Merry February


Quote of the day

‘Walking a merry path in February starts by being primarily cheery, a happy visionary, an optimistic contemporary and a legendary luminary.’

The best part of it is that it works. Welcome to the first day of February 2017. White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Finding a medium that reflects a definition of merriment is difficult if you start February in a negative way. You need to be positive. To do this effectively you need to start your day with a mind-set of being cheery. No matter what your problems are, past, present or future your mind-set should never change. It should always remain cheery. Cheery minds remove the DEW effect that haunts everyone in the early hours of the morning.  The DEW Effect is a Dreary, Eerie and Weary person. You are not and you should never be driven to become one. Let not the temperament of another person spoil your day let alone your life. Your life can best be summed up as a happy one. To achieve this happy medium, you need to become a happy visionary. You need to foresee what life will be like for you at the end of each day, each week and each year. Your daily input is vital to the overall result of your working day. Plan well and by being a happy visionary your plans will always work. Being an optimistic contemporary also helps in shaping your day and your life. These are important tools to keep by your side and to use them whenever needed. Being pessimistic makes you rather old fashioned. You need to change your outlook to life. Yes, be happy, be alert and be vigilant but try to be optimistic. Learn from your mistakes so that you may avoid making the same mistakes again. Build confidence within yourself like never. Don’t live in the past. Let it be water under the bridge. However, do learn from it and make tomorrow a more learned and productive day. Life is indeed wonderful but you do need to take extra care and precautions to avoid being abused both physically and mentally. Aim to become a legendary luminary. This is not an overnight process, it takes time and patience. You have the time so work hard to develop the patience. Don’t be selfish, help your fellowman and woman in the same way you once needed help. Yes, February 2017 can be a wonderful month for you but you need to participate in the process of remaining happy. Little things and big things can often make you sullen to the core. This is part of life so be prepared to meet the difficulties that come upon you. Difficulties come in all shapes and sizes. We ALL experienced them, maybe not all of them. Make today count. Have you done enough to make today a happy day? Did you wake up with the primary aim to be cheery? Dear Friends, you are indeed unique in this modern world. Your presence is vital to the overall creation. Don’t let other people belittle you, exploit you or intimidate you. Stand strong on a platform of confidence, on a podium of communication and on a stage of magnificence. You are very special. Every second of your life is important. Sleep well, be well, work well, rest well and always remain happy.


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