Will you become Aprable and Caprable In April 2014?

April 2014

Are you going to be Aprable and Caprable in April 2014? A very hearty welcome to the 1st of April 2014, a month of tangible religious events, my birthday and a month of profitable change for you. It was farewell to March, yesterday where the corridors of activities have come to an end. A chapter in your life has ended. I hope and pray that you did well and in anticipation of that challenge I award you with a special accolade of friendship and honour. There are a few assets that we need to grasp onto as we meet April 2014 and that is friendship, love and understanding. To maintain this we need to be become more Apr-able and C-apr-able than ever before. What is the difference between being able and being capable? The ability to be able to do something is to have the skill, power, knowledge and competence to do something. This could be something at work, home, school or out in the open field. You cannot drive a bus just with the desire to do it. You need to gain knowledge about obtaining a PVC Licence, the training to pass it and the skill to manoeuvre the vehicle on your own. The ability to be capable is the ability to administer your chores on your own merits and abilities. You have a PVC Licence, you are fully qualified and now you are in charge not only of the competence of the vehicle that you are driving but also your competence in coping with different situations such as passengers, motorists and pedestrians. Quote of the day: ‘Success in life starts form of a blank canvas in any chosen field. You acquire knowledge in that field to an ideal point where you become able and competent enough to move on to the infinite point where you are capable to handle situations on your own.’ This constitutes your working week, and this does not necessarily start on a Monday as we all have different shifts. Our rewards for our abilities and capabilities lies in our weekends. A period of 48 hours where we rejoice over our accomplishments. The concept of being able and capable creates a niche for us in the month of April 2014. It tells us an important point. It tells us that we should not live just for the day but live for the rest of our lives.  If we are not able as yet then we need to take strides to become able, this is really a self-assessment. If you are not relaxed at the weekends then you are actually not able to cope with your workload. In others words you are incapable. You may well be a Teacher for the past 26 years but if you are not willing to change to Government legislations and abide by Ofsted’s policies then you will run into serious problems. All faculties of Education, work or even leisure are constantly changing. We need to change in order to maintain our abilities and capabilities. This shall be the focus of our inspiration in April 2014 – Aprable and Caprable in April 2014. I want you to be prepared for changes and make the relevant changes when the need arises. I want you to enjoy your working week from now on and rampage over the spoiling of a great weekend. I want you to walk the plains of the Earth by grasping the rudiments of life and the spectacles of your surroundings like never before. I want you to become the achiever like never before. I want you to raise your standards to an unprecedented level. I want you to attain your goals irrespective of what they really are. If they are unselfish I guarantee you that you shall achieve them. I want you to believe in yourself and in the purpose of your existence. I want you to live on to 100 years. I want you to hold the hand of the person next to you and feel their importance as you would expect them to feel the same about you. I want you to eat well, look great, talk eloquently, walk tall and fear nothing, I want you to become able and capable in April 2014. I want you to understand right from wrong and to make wrongs right and to help those that constantly do wrong. I want you to pave a righteous path in front of you by removing moss, webs and weeds that block your vision and dreams. I want you to speak to Almighty GOD daily and form a bond of never ending happiness and friendship till eternity. I want you to give freely to all that know you by sight, during the night and under the bright lights of a beautiful Spring day. I want you to not hold on to grief but rather to hold on to the belief for belief is indeed your cure to homeopathic relief. I want you to love everything, from the morning dew to the hovering dandelion that parachutes its way across the atmosphere of silence. I want you to be successful, period. I want you to become healthier, wealthier and bask in the true resources of longevity and prosperity. I want you to leap forward and pass over the rainbow of opportunities taking what you need and leaving enough for others that follow you. I want you to be proud of yourself. I want you to acknowledge your existence by gleaming into the mirror of reflective qualities and feedbacks. I want you to know that I shall always love you for the rest of my life but remember that our Heavenly Father loves you more. Follow me on Twitter for daily inspirational tweets that help to keep your goals alive.


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