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March into March using the MODE Effect.



March into March using the MODE Effect

Quote of the day

‘Take charge of a new era in your life by marching into March with valour and vigour. Fill your socks with the warmth and suppleness that is needed to edge forward. Fill your heart with the glow that makes you flow. Fill your mind with the twinning of success and accomplishment of great people. Discover yourself first and then rediscover your entire surroundings. Recover from fallen dreams and uncover the secrets to succeeding. Uncover the glory that has been laid down from the beginning.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Welcome to March 2017. Are you ready to march into March? Like nectar to the bee and horns to the bison, like rain from above and springs from below you need valour and vigour to make it work. Valour is courage to take on the greatest task or the smallest task. If the shoe fits, we must execute a command with professionalism. That command could be getting up at a specific time or undertaking to dissolve a dilemma. Like a beaver that weaves through the undergrowth to stop the flow of water, you need to be able to weave your way through any growth. Experience helps, weariness does not and inexperience can be futile. Developing valour is rather a slow process. It comes with time. It comes with mannerism, optimism, dynamism and embolism. I call this the MODE effect. The MODE Effect establishes your Vigour. Briefly, Mannerism is about developing character in all that you do. People depend on you as you depend on them. If your character holds an emblem of honesty, quality and goodwill your courage is strong. Optimism is about sticking to a positive mode despite been thrown into a negative one. It’s hard but what is life without life itself. If a leaf falls on your front door do you get angry? If the wind blows a few tiles off your roof would you become angry? We have the appendages to resolve issues of different dimensions and expressions. Be optimistic, always. Dynamism is the ability to maintain your stamina. It is about having the zest to complete your tasks delivering your best in each instance. Finally, Embolism is the prime factor in developing your courage. As you know I created the ultimate Diary called Destinations. If you can recall, what was the primary importance of Destinations? Destinations taught you the principle of intercalation. It was about inserting into your diary sequentially a list of tasks that you can do perform with professionalism. Dear Friends, you can march into March with 100% vigour and valour or you can march into March with 0% vigour and valour.


Merry February



Quote of the day

‘Walking a merry path in February starts by being primarily cheery, a happy visionary, an optimistic contemporary and a legendary luminary.’

The best part of it is that it works. Welcome to the first day of February 2017. White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Finding a medium that reflects a definition of merriment is difficult if you start February in a negative way. You need to be positive. To do this effectively you need to start your day with a mind-set of being cheery. No matter what your problems are, past, present or future your mind-set should never change. It should always remain cheery. Cheery minds remove the DEW effect that haunts everyone in the early hours of the morning.  The DEW Effect is a Dreary, Eerie and Weary person. You are not and you should never be driven to become one. Let not the temperament of another person spoil your day let alone your life. Your life can best be summed up as a happy one. To achieve this happy medium, you need to become a happy visionary. You need to foresee what life will be like for you at the end of each day, each week and each year. Your daily input is vital to the overall result of your working day. Plan well and by being a happy visionary your plans will always work. Being an optimistic contemporary also helps in shaping your day and your life. These are important tools to keep by your side and to use them whenever needed. Being pessimistic makes you rather old fashioned. You need to change your outlook to life. Yes, be happy, be alert and be vigilant but try to be optimistic. Learn from your mistakes so that you may avoid making the same mistakes again. Build confidence within yourself like never. Don’t live in the past. Let it be water under the bridge. However, do learn from it and make tomorrow a more learned and productive day. Life is indeed wonderful but you do need to take extra care and precautions to avoid being abused both physically and mentally. Aim to become a legendary luminary. This is not an overnight process, it takes time and patience. You have the time so work hard to develop the patience. Don’t be selfish, help your fellowman and woman in the same way you once needed help. Yes, February 2017 can be a wonderful month for you but you need to participate in the process of remaining happy. Little things and big things can often make you sullen to the core. This is part of life so be prepared to meet the difficulties that come upon you. Difficulties come in all shapes and sizes. We ALL experienced them, maybe not all of them. Make today count. Have you done enough to make today a happy day? Did you wake up with the primary aim to be cheery? Dear Friends, you are indeed unique in this modern world. Your presence is vital to the overall creation. Don’t let other people belittle you, exploit you or intimidate you. Stand strong on a platform of confidence, on a podium of communication and on a stage of magnificence. You are very special. Every second of your life is important. Sleep well, be well, work well, rest well and always remain happy.



Always remember, never forget

Quote of the day

‘The loss of a loved one is a very hollow feeling that one could possibly experience in life. To help you cope with such an extreme loss you need to follow on with constant remembrance. Remembrance is a transcendence feeling that helps you to cope with renewed hope. It helps you to deal with acceptance and repentance.’

A very, very blessed welcome to the start of your new working week and of course the final working week of September 2016. Did you have a wonderful and restful weekend? Did you manage to slumber into a world of relaxation and happiness? I hope and pray that my inspirational articles have helped you along your journey to success. Weekends to me are very important recurring events in my life.  Firstly, it precedes a working week and therefore it gives me a unique opportunity to prepare, remain fair, delete the weekday nightmares, repair any flaws and attend to my underwear, knitwear, footwear, neckwear and a bit of skincare. It also follows on from the previous working week and thereby enables me to assess my progress and to address my stress, if any. Today marks the 80th birthday of my Mum who passed away unexpectedly 22 years ago. Her passing away was the foundation to Universally Friendly. In the past 22 years, she has taught me new things and to remember old things. She has helped to cope with renewed hope and has given me a new vocation in life and that is to care, share and remain fair. She has helped me to understand the meaning of life and brought me closer to my spirituality and away from my vanity. Over the years I can safely say that I improved my personality, adjusted my mentality, comprehended my morality and focus on my immortality. We all experience the loss of a loved and such an experience can be quite lonely, empty, emotional and repenting. Remembrance has helped me to overcome loneliness, emptiness, emotions and repentance. Remembrance helped me to recollect those wonderful years that we shared together. Remembrance always carried me on a journey of transcendence. It helped me to understand my purpose in life and of course my purpose in the cosmos. Suddenly I knew answers to everything and these answers helped me to become logical, chronological and ideological. Logical because I was able to understand the meaning of life and how and why it started. Chronologically I was able to piece the making of the Universe and to understand the diversity and complexity of particles that make up the cosmos. Ideological because I suddenly wanted to help others in the same way I was helped 22 years ago. So, like Gregory Peck once said that to cope with a loss of someone is extremely difficult but over time you learn to cope and move on. You look to someone for comfort like your spouse and you become more spiritual because the meaning of life is about continuance. Remembrance has helped me to understand acceptance. Acceptance is about belief. With acceptance, you develop the confidence to move on and the trust to carry on. You get assigned an angel for the rest of your life by acknowledgement. Suddenly you are on top of the world. You could walk the mountains and the animals will not trouble you. You could walk the streets and the people will respect you. You could walk the journey of life and feel accomplished and fulfilled at each stopover. Dear Friends, it is a wonderful experience to learn about acceptance but also to understand about repentance. With your permission, I would like to dedicate an article about Repentance tomorrow. I would openly like to thank my mum for her sacrifice and for sharing a spiritual relationship with me for the past 22 years. As she holds onto my hands I am here to hold your hands to guidance and to overcome subsidence. Have a wonderful working week. Aim for your best and deliver only your best and nothing more.

Application Quote

‘Always aim to deliver your best and nothing more. Don’t be subjected to deliver more than your best.’

The SHARP Effect


Quote 388

The SHARP Effect

Quote of the day

‘The SHARP Effect enables you to remain Sharp in the months ahead of you. It employs several potent words that merges Success with Happiness and these words are Subtractive, Hyperactive, Active, Attractive, Reactive and Proactive.’

Greetings and Salutations to you on a wonderful day in August. I hope and pray that you are well enjoying every second of your wonderful life. Life is wonderful and therefore you need to be successful and happy every second of your centennial life on planet Earth. Today I want to talk about the SHARP effect because it is a technique that will help you merge success and happiness as one. One of the key techniques in life to become successful is to subtract from your daily grind things that makes you sad. If you take away the sadness, madness, evilness, wickedness, callousness, coldness, cheerlessness, destructiveness and the distastefulness from your life you will see an immediate difference. Doing this gives you extra time to focus on other important things, hence the hyperactive lifestyle where every penny counts and every second is paramount. Moving from the traditional active lifestyle to a hyperactive one makes you more attractive. An attractive person is more pleasing to be with, associate with and work with. An attractive person is always reactive to every second that passes them. The use of the word reactive in this instance implies being sensitive. When you are sensitive to life itself you immediately react by being thoughtful, sympathetic and understanding. With more time on your hands as a result of the above applications you can lead a more proactive life. A proactive life is one where every day is a learning experience and from experience comes a better day and a better person. Just think about this for one moment. In the hustle and bustle of your daily grind you tend to focus too much on what you can earn rather than what you can learn. Your project in life is to achieve success. During your day you may be happy just for the moment. Applying the SHARP Effect enables you to be Subtractive, Hyperactive, Active, Attractive, Reactive and Proactive. As a result, you merge success with happiness and live a more productive lifestyle. It removes inhibitions and makes you fill of ambitions. It makes you think like a logician rather than live like a magician. It gives you a mission in life, it removes the suspicions in life and it makes you work, live and act in the best of conditions. Thank you for finding the time to read this article. It forms a useful kick-start to a better and productive month in August.

Creative August – The month of Hyperactivity


Quote 387

Quote of the month

‘August 2016 is deemed the month of hyperactivity. It is the Science of being exceptionally active in order to achieve eternal success and happiness. In the past seven months you acquired various tools, essential power words, amazing quotes and riveting articles to stimulate you to take action every second of your day, August it is time to implement them.’

The use of the word hyper in this instance implies a phase of excitement in your life to acquire success and happiness stimulated by inspiration. White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Welcome to the first day of August 2016. Sorry for the late tweets, my sister-in-law is here on holiday. Last night we went to the most exclusive Tandoori Restaurant in London, the food was good and the service was excellent. In the Databank Times there are reviews of restaurants around London with offers and discounts that you can get when you visit them. To achieve eternal success and happiness you need to be exceptionally active. To do this effectively you need to Merge Happiness and Success as one.  Merging Happiness and Success will always reveal a smile at the end of any day. They are like two peas in a pod. Many will seek success in the usual climatic way but are not necessarily happy. Some will try to pretend to be happy but are not really successful. To achieve success, you need to be happy. To remain happy, you to ensure you are climbing upwards rather than downwards. If you merge happiness and success together you will always attain a positive result. Who better to ask than me? I always set forth on my daily journey to work with happiness packed in my makeover. I never leave home feeling sad. If I do, then I know the outcome of my day will be ruined. The merging effect can be done effectively if you apply the SHARP Effect. The SHARP ensures that you merge happiness and success as one. The SHARP Effect consists of six potent words which will form the article of tomorrow. You need to be Subtractive, Hyperactive, Active, Attractive, Reactive and Proactive. The SHARP Effect is your useful application. Have a wonderful start to the month of August 2016. Take good care.

Happy New Year


Quote 158

Happy New Year

Quote of the day

‘365 days of endless opportunities awaits you to transform your life into the perfect life. It is a simple equation, unite with nature and nature will then unite with you.

A very, very Happy New year to all my friends and families across the world. 2016 is here and so are we. Our destiny – Perfect Life, Perfect Dreams, Perfect Vacations, Perfect Vocations, Perfect Goals, Perfect Friends, Perfect Families and a Perfect Environment. We have the appendages, we have the support both spiritual and moral, we have the tools and we have knowledge. We have direction, we have protection, we have access to correction, we have reflection and we have the right to an election. Direction is our obvious path to righteousness, a road under supervision and a road to eternal life. What better way to start a New Year? It is a vision of hope to cope with adversities of unbelievable proportions. It is also a rope to be alive and the scope to survive. Protection is a 24/7 affair at home, at work, at your place of study or on the streets that you often walk on. Protection is always there. If you believe there is Spiritual Protection from above with a Protective Angel assigned to you. There is Protection at the Home too with a SAMPRAS assigned to each country. Simply believe and you shall be protected. SAMPRAS stands for Special Forces, Army, Marines, Police, Response Units, Airforce and Security Services. Believe in yourself and believe in your country and more importantly in your planet and no harm shall come upon you. Access to correction is a great asset to all. We all make mistakes and have the ability to correct them. It may take time but time is your greatest asset equated to 86,400 seconds per day. The ability to reflect on the past especially 2015 gives you the unique opportunity to a perfect life in 2016. Use the RIPE formula to achieve this. The RIPE formula to a perfect life is to Reflect, Inspect and Perfect to create the desired Effect. More about this in a later instalment. There is so much to say, there is so much to do and there is an infinite archive of footage to think about, don’t lose hope. The right to an Election gives us the power to vote. This is a general consensus around the world. However, the Election I am referring to is about your Selection in life and the sheer determination to achieve just that. All of these keywords will become key articles as we stride along a new journey around the Sun lasting 93 million miles. You can make it work, I will help you to do just that. This is my promise to you. However, the final decision lies with you. Conjure up those visions of your life. Use Inspirational Videos and Articles to guide you along an incredible journey. At the conclusion of writing this article the Earth has already travelled 11,000 miles. GOD keeps to HIS promise. The stage has been prepared for you to enact your life once again in a New Year. Value every second of your life in the same way that you would value every penny in your hands. A fool will drop and penny or discard it into the fiery furnace despite the fundamental rule of success which states save every penny. Likewise, a fool will waste a second but the wise one cherishes every second from the crack of dawn till dusk. Keywords also helps you to edge forward in life. Sometimes when the tables are turned you need to latch onto keywords to help you cope. The Flora and the Fauna, nature’s reliable workers face relentless adversities on a daily basis, yet they carry on working laboriously. Take hold of a page from the archives of Nature and be like the birds, the bees and the endless rows of evergreen trees. I want to celebrate your success at the end of this year. I want you to constantly believe in yourself and don’t allow others to make you feel otherwise. Focus on your goals and make them work. You have the support base at your fingertips, so make full use of it. Plan your successful career with a coordinated route that tells you when to get up and when to go to bed. Don’t become a potato couch and fill up your pouch with idleness, procrastination and excuses. Be able to vouch for every second of your life. Be responsible rather than irresponsible. Be focussed rather than unfocussed. To every successful individual there is a story of passion, love and desire. To every unsuccessful person there is a story of despair, hate and disbelief. Stick to your daily agenda that is workable and doable. Focus on your goals. Still not sure of what they are, no worries for it is never too late. Meditate on keywords that will transport you to a better lifestyle such as Relaxation, Flowers that radiate colourful blossoms and Landmarks that creates new frontiers in your life. Relaxation is a vital necessity to succeed. Flowers induce you with their aroma such as water lilies. All of these keywords will become key articles for you to access during 2016. Use them effectively and profitably. Please do read my articles and watch my motivational videos daily. These maybe accessed at www.inspirationalgalleries.blogspot.co.uk. All Inspirational videos are also available in 1080HD on my YouTube channel. My YouTube Channel link is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9mLag1sy5YvR_r59Cb0LEQ/videos. I wish you a prosperous New Year. May you succeed in all your endeavours and may you rise to the highest summit of your abilities.

Remember it’s December – Remember it’s a month of LEADERSHIP


Quote 126

Remember it’s December – Remember it’s a month of LEADERSHIP

Quote of the day

‘Remember in December to take 31 days and create 365 days of noted change in your life, a lifetime of joy and happiness that permeates the air above you and a legacy of good deeds for others to follow with your own personal trademark. To achieve this you need LEADERSHIP’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! A festive welcome to the month of December 2015. Our theme for this month is called ‘Remember its December. It is an important month because we are going to gain LEADERSHIP in all our activities from now on. LEADERSHIP is about the mastery of management and in our case scenario we need to focus on the management of our Time, our Life and of our Finances. Keep these three important aspects of our lives in check and you have the making of a successful individual. To emphasis this point we shall use the word LEADERSHIP as an acronym to create a methodology to enhance our personal psychology. My definition of Personal Psychology is to create a lifetime of happiness and joy from within. Happiness and Joy must always be and should always be at the forefront of our existence. Take these two vital qualities away and you take away a life worthy of 100 years. LEADERSHIP is an excellent acronym to use as conjures up 10 useful words. These 10 words are: LONGEVITY, ETERNITY, AFFLUENCE, DIET, EXERCISE, RULES, SUCCESS, HAPPINESS, INSPIRATION and POSITIVITY. Before we talk about these 10 useful words we need to understand the importance of setting goals. Goals could be minute or they could be mammoth. Whatever size they are goals are designed to make substantial changes for an individual. We are not in a competition but rather in a noted transition. This transition revolves around a substantial ambition and that ambition is to live an honourable life on planet Earth which is immersed in a daily aura of Happiness and Joy. Time is moving rapidly and before you know it I will be wishing you a Happy New Year. Before I do that I need to build on your creativity by making your dreams turn into workable and golden goals. By the end of this month you must have a cluster of written goals and of course, the tools and the mechanism to make them come true. This commitment will create a significant change in your life for 365 days, it will also create a lifetime of constant happiness and joy. Would you trade in such a reward for anything else? I experienced change since November 1994. I would not trade such as change for anything else. On a scale of 0 -100, I would say my Happiness and Joy peaks above 95 every single day. I want the same to happen to you too. Remember in December is a program of 31 illustrious days of coordinated instructions for you to follow and implement. It starts from nothing and it develops into something. It fills a blank canvas with a masterpiece depicting your future. Your future is unique because you are unique. You are and will be a LEADER in your field. Today I want you to earnestly believe in your uniqueness and what you can do to make a significant change to your life. Let us now expand on these 10 useful words: LONGEVITY, ETERNITY, AFFLUENCE, DIET, EXERCISE, RULES, SUCCESS, HAPPINESS and INSPIRATION. Longevity is an inbuilt programmed concept to live a physical life of 100 years which is purposeful, eventful and unselfish. Eternity is about our existence beyond the realm of our physical existence. It is an account of our life in different dimensions and in different time zones. Affluence is the Science of living in comfort, and more notably without pain and without unselfish gain. Diet is a word that I do not necessarily like because it conjures up a vision of people eating only a selected range of foods. Diet to me is a process of eating intelligently and eating according to your workloads. Exercise is the necessity of an individual to help maintain a sturdy figure and to keep muscles toned and healthy. Rules are for the making and consists of a series of carefully orchestrated instructions that have been laid down for us to follow from the beginning of time. Success is our mainstream conduit to overcome stress. Stress is a killer, Success is a countermeasure. Happiness is the fountain of youthfulness, it annuls the forbidden zone of sadness. INSPIRATION is the breath of life. It intoxicates you with the constant desire and passion to make dreams come true. Finally POSITIVITY is the highlight, limelight, starlight, sunlight, bright light and delight that ignites you during daylight and during your nightlight. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls these 10 words are like tools to an artesian, melodies to a musician, circuitry to a technician, makeup to a beautician, figures to a mathematician, wiring to an electrician and words to a composition. I want to take 10 days in December with your permission of course to expand on these 10 most useful words. I think it is relevant to your overall Success. I wish you everything of the best as you close the curtains to your adventurous 2015 and open the doors in 30 days to 365 glorious days in 2016.