embrace 2012 with the right tools, books and inspirational quotes that will give you the drive to change for your longevity, for your personal happiness and for your inner peace. Can you imagine how different your life will be if an aura of peace, tranquillity and equanimity was around you?