31 days in August – The Autumn of our dilemmas

Quote 6

Quote of the day

‘What is life without life itself? With 31 days in August we shall explore the meaning of life, to appreciate it, to alleviate our tremors and to remediate our dilemmas.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! A very warm welcome to the autumn of our lives. Welcome to August 2015. What is life without life itself? What is a rainbow without a beginning or an end? What is the purpose of life without experiencing it, enjoying it and fulfilling it? What is the meaning of life if there is animosity between every pair of eyes and anger in the clinch of every fist? What is love when hate is so rampant? What is life after death when there is no appreciation of life before death? What is health without wealth and what is wealth without health? What is change if you cannot make an individual change? Dear Friends, August has the answers to all your questions. August is the season of change. August is the start of a new beginning and a tally end. August brings out the colours in you and when you sparkle with colour you will bring out the colour in all of them. August is the time for seasonal change and a time for you to make a defined change. I am so happy to embrace this beautiful month, the month of colour, the month of new beginnings and the month of seasonal changes. As the leaves get ready to change we need to also find the time to change. To change like the leaves takes courage, patience and endurance. Change is to arrange your life into a new kaleidoscope of vibrant colours. Change is to have a range of purposeful goals bespoke to your needs. Change is to exchange old habits for new habits, to exchange bad moods into good moods and to exchange sadness into happiness. Change is to become strange by shifting from the ordinary mode to the extraordinary mode. We have 31 days to do just that. We have 31 days to explore the meaning of life and become fused with it. I call it the Fusion of Life. The Fusion of Life is a separate article to follow in August. There are many more articles for you to read, capture, print and keep or print and share. Life is all about sharing. In fact the principle motto of Universally Friendly is to care, share and remain fair. Start August with a bang of enthusiasm. Let the rain of inspiration fall upon you and let it stimulate you to act with the character of an unselfish and purposeful human being. Let the light of your life shine form a distant and awaken the weak and the meek in front of you. Care for all in August. Care for the ones that are homeless by giving part of your paraphernalia to them, openly and liberally. Share your daily bread to those that go to bed hungry. Share part of your earnings and give to the poor that cannot find the energy to enlighten their lives. Be fair, be fair to the man or woman that walked passed you. Show reason where there is treason. Be open-minded in all situations instead of clinging onto to narrow-minded values. Be impartial rather than partial to the vulnerable. Do these things for others and they will do the same for you. You have to learn to give liberally in order to receive consistently. I wish you a splendid month in August and by the end of it I want you to see a change in you and to be proud of the profound change that you instilled in you and in your values. You have the power to change so why not change for the good, like the trees that change their leaves to create new ones for the new annual cycle of life.


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