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A Very Happy 2013


Happy New Year


A very Happy New Year to all my friends from around the world. I am so privileged to have you as my friends. I feel the goose bumps on my skin as I type these significant compliments. Thank you for finding the time to read my utterance and for appreciating them too. I will continue to hit the QWERTY keyboard on my office desk each day as it brings my great joy and immense satisfaction to me. I want you to embrace 2013 like never before. Keep attuned to my utterance and let it flow like water in a conduit reaching ALL corners of your inspirational abode. You will see changes if you are willing to embrace change. Remember look at 2013 as a challenge. There will be hurdles to overcome but always remember I will always be by your side to inspire you. Go well and do well. Reach above and touch the inspirational source form above. Love thy heavenly Father and share your worldly deeds with Almighty GOD.


A Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year


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Dear Friends, may I take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. May your heart be filled with joy and happiness as you look towards in good anticipation the coming of the New Year? I want you to feel the goodness of the birth of a New Year and as you embrace it I want you to feel the need and importance of change for you. I wish you health, wealth and prosperity but how much you actually need will depend on how you instil your unselfish goals from today henceforth. Wishing for something is one thing but to be ready to receive it is another? I spoke about The Power of Miracles before and miracles happen each day and everyday, however are you ready to receive it? Are you ready to receive the glorification that stands in front of you? Dear Friends, I wish you well as we see collectively the departure of 2012.  2012 may have been a year of fine achievements for you, whilst 2012 for others would have been sad, lonely, desolate and sombre. Our target collectively is to ensure that 2013 will be free from harm, natural or man made. We need to eradicate debt individually or globally. We need to rebuke violence, murder, ostracism, conflict, robbery, hate, racialism, poverty, rape, assault, vandalism, muggings, political upheavals, war, civil war, class, segregation, denigration, fornication, pornography, binge drinking, drug trafficking, divorce, abuse, child abuse, molesting, indecency and corruption. The list can go on and on but yet Peace and Love is confined to one simple aspect and that is devoutness. Devoutness creates galaxies, planets, stars and life itself. Life starts at the point of inception but hate ends it at the point of deception. I wish you well from the bottom of my heart, my wishes are sincere and as we embrace 2013 together we can and will see change. With love from your Universal Friend – Anthony.