Be in Tune with June 2014

In Tune with June

Will you be in Tune with June? White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Welcome to June 2014. Welcome to a month that embraces the middle of the year. Welcome to a month of opportunities, the real question is can you been in tune with June. The world is bountiful. The world is your oyster. The world is your paradise and the world is your abode. The world opens limitless opportunities not just a few but for all from every city visible in The Universe and to every street that demarcates its borders. Quote do the day: ‘To be in Tune with June is like a melody that sounds chorale and flows with chimes that resonates a fitting time for you. To embrace life you need to be in tune with it, especially in June. You need to strum the right chord and sing in tune with natural flair and constant care.’ I want personally to wish you success in the month of June and I want you to propel your magnificence so that the angels can hear you. I want you to see changes in you and to feel your progress on a linear scale of positivity. I want you to be in Tune with June. Don’t ruin this opportunity that comes once a year. Take positive strides and step into a world of personal stardom. Climb the highest peaks of your career in Tune with the month of June. Fill the air around you with sounds of musical notes. Let your charm be a lever for others to follow. It is a bit like having an orchard of sweetness and fruitfulness around you. The question is how much you can eat even though you ploughed the fields relentlessly. It is a quest to care, share and remain fair. It is about the birds and the bees for without whom the honey, mildew and the pollination shall come to an end. It is about understanding that success is a joint venture ploughed into the sovereign fields of opportunities. As you blossom with a bluish sapphire transparency, your glow will flow and make sunshine when it rains or snows. This is the conquest of making your life in Tune with June. It is about understanding everything that you see. Don’t mock the salamander if they are mythological and live in fire. If they do let it be for they do you no harm. Don’t bark at the rooster that awakens that awakens you after a restless night. The rooster has a job to do and certainly does not interfere with you. Don’t slander the man in the sheepskin coat for he may be cold or is just passing through. Like the salamander, the rooster and the birds and bees this man like all men are so essential in your journey to success. Ladies and Gentlemen, light up the torch that shines knowledge and shows wisdom. Don’t shine the torch on confusion. Make your pledge to find your edge and create that harmonic flow that makes music in the atmosphere of human occupation. Don’t live with discord, contention and jealousy. These are old battlefields that have left the soil poisoned with death, abuse and torture. Live with harmony, be in Tune with June. Like and love the flora, the fauna and the planet as a whole. Hold each grain of sand in the palm of your hand and say that it is only sand and not yours or it is worth x amount. Be in Tune with June, be in tune with the symphony of success that blends a cocktail of harmony and togetherness. Stand amongst all the tallness in the world be it man made or natural and feel equally tall. Drive your message with gentle steps and live on Earth with humbleness. Now your machinery of thought and action is tuned in such a melodic fashion that passers-by will stop and stand in awe. Walk each day from now on with eyes focussed on achievement rather than procrastination. Have mannerism in all your daily chores. Light a candle of visibility so that people know that you are good in your intent. Don’t follow the same old habits in June 2014 but create a channel of new routes that create colour and charm in your daily life. Always remember that GOD loves you. Give equal love in return for the magnificence of our Heavenly Father that watches us each day.


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