Extraordinary February

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Extraordinary February

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‘The river of inspiration flows constantly from its source to its mouth. In its meandering journey across the undulating surface of the Earth it gives life to life itself. Like a new month there is a new beginning for us all too. February is an extraordinary month because from the source of inspiration comes a deluge of positive energy giving new life to you.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Welcome to the 1st day of February 2016, welcome to a journey of positive inspiration. It was indeed sad to see January fade away into the horizon. It was like saying goodbye to a prominent event in the calendar of our existence. January opened the doors to opportunities in 2016. February now opens the atmosphere of positivity, enabling you to move on like a river downstream. As the eddy currents of a river agitates the soil beneath February brings the positive vibes needed to agitate the enthusiasm in you. We know what we want? We know the difference between right and wrong. We have the tools at our disposal. Now we need that positivity. Let the month of February 2016 do just that. You need positive energy like a seed that needs oxygen, moisture and warmth to sprout. Our goals are like seeds. Until the right conditions are met our goals like seeds will remain dormant. To create the stimulus to grow we need inspiration. To catch inspiration, you need to be like the early bird, chirpy and in good spirits. Getting up to the sound of negation toughens your goals. Like a toughened seed case it builds frustration inside you and strangulation on the outside. Today I want you to initiate the psychological switch in you by grasping onto Inspiration from the rich February supply of positivity. You need to get up and feel it before you can do anything else. January started like melting glaciers on the foothills of the Himalayas. It was slow but pure. It was like the beginning of time where you realised that you wanted to do something real and something positive. During the 31 days of January I enlightened you to take firm action with stimulating articles, Quotes and videos and access to bespoke materials. In February the flow of the rivers is stronger and the energy of positivity is increasing significantly. Like turbines in a dam that are able to rotate faster due to the surge of water you need to capture the power of Inspiration with equal dynamism. Therefore, you need to get up and be drenched like never before. You need to open the window to acknowledgement and let the power of inspiration touch your heart. Once the connection is made head for the bathroom to relieve yourself and cleanse your body in the appropriate way. Then start your day with a prayer making sure the connection to the heavens above is done with clarity and vivacity.  You have been drenched with the flow of inspiration so let your prayers be drenched with feelings, love and passion. If time permits partake in some exercises. In due course I will give you access to some incredible exercise workouts to suit you. Now head for the breakfast nook and create a spread of early morning nutrition. Cast aside the greasy, fatty and unhealthy foods and bring on the goodness of life through a sequential process of ingestion, digestion and assimilation. Eat well ensuring that your early morning intake is enriched with vitamins, minerals and the right amounts of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Always remember what is right will always seem unusual, difficult, tasteless and loathsome for the first time. However, if you turn on your psychological switch it is actually extraordinary, inspiring, tasty and delightful to be righteous. Follow these simple steps and your desire will be on fire each day. Try to flow with consistency throughout your day. Seek accomplishment and fulfilment in all your daily tasks. Work steadily during the week and reward yourself with a personalised weekend. Ensure that your Inspiration is a daily prescription to be taken in the morning preferably with a mug of hot water and a hint of lemon. By the end of Extraordinary February, you will feel extraordinary. You will see the buds on your golden goals open into a blossom of reality. You will see a pattern of life like never before where the meaning of life becomes written in the clouds. You will see light at the end of the tunnel and you will see a passage of righteousness at the end of your day where an angel stands before you. It all started with a psychological switch that you activated in your mind. A switch that turned darkness into light. A switch that created a purpose for you that you can live for. A switch that carries a flame of hope for you and your wonderful family. A switch that creates better friends for you from coast to coast. A switch that eliminates enemies that often vex your day, your life and your comfort. A switch that brings laughter to your front door. A switch that makes you a fully-fledged citizen of planet Earth. A switch that grants you full Universal status to journey along the vastness of the cosmos. A switch that grants you full privileges of the Heavens above. A switch that makes you turn dreams into reality. Thank you for finding the time in your day to seek this flow of inspiration. Let us embrace February with warmth and love. To the next 333 days I salute you, let us make all our personal dreams come true. It can be done, I am living proof of that. Always ensure that you read my blogs at either www.universallyfriendly.com or www.inspirationalgalleries.blogspot.co.uk


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