Be grateful and graceful in April

Be grateful and graceful in April

Quote of the day

‘The gracefulness of a man or a woman is proportional to how grateful they really are. Gratefulness is classified as the ability to be thankful for life itself, to be appreciative to gain wisdom and to be pleased with the bounties of the fruits that they receive daily.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Welcome to the month of April 2017. I am so grateful for your presence and your grace to embrace this auspicious month. To be refined as a result of thy worthiness illustrates how important a person values their lives. They do not judge others but are nudged to judge themselves. They understand that life is precious and that time is valuable. Using these two assets they can gracefully achieve anything that their heart desires. Judging others for what they have is not the science of gracefulness. Gracefulness is about the ability to achieve, the agility to overcome, the flexibility to compensate and the dignity to live. If you cannot exercise gratefulness, then you cannot exercise gracefulness. These two ideologies work hand in hand. Success will never be forthcoming if you are not grateful for what you have and for what you are capable of having. Life is a gift, a precious gift bestowed upon you from the heavens above you. You need to understand the value of your life, every second of it. You need to be grateful for your shelter, despite the weather. You need to be grateful for your meals without a squeal. You need to be grateful for your friends, families and neighbours. You need to be grateful that you can see, feel, walk, talk and learn. You cannot judge the one and not judge yourself. We always like to critique, live in mystique, remain weak, speak harshly, appear weak, ignore the meek and disregard our physique. We do this because we live to judge others. Today we need to stop this foolishness and learn to judge ourselves. To do this we need to learn the science of gracefulness. Gracefulness comes upon us when we show gratefulness. Gratefulness denotes your acknowledgement to live and to live 100 years and beyond. Every second of your day is taken into consideration. Many of us throw our seconds away because they feel like pennies. Yet, pennies add up to pounds and pounds add up to prosperity. To touch the summit of prosperity signifies your understanding of gracefulness. Dear Friends, live your life with grace, embrace every second of your life with desire and passion, leave no trace of hostility behind, don’t chase the wrong opportunity, develop a strong knowledge base, create harmony at your workplace, never race into anything for time is at your side and more importantly nurture your goals at the base of your heart and let it grow into you and not anyone else. I wish you success but sadly success comes with hard work, your resilience to overcome inhibitions and your desire to appreciate life itself. I can show you how but you need to help me by following a set of rules that has worked from the beginning of time. Let us start in April with a new vision, a strong dimension and a little grace preceded by gratefulness.


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