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My name is Anthony, I am the founder of Universally Friendly, a circle of friends around the world that care, share and remain fair. I am the author of The Modern Day Trilogy. A set of books aimed to change your perspective to life and to bring home the happiness that you so deserve.

Creative August – The month of Hyperactivity


Quote 387

Quote of the month

‘August 2016 is deemed the month of hyperactivity. It is the Science of being exceptionally active in order to achieve eternal success and happiness. In the past seven months you acquired various tools, essential power words, amazing quotes and riveting articles to stimulate you to take action every second of your day, August it is time to implement them.’

The use of the word hyper in this instance implies a phase of excitement in your life to acquire success and happiness stimulated by inspiration. White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Welcome to the first day of August 2016. Sorry for the late tweets, my sister-in-law is here on holiday. Last night we went to the most exclusive Tandoori Restaurant in London, the food was good and the service was excellent. In the Databank Times there are reviews of restaurants around London with offers and discounts that you can get when you visit them. To achieve eternal success and happiness you need to be exceptionally active. To do this effectively you need to Merge Happiness and Success as one.  Merging Happiness and Success will always reveal a smile at the end of any day. They are like two peas in a pod. Many will seek success in the usual climatic way but are not necessarily happy. Some will try to pretend to be happy but are not really successful. To achieve success, you need to be happy. To remain happy, you to ensure you are climbing upwards rather than downwards. If you merge happiness and success together you will always attain a positive result. Who better to ask than me? I always set forth on my daily journey to work with happiness packed in my makeover. I never leave home feeling sad. If I do, then I know the outcome of my day will be ruined. The merging effect can be done effectively if you apply the SHARP Effect. The SHARP ensures that you merge happiness and success as one. The SHARP Effect consists of six potent words which will form the article of tomorrow. You need to be Subtractive, Hyperactive, Active, Attractive, Reactive and Proactive. The SHARP Effect is your useful application. Have a wonderful start to the month of August 2016. Take good care.


July, the month of Relativity


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July, the month of Relativity

Quote the day

‘The Theory of Relativity states that all individuals respond to external stimuli to determine their success rate. To achieve productivity, they remain in a productive environment. To be engaged in activity they stay away from inactivity. To acquire positivity, they steer away from negativity and associate with positive people. To achieve Creativity, they doused themselves with Originality and riddled themselves with Ingenuity.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! A very, very warm welcome to you on the first day of July 2016. The Earth still continues its long orbital journey around the Sun, travelling at an enormous speed, creating a daily opportunity for you to succeed. A journey of 365 days equated to 940 million km and a speed of 30 km per second provides the perfect and sure platform to succeed. To succeed you need The Theory of Relativity at your fingertips to make progress throughout your day and throughout your earthly life. Success can be likened to a mirror effect. Look into the mirror with a smile and you will get a smile that lasts for an earthly mile. Look into the mirror with sadness and sadness is what you will get. Therefore, to succeed in any aspect of your life you need to relate to keywords. A smile will give a smile as wide as a mile. Positivity will yield positivity and develop longevity. Success will give Success as you progress in a constant process to impress, express and address as you walk, talk and work. Productivity will become productivity without an ounce of negativity based on the Theory of Relativity. Inactivity will be overridden by activity. Creativity will be dazzled with a glow of originality and ingenuity. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls always remember by giving your best you will be above the rest. By exerting yourself in a pace that has flair elegant grace will ensure that your output will be consistent and professional. The Theory of Relativity states that all individuals respond to external stimuli to determine their success rate. A person that clings to sorrow will always make tomorrow even more sorrowful. A person that loses hope will never find the right rope to cope. External stimuli are what they need. If you are sad then you need an external stimulus to overcome your sadness. That stimulus is obvious. They need to search for gladness, happiness, grandness and divineness.  It is all about polarising. It is about taking negatives and turning them into positives. It is about winning rather than losing. It is about learning about your mistakes rather than churning from them. This is The Theory of Relativity which we shall explore in greater detail in the month of July 2016. It is important for you to stay tuned and to read my articles, Quotes and Books on a regular basis to maximise your ability to succeed. Save these websites to your browser:,,, Coming soon for your enhancement: and

A month of adventure


A Month of Adventure

Quote of the day

‘June 2016 is deemed the month of Selectivity. It is an ideal time to select the perfect project and a time to reject the wrecked subject. It is also time to elect a new goal for Summer, a time to detect a defect in your agenda and a time to inspect the architect of your dreams. It is a time to correct the anomalies in your life and a time to protect the foundation of your hard work.’

Quote 328

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Welcome to the month of June 2016 as seen from the horizon of a new beginning in time. It is deemed the month of Selectivity. A time to select something new and something good and a time to reject something old and something bad. It is that time of the year to arrange the columns and rows in your life in a logical fashion and to enhance your psychological passion to make 2016 your year of personal success and personal change. It can be done. You just need to tweak the irregularities in your life with a stream of regularities. To do this you would need to select an irregularity in your life and cancel it with a regularity. A regularity could be the perfect project. An irregularity would definitely be an incomplete project. Don’t discard it just shelf it. A perfect project could be a joint venture or a mission to have a sound ambition such as a beautician, a magician, a technician, a musician, a mathematician, a politician, a paediatrician, an obstetrician or any profession that tickles your fancy. How about a new goal for Summer 2016? Do you need to lose weight, to be great or to go straight? Do you need a new teammate or to locate an old mate? June 2016 is certainly the month to press the select button. It is a time to replace old goals with new ones. Do you have a defect in your approach to succeed? Are you a procrastinator of written tasks and an accumulator of unfinished tasks? It is often better to do something later rather than be a hater of something that you couldn’t do. Hanging to something that you cannot possible start will often make you hate it, I say onto you and verily too, don’t procrastinate but concentrate. Concentration is about power developing and focus enhancement that makes you see your responsibilities and then undertake them. Concentration makes you develop the right will-power to get the job done and the precise brain-power to manage the job. Procrastination is about lengthening the wrong will-power to avoid getting the job done and negating your brain power to mismanage the job. June 2016 is the month to inspect the architect of your dreams and to establish if your foundation is strong and your realisation is even stronger. It is a time to be real rather than surreal. It is a time to feel your dreams rather than conceal them. It is time to select what is good for you and to reject with immediate effect what is bad for you. I will be here for the next 30 days to help you reach your destiny with triumph. Have a wonderful midweek and a wonderful month.


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Dream in May, Stream in May, Gleam in May

Quote of the day

‘Dream in May to create workable goals. Stream in May to receive the right tools and gleam in May knowing that you are on the right track.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Welcome to the first day of May 2016, welcome to the start of something different. Welcome to the month of Resistivity, a period to learn how to resist temptation, aggravation and litigation. Now that you have a stack of workable goals let us focus our attention on accomplishing and fulfilling them. Don’t discard unworkable goals, just shelf them and we shall look at them later on. It is all about time management. It is about your understanding of every second of your day. It is about allocating time-slots to specific workloads. It is about understanding your responsibilities. Success is what we want to achieve but we need to achieve them in the right way. We cannot hurt ourselves or anyone else in the process. In May we shall look at detailed accounts of success stories including some of my friends from around the world. May I take this opportunity to thank you for your continued friendship and for your passion and desire to make significant changes to your life. May the month of May be special for you.  If it is your birthday, anniversary or a special day in your life please let me know and I shall prepare and send you a personalised greeting card. May the month of May shine a light to obliterate the darkness in your life by creating new opportunities for you and ending all problems that vexes you. May the month of May give you the power to pursue all your, dreams no matter how trivial they maybe or how complex they really are. May the month of May unite you with your family and friends and let all bitterness that may have existed in the past be eradicated. May the month of May enlighten your heart with new knowledge from the Universe and also to lighten the burden of your pain. May the month of May make you realise how important you really are and that your presence on planet Earth has a valid and valued purpose. May the month of May see the end to feud, bitterness, envy, slander, gossip, hardship, difficulties, ailments and stress. May the month of May open new doors to endless opportunities in life for you and to close old doors that always bring heartache to your soul. May the month of May help you to find joy and happiness like never before. Dear Friends let us work together to make our chosen goals workable and doable. I wish you a very happy month in May 2016.

April 2016, is the month for Activity


April 2016, is the month for Activity

Quote of the day

‘April 2016, is deemed the month of pronounced Activity. It is the quality of being active driven by AIR. Yes, AIR the formulated balance of Aspiration, Inspiration and Reason. Aspiration is a muster of collective goals bespoke to your current needs. Inspiration is the stimulus needed to get you started. Reason is the thought process linked to altruism, good intention and good judgement. Without AIR you shall never be fair. With AIR you will soon develop a constant flair that stands out like a flare for others to see and marvel at.’

Quote 253

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Thank you sincerely for joining me today in welcoming a new month to our divine and holy life. A life that makes us want to serve Almighty GOD fairly and justly and a life that makes us responsible custodians of our domain. April 2016 is indeed 30 days of activity, activity that should transform our lives into a wonder, a splendour and a great grandeur. April 2016 is the start to Spring and as we Spring into action let us be fully contented with our end result. Activity is a state of being constantly mobile, to show the genuine interest in something or a group of things and to pursue our dreams. Our state of activity must be good, otherwise our efforts will be relentless. Time is our most precious gift therefore whatever we attempt to do we need to do it well. We need to tread carefully on the foothills of fertility without harming a single gentle sprout. We need to be considerate and moderate in ALL that we do from A – Z. There should be no compromise in setting good standards. We need to be humane to the core and humane in our actions. As our mind fuses with our actions the world will see us as gentle people. We need AIR to breathe and as we breathe we need to constantly inhale goodness and exhale badness. We need a special consortium of AIR too. Like Air in the atmosphere made up of primary gases vital to life we need a similar amalgamation. The AIR I am referring to is Aspiration, Inspiration and Reason. Aspiration is a muster of collective goals bespoke to your current needs. Aspiration starts from your heart. Your eyes can see but your heart feels. Your ears can hear but your soul contemplates. Your mind can record images, data, video and the history of life but your sub-conscious mind creates your needs. Therefore, I say onto you and verily too, when your sub-conscious mind awakens you to do well you will then know that your heart, your mind and your soul collaborated to create a need or a golden goal. Sometimes we end up with more than one goal. A cluster of goals is not harmful but certainly useful. Once decided, once sampled, once tasted and once indulged we can take the next step and that is seek Inspiration. Inspiration is generally a divine influence on you where streams of positive energy comes rushing through your front door. A secondary source such as a Spiritual Master or a Mentor works equally well. Finding that source can be hard and also misleading. If you are happy with my approach, then stick with it. Inspiration must come to you daily. It must be fresh and current. Finally, Dear Friends you really do need Reason. Reasoning is a thought process which is based on good judgement. Having a goal, a task or an agenda is of little value if you cannot attach Reason to it. Reasoning makes you execute something without selfishness. Reasoning is a resonance of your heart, your mind and your soul. If all three resonant in harmony, then your thoughts and actions are swift and logical. Do you need AIR? Yes, you do. Like AIR that is vital to breathe, to live and to serve we need AIR to perform our tasks, goals and daily agendas. This is Inspiration at its best. This is Inspiration from above. Success in life is only possible if there is harmony in your thoughts and actions. If you cannot Reason with something that you are about to do, then don’t do it. If you have already done it, then rectify it. Have a wonderful and successful month of Activity in April. Do keep in touch daily to ensure a smooth flow of AIR reaches you.

March in March


March in March

Quote for the day

‘March in March with tranquillity to keep away hostility. March in March with nobility to keep away futility. March in March with motility to keep away fragility. March in March with capability to keep away vulnerability. March in March with stability to keep away volatility.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Welcome to the first day of March 2016. It is the month where we shall march with motility. It was sad to say farewell to February, the month of Positivity. Thank you February for giving us positive energy to make our dreams come true. Tranquillity is the mode for all meritocratic Goal Setters. Tranquillity sets the pace for the perfect environment to work, rest and play. Take away tranquillity and you shall invite hostility. With hostility you can never work, rest or play at your best. Let us march into March with tranquillity to keep away hostility. Nobility is the keystone to maintain a gentle and kind mood. Such a mood keeps you away from snapping, lashing out or being indecisive. Without nobility there is futility. Let us March in March with nobility to keep away futility. Motility is the power to do things spontaneously spurred by your positivity. It is the process of taking action. From Fascination we became aspired, then inspired and now motivated. Without motility there is fragility. Fragility is weakness. Fragility is illness. Fragility is delicateness. These are traits that we can do without. March in March with motility to keep away fragility. Capability is your passion and your desire in a particular field. Anyone can take up plumbing, carpentry, teaching, driving or any form of employment but if there is no passion and desire then there is no capability. Without capability there is vulnerability. You are exposed to redundancy. You are exposed to being sacked. You are liable for any mistakes. March in March with capability to keep away vulnerability. Stability is vital to a meritocratic Goal Setter. Stability is strength in whatever you do or think. It is your self-confidence needed to get you to the top. Without stability there is volatility. Volatility is instability. It is where things start falling apart. It is where your whole day becomes one of chaos. You become unreliable, unprofessional and unwanted. March in March with stability to keep away volatility. As usual do find time to visit my blog and read the complete articles. My blog can be found at I wish you a motivated journey in the 31 days of March. May you find your pot of gold in your own special way.

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Extraordinary February


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Extraordinary February

Quote of the day

‘The river of inspiration flows constantly from its source to its mouth. In its meandering journey across the undulating surface of the Earth it gives life to life itself. Like a new month there is a new beginning for us all too. February is an extraordinary month because from the source of inspiration comes a deluge of positive energy giving new life to you.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Welcome to the 1st day of February 2016, welcome to a journey of positive inspiration. It was indeed sad to see January fade away into the horizon. It was like saying goodbye to a prominent event in the calendar of our existence. January opened the doors to opportunities in 2016. February now opens the atmosphere of positivity, enabling you to move on like a river downstream. As the eddy currents of a river agitates the soil beneath February brings the positive vibes needed to agitate the enthusiasm in you. We know what we want? We know the difference between right and wrong. We have the tools at our disposal. Now we need that positivity. Let the month of February 2016 do just that. You need positive energy like a seed that needs oxygen, moisture and warmth to sprout. Our goals are like seeds. Until the right conditions are met our goals like seeds will remain dormant. To create the stimulus to grow we need inspiration. To catch inspiration, you need to be like the early bird, chirpy and in good spirits. Getting up to the sound of negation toughens your goals. Like a toughened seed case it builds frustration inside you and strangulation on the outside. Today I want you to initiate the psychological switch in you by grasping onto Inspiration from the rich February supply of positivity. You need to get up and feel it before you can do anything else. January started like melting glaciers on the foothills of the Himalayas. It was slow but pure. It was like the beginning of time where you realised that you wanted to do something real and something positive. During the 31 days of January I enlightened you to take firm action with stimulating articles, Quotes and videos and access to bespoke materials. In February the flow of the rivers is stronger and the energy of positivity is increasing significantly. Like turbines in a dam that are able to rotate faster due to the surge of water you need to capture the power of Inspiration with equal dynamism. Therefore, you need to get up and be drenched like never before. You need to open the window to acknowledgement and let the power of inspiration touch your heart. Once the connection is made head for the bathroom to relieve yourself and cleanse your body in the appropriate way. Then start your day with a prayer making sure the connection to the heavens above is done with clarity and vivacity.  You have been drenched with the flow of inspiration so let your prayers be drenched with feelings, love and passion. If time permits partake in some exercises. In due course I will give you access to some incredible exercise workouts to suit you. Now head for the breakfast nook and create a spread of early morning nutrition. Cast aside the greasy, fatty and unhealthy foods and bring on the goodness of life through a sequential process of ingestion, digestion and assimilation. Eat well ensuring that your early morning intake is enriched with vitamins, minerals and the right amounts of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Always remember what is right will always seem unusual, difficult, tasteless and loathsome for the first time. However, if you turn on your psychological switch it is actually extraordinary, inspiring, tasty and delightful to be righteous. Follow these simple steps and your desire will be on fire each day. Try to flow with consistency throughout your day. Seek accomplishment and fulfilment in all your daily tasks. Work steadily during the week and reward yourself with a personalised weekend. Ensure that your Inspiration is a daily prescription to be taken in the morning preferably with a mug of hot water and a hint of lemon. By the end of Extraordinary February, you will feel extraordinary. You will see the buds on your golden goals open into a blossom of reality. You will see a pattern of life like never before where the meaning of life becomes written in the clouds. You will see light at the end of the tunnel and you will see a passage of righteousness at the end of your day where an angel stands before you. It all started with a psychological switch that you activated in your mind. A switch that turned darkness into light. A switch that created a purpose for you that you can live for. A switch that carries a flame of hope for you and your wonderful family. A switch that creates better friends for you from coast to coast. A switch that eliminates enemies that often vex your day, your life and your comfort. A switch that brings laughter to your front door. A switch that makes you a fully-fledged citizen of planet Earth. A switch that grants you full Universal status to journey along the vastness of the cosmos. A switch that grants you full privileges of the Heavens above. A switch that makes you turn dreams into reality. Thank you for finding the time in your day to seek this flow of inspiration. Let us embrace February with warmth and love. To the next 333 days I salute you, let us make all our personal dreams come true. It can be done, I am living proof of that. Always ensure that you read my blogs at either or