Say goodbye to November, welcome December

52 STS - Believing develops faith

Can you believe that November will slip away into the almanac of human events, tonight under the twinkle of stars and the silence of The Universe? Did November bring about a platter of inspiration, garnished with lashings of motivation? Did November hold bitter memories, financial, personal or natural? The object of our lives is to meet each day with fulfilment. Fulfilment starts of as an empty cylinder. It is the early hours of the morning when you encounter your day waiting to complete it with fulfilment. When the day closes like today will your empty cylinder be filled with fulfilment or hollowness? As I previously stated before you are the writer of your intent. How you pan your day depends on the script of your intent. I want to wish you the graciousness of a new month, especially an auspicious month in December. I want you to embrace it like never before. I want you to celebratory, joyous, pompous and devout. The use of the word pompous in this instance refers to splendour and magnificence. We cannot speak of goals no more for these are already written in your heart. If you were to look into your heart you will see them spruce. Need to review your goals, no worries I am here to help. Let us start 2013 with a bang! Quote of the day: ‘The warmth of a new day, the coming of a new month, the seasonal change, your mood swings all highlight your passage forward. Along your journey you need to carry your joy, your, laughter, your happiness and your will to make your life worthy of your capabilities. What you achieve is proportional to what you inscribe into your heart.’ Wake up tomorrow and embrace the splendours of a new month, the final month of 2012. Reflect on what the other 11 months were like, Address them, calculate them, learn from them and make December the best month of 2012.Have a splendid new day on a new month and enjoy your new weekend, the first one of December.


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