Quote 65

SOS – Stop in October, Start in October

Quote of the day

‘It is time to bring to an end the pain, the sorrow, the agony and the discomfort of your life thus far. Today on the first day of October 2015 you need to start to bring pleasure, joy, ecstasy and comfort back into your life as if you were born again and felt the need to be loved and caressed once more.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Welcome to the 1st day of October 2015 where we shall try to gallantly put a stop to all things that are bad. Bad things are slowly turning our world into a morbid sphere of slow destruction, cutting away vital life forms from basic organisms to augmenting anger of men and women in all corners of the globe. In October 2015 we need to open new doors in our lives to let the flow of happiness and joy to enter once again. Happiness is such a wonderful realm of comfort to be in. It is like floating on cloud 11. Happiness brings contentment to one’s heart and soul and makes worries disappear overnight. Yes, we can make the adversities of life disappear at the snap of a finger. We can if we are willing to try. Where there is aridness a drop of rainfall is all that is needed. Where there is hunger a morsel of breadcrumbs is all that is asked for. Where there is hate that turns men into bloody machines love can quite easily undo. Where there is financial hardship a penny is worth so much more. Where there is death there is life. Where there is life there should never be the thought of death but the will to live onto eternity. Where there is abuse we need to wipe it off the slate of our existence with kindness, tenderness and gentleness. Where there is a sense to divorce we need to have the sense to reinforce our values and our goodwill.  Where there are children there is the presence of life in abundance. Where there is illiteracy education must come first. Where there is a surplus of anything big or small we must learn to give away to others that always live with a deficit no matter how big or small. Where there is anger we must exercise management of our temperament and of our senses. Where there is lust we must have the courage to be just and to develop trust. October is the month to put an immediate stop to all things that are graded badly. The list to bad things are too enormous to list in this article but whatever your definition of bad things are it will be included in the list. October is the month to start a new life by choosing all things that are graded well. You can tell good from bad quite easily. Good things are generally good and manifests in an individual as a sparkle of unique decency, respectability, morality, righteousness and virtuousness. Great men and women have paved a road of righteousness for others to follow and are constantly leaving similar footpaths for newer generations to follow. Bad things are always bad manifesting in the streets and in our homes as evil, wicked, corrupt, immoral and ruthless. Bad things are happening daily in countries like Syria, Somalia and Zimbabwe. Good things always end up as how it should be with flowers to bloom, fruits for the plucking and grasslands greener than ever. Bad things always end up in a feud, in war, in irony, in death, in conflict, in bitterness, in rivalry and in competition. Dear Friends, as I write to you today and thank you for finding time to read my words I cannot tell you how important it is to be good. I cannot tell in words the effectiveness of being good really is but I do know that it is enjoyable, pleasant and really nice. You cannot be successful if you have a taint of badness in you. Badness is like a viral or bacterial infection. If you do not control it, it will control you. Good things in life hold an esteem of greatness. Men and women over the generations have a left behind a legacy of good deeds for us to follow. Where did they acquire these altruistic skills? They got them from The Master himself who taught it well in the auditorium of The Creation. With just 91 days to the start of a new revolution around the Sun I urge you to share a live of goodness. Have a wonderful start to October and make a firm decision to put a stop to all things that make your life less happy. I am here to help. Call me your Mentor, you Modern Day Guide or your Inspirer. All I can say is that I shall always be your friend that holds your hand to guide you along the footpath to righteousness.


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