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Rely on July 2015 to kick-start your future.


Project 330

Rely on July 2015 to kick-start your future.

Quote of the day

‘Many will argue but I say treat July as the beginning of a new era. Don’t wait upon January the 1st for another try. Try right away. Try in July.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! A hot welcome to the start of July 2015. Welcome to the start of a new era of personal achievements and accolades. You are YOU and therefore you deserve to get whatever you desire. If your needs are unselfish you shall be granted any wish that comes your way. It is like having a Genie by your side. Just make a wish and the Genie from heaven shall grant it for you. What is your wish? I would say that the most common wish is happiness 24/7 from birth to death. Now that isn’t really a tall order. In fact it is a minute request by a human being for the contributions that we make throughout our existence. Just think for one moment what would happen if you were not here. Can you imagine the void in history that you will create if you were not here? We have a fundamental purpose in life and that is to serve our Heavenly Father as sole custodians of the living world. Therefore with such a responsibility at hand asking for a wish of happiness is a very small request indeed. I can guarantee you that whatever your unselfish wishes maybe it will come upon you like miracles from the heavens above. You need to believe in yourself, you need to believe in Almighty GOD and you need to believe in miracles. You need to understand that you have the right to freedom and the right to reject boredom. You have the right to stardom because you are a star amongst the stars in a Universe teeming with stars. You have the right to wisdom from A – Z. With wisdom you can understand the greater meaning of life. With wisdom you can walk amongst uncertainties and trample distractions. With wisdom you can sail the seas and walk the earth without doubt or fear. You have the right to a kingdom of joy and happiness because you are the king of your domain. Don’t allow someone to siphon the happiness and joy in your kingdom. Let July 2015 open new doors for you. Let happiness rain upon you like the monsoon that drenches the earth. Let joy sweep you off your feet like the winds that blow from the northern hemisphere. Dear Friends, welcome to a new beginning with a wonderful ending. Welcome to a world of special dreams. Welcome to your world. Welcome to today where dreams shall come alive with your participation. Welcome to a Universally Friendly world where everyone is equal but different in their goals.


Don’t let July 2015 fly by


Project 329

Don’t let July fly by

Quote of the day

‘July could be just another month under the calendar of recurring months or it could be the month of your dreams. I say onto you and verily too, don’t let July fly by.’

Your life is a precious gift. No one has the right to interfere with your life and compel you to do otherwise. You have the right to live onto 100 years of age in equality and in a quality bespoke to your needs. You have the right to an eternal life and you have the right to the opulence of the Universe. Human Greed will make you think otherwise. Human Greed will force you to live a life of limitations. I say onto you that you are the Captain of your Life and no one can overthrow your decisions to make your life purposeful and enjoyable. Whenever you do something ask yourself, did I do the right thing? You don’t need to ask this question all the time but if you doubt your abilities or your confidence constantly ask yourself, did I do the right thing?  You see Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls if you do something do it right and nothing will go wrong. Now this is a fact of life. If you need guidance on more complex issues follow a set of rules or instructions that has worked previously for someone else. Are you a late starter or someone that does not start at all? No worries, use tomorrow as the beginning of a new era for you. Let us take six new months of the year to become more accomplished and fulfilled. Don’t allow July to fly by you. Be firm with your overall intent. Make a good decision and stick to it. Value every second of your life. Take all of your allocated 86,400 seconds per day and put it to good and valuable use. Be shrewd with your time. It sounds selfish but why not treat each second as a penny. Now many of you will discard a penny or ignore it if you saw one on the floor. However did you know that 86,400 pennies is actually £864? If you cannot value your life more than £864 than you will lose the concept of living successfully. Successful people count every penny because they know the value of a penny and how long it takes to earn one. Likewise successful people appreciate every second of their lives because they know well that time is irretrievable. Dear Friends, promise yourself that you will start tomorrow on a different musical clef. In other words don’t start tomorrow playing the same tune. Change your pitch, alter your rhythm, lower the bass, increase the treble, change the sequence of chords and create a new sound for tomorrow. Let this sound echo throughout your home and let it unleash the energy stored within you. Dear Friends, I want you to succeed. I am here to help. Have a great final day of June 2015.