Happy New Year

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Happy New Year

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‘365 days of endless opportunities awaits you to transform your life into the perfect life. It is a simple equation, unite with nature and nature will then unite with you.

A very, very Happy New year to all my friends and families across the world. 2016 is here and so are we. Our destiny – Perfect Life, Perfect Dreams, Perfect Vacations, Perfect Vocations, Perfect Goals, Perfect Friends, Perfect Families and a Perfect Environment. We have the appendages, we have the support both spiritual and moral, we have the tools and we have knowledge. We have direction, we have protection, we have access to correction, we have reflection and we have the right to an election. Direction is our obvious path to righteousness, a road under supervision and a road to eternal life. What better way to start a New Year? It is a vision of hope to cope with adversities of unbelievable proportions. It is also a rope to be alive and the scope to survive. Protection is a 24/7 affair at home, at work, at your place of study or on the streets that you often walk on. Protection is always there. If you believe there is Spiritual Protection from above with a Protective Angel assigned to you. There is Protection at the Home too with a SAMPRAS assigned to each country. Simply believe and you shall be protected. SAMPRAS stands for Special Forces, Army, Marines, Police, Response Units, Airforce and Security Services. Believe in yourself and believe in your country and more importantly in your planet and no harm shall come upon you. Access to correction is a great asset to all. We all make mistakes and have the ability to correct them. It may take time but time is your greatest asset equated to 86,400 seconds per day. The ability to reflect on the past especially 2015 gives you the unique opportunity to a perfect life in 2016. Use the RIPE formula to achieve this. The RIPE formula to a perfect life is to Reflect, Inspect and Perfect to create the desired Effect. More about this in a later instalment. There is so much to say, there is so much to do and there is an infinite archive of footage to think about, don’t lose hope. The right to an Election gives us the power to vote. This is a general consensus around the world. However, the Election I am referring to is about your Selection in life and the sheer determination to achieve just that. All of these keywords will become key articles as we stride along a new journey around the Sun lasting 93 million miles. You can make it work, I will help you to do just that. This is my promise to you. However, the final decision lies with you. Conjure up those visions of your life. Use Inspirational Videos and Articles to guide you along an incredible journey. At the conclusion of writing this article the Earth has already travelled 11,000 miles. GOD keeps to HIS promise. The stage has been prepared for you to enact your life once again in a New Year. Value every second of your life in the same way that you would value every penny in your hands. A fool will drop and penny or discard it into the fiery furnace despite the fundamental rule of success which states save every penny. Likewise, a fool will waste a second but the wise one cherishes every second from the crack of dawn till dusk. Keywords also helps you to edge forward in life. Sometimes when the tables are turned you need to latch onto keywords to help you cope. The Flora and the Fauna, nature’s reliable workers face relentless adversities on a daily basis, yet they carry on working laboriously. Take hold of a page from the archives of Nature and be like the birds, the bees and the endless rows of evergreen trees. I want to celebrate your success at the end of this year. I want you to constantly believe in yourself and don’t allow others to make you feel otherwise. Focus on your goals and make them work. You have the support base at your fingertips, so make full use of it. Plan your successful career with a coordinated route that tells you when to get up and when to go to bed. Don’t become a potato couch and fill up your pouch with idleness, procrastination and excuses. Be able to vouch for every second of your life. Be responsible rather than irresponsible. Be focussed rather than unfocussed. To every successful individual there is a story of passion, love and desire. To every unsuccessful person there is a story of despair, hate and disbelief. Stick to your daily agenda that is workable and doable. Focus on your goals. Still not sure of what they are, no worries for it is never too late. Meditate on keywords that will transport you to a better lifestyle such as Relaxation, Flowers that radiate colourful blossoms and Landmarks that creates new frontiers in your life. Relaxation is a vital necessity to succeed. Flowers induce you with their aroma such as water lilies. All of these keywords will become key articles for you to access during 2016. Use them effectively and profitably. Please do read my articles and watch my motivational videos daily. These maybe accessed at www.inspirationalgalleries.blogspot.co.uk. All Inspirational videos are also available in 1080HD on my YouTube channel. My YouTube Channel link is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9mLag1sy5YvR_r59Cb0LEQ/videos. I wish you a prosperous New Year. May you succeed in all your endeavours and may you rise to the highest summit of your abilities.


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