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The Colours of September – the month of Passivity


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The Colours of September – the month of Passivity

Quote of month of September

‘The kaleidoscope effect of September makes it the month to always remember. There is the outbreak of Autumn colours with distinct watercolours of red, yellow, purple, black, orange, pink, magenta, blue and brown that intertwine with the technicolour of an epic blockbuster.  The Earth in compliance makes it final quarter journey across its orbital path around the Sun, here a hurtling ball of activity revolves with passivity. Finally, there is migration of birds over epic distances, mutation of animals over tiny distances and creation of species over the entire globe in multicolours of high definition.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! A heartfelt welcome to a colourful month in September 2016. I call it the month of Passivity. Why? It is called the month of passivity because all creatures great or small follow a path of obedience. They sense a change in season and with reason set off on a journey that is vital to the planet as a whole. There is obedience in each species from dragon flies to butterflies, from bugs to slugs and baboons to racoons. As a result, we need to follow a path of passivity too. We need to observe in order to conserve. We need create reserves in order to preserve. September colours makes us observe the beauty of life and how we fit into it. As animals and plants exercise obedience we must also exercise obedience. The use of the word passivity in this instance implies the subtle art of showing respect and obedience. It is the art of perfecting the natural world by inspecting the flaws that we might have created and correcting them with obedience. It is the month of collecting information relative to the overall needs of all the inhabitants of our planet to ensure a smooth migration of all life forms. Every little helps. If just one person does it the job becomes unmanageable but if everyone lends a helping hand it becomes more manageable. We need clip the edges and snip the hedges. We need to recycle and get on our bicycle. We need to keep things clean with a noted routine. The Science of Obedience eliminates disobedience. Disobedience is a common trait in all age groups and cultures. The Art of Respect makes you look at every aspect of life enabling you to protect, correct and inspect wherever necessary. Dear Friends use the colours of September to helps make our planet revolve smoothly about its axis. Let us become involved in climate change by interchanging ideas globally and rearranging our lives to meet the challenges ahead of us. Success it will be for us all, but we need to address world issues too and allow the process of life follow a smoother lifecycle. In the month of September 2016 I will help you to achieve this. I will inspire you daily as usual and motivate you to take the right action. Let us take 30 days of colour and turn it into a masterpiece of accomplishment and fulfilment.


Become a Member in September


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Become a Member in September

Quote of the day

‘Every human being has the right to live their dreams fairly and unselfishly. They have to expand the horizon of their limitations. They need to capture, they need to gather and they need to peer into a special aperture of opportunities that is bespoke to their needs.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! A special and cordial welcome to you on a spectacular month in September 2015. In September 2015 I want you to become a fully-fledged member of Universally Friendly. To this all you need to do is to sign up for my free newsletter and benefit from ALL the inspirational content that I have created in the past 20 years. There will be bespoke Quotes for you in detailed and enhanced graphic posters for you to print and keep close to you. Every person has a history of developed problems, some small and some not so small. Today, on the 1st day of September I want to confirm that all problems are solvable irrespective of what they really are. I know this for a fact because I solved so many problems both personal and public. There will be competitions and opportunities too for you like never before. As a member of Universally Friendly we will all learn to share, care and remain fair. This is the motto of Universally Friendly and will always be. To share is not a difficult task because it is an encoded humane value that we all have. To share is to give liberally to someone or to a group of people something that you have and they do not. To care is equally easy. To care is to show deep concern over the welfare of another human being and to our planet as a whole. It is something that we should do spontaneously, with ardent passion and desire. To be fair is by far the best humane quality that you may inherit. I say inherit because to be fair we need to be showed how to do it. The reason for this is that we are too emotional to be rational. Following by example the men and women that left behind a legacy of good deeds for us to follow is by far the best way forward and the best way to learn. In September I shall hold your hand to victory by inspiring you to reach your goals with ease and with the right keys. Having the right key makes you unlock the right door. There are many, many opportunities out there. You need to determine what you would like to do. Many of us are fearful of this search. I say onto you and verily too, do not fear for GOD is here, right beside you. Do not fear because you have the right to a fruitful career. Do not fear because fear makes you austere. You need to expand your horizons and reach out for the things that you want to do, have or partake in. You have the power to do anything. You just need to broaden your horizon by capturing, gathering and finally peering through the right aperture into your personal vault of happiness. Capturing is about accumulating visions of your dreams into a sequence of streams or actions. You need to capture what is bespoke to your needs. You need to expand your horizon and liven your life. You need to gather relevant information pertinent to your needs. Information is readily available as data in the form of text or images. You need to create a portfolio and this portfolio is the selection of your life in the future.  It depicts your capabilities and abilities and illustrates what you can and will achieve whatever your dreams hold. You then need to open the right door. You need to have the right key that fits the right lock. You need to open that door with confidence and courage. I shall be your locksmith and hand over your personal key to your future on Earth for the duration of your stay. Believe in yourself and you shall believe in your future. My contribution to your success is the vital link to your overall success. What I write is what I do daily. I follow stringently a set of instructions that work. I do not create but just update Laws of The Universe. The Laws of The Universe is as old as The Universe. The Universe is alive and has been for so long, so why not derive my inspiration from it. What you see is what I see. What you read is what I read. What you can do is what I have already done. Dear Friends, become a Universal Friend. In a few days from now I shall provide you with a link to do just that. I wish you a happy month rather than a snappy one. I wish you a joyous month rather than a pointless one. I wish you the best for I believe that you are the best in the faculty of your choice. Go out there and maintain your best, it is as simple as ABC.

Glow like Ember in September


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Quote of the day

‘Being consistent in all that you do like seasons in the annual calendar of our lives. Change like the autumn leaves and bring new colour into your life. Spring into action like new buds waiting to unfold into a multitude of colours. Soak up the Summer sunshine to bring warmth and energy into your life. Keep warm in winter and let the twilight of the evening sunset make your vision expand even more.’


To sustain your meritocratic fortitude you need to bring forth your inner glow, a glow only you could see, feel and touch. It is a glow that needs to be rekindled if faint and a glow that needs to twinkle if tarnished. You have tried, we all know that you have but the world is changing and if you do not change you shall be held back like so many others that cannot find their way forward. Sustainment ensures constant endurance and tolerance even when the tide is out. You are indeed very, very special but when changes happen you suddenly forget your importance in life. This article is dedicated to you for your presence on planet Earth, for your endeavours since we first met and for your courage from the beginning of your realisation. To ensure sustainment you need to glow like ember. Ember is created from glowing hot coal and remains hot even when the fire has gone out. Ember has a spark to it. Ember radiate a substantial amount of heat and gives of an aura of an amber glaze that lights up the sky at night and sends signals to others of warmth and glory. You need to be like ember. Your goals must glow all through the night and can be seen even in broad daylight. Your goals like ember must radiate a sense of warmth for yourself and to others setting of a golden essence of radiance that emits signals of authenticity and receives signals of wisdom and acknowledgement. This is the glow that I want you to have at all times. I want you to feel it in the morning, during the day and at night. I want you keep a piece of sometime with you like a piece of paraphernalia that reminds you of your goals. Hold on tight to this every moment you can and as you hold it think of your golden goals. Think about what you have already done and about the things you will want to do. When I went to Brighton recently I picked up a shining pebble along the seashore which I keep in my pocket at all times. I hold onto it, I talk to it and I use it to remind me of my responsibilities and my presence on planet earth. I keep it as an emblem of courage and fortitude or ornamental charm in my pocket to acknowledge that I have a purpose in life and using my golden goals I can make life more interesting than ever for me as well for others. I am indeed the captain of my golden goals. I am responsible for my goals and from these goals cometh my future. I must change or modify my goals as my course or charter changes. If I cannot sail through the Suez Canal to travel to say India I need to redirect my vessel on a new course perhaps longer but surer. As the Captain of my Golden Goals I must keep my craft of intent in good order from stern to bow or from head to toe, from hull to sail or from skull to tail. I am going to make the final months of 2014 the best months of my life because I know that I am indeed special. This is the motto that you should print off and keep in your wallet. This is a memento of your true value in life and your significance to your overall contribution to life. You need to have the Midas touch to remind yourself that your goals are really golden goals and that everything you touch shall turn into gold. A signature on a dotted line can change sand dust to goal dust. This is the spirit of ember in September that I want you to have and it is the ember in September that I certainly will want to have. Have a great month and a great future but don’t hold opulence in your hands to keep for yourself but be generous and share it, because there is enough for all.

Welcome to the 1st day of September 2013


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Welcome to the 1st day of September 2013. Many of you have been my friends for many years and judging from your feedback have found peace and solace in reading my daily tweets. I am here to help, to fill your heart with the passion and desire to become an achiever. I shall hold your hand and guide you to a life that is more enjoyable. What would you say is the real meaning of enjoyment? I would say that to enjoy life is to experience it full on. Quote of the day: ‘To enjoy life is to take extreme pleasure in doing what you really want to do and to reap the benefits by being completely satisfied.’ Are you ready to do just that? Will the month of September prompt you to take action? Every action gives a noted reaction. Take a stone in front you. Take no action and the stone is left unturned. Take little action and the stone will be displaced. Take a hearty effort and the stone shall be under your control. It can be moved or it can be removed. It can become part of your needs. It can make a wall or it can be crushed into pebble stone. You are in charge and whatever action you take you will see a result. This result maybe good or it may be bad. It is your effort and you shall exercise this effort according to your will. Your will is your final bill. Printed from a till it will give you your worldly deeds. You need to fill the gaps from now on. You need to go up the hill rather than downhill. You need to get a thrill in whatever you do. This is normally from a developed skill. There isn’t a pill that you need to take but rather a pledge that you need to instil.  Fulfil your actions with a dose of celebrated goodwill. Your will is your innermost desire and passion to willingly to do things right on a more frequent basis. Your ‘will’ will make your actions over the months and years to come worthy of printing. Yes, Dear Friends let us make the month of September 2013 a month to always remember. Let it be a month to remember when you took the right actions to give you a life that is befitting to your needs. Have a special Sunday for it is the 1st Sunday of September. Enjoy it with the genuine will to make tomorrow a better day for you.