Quote 96

Say NO in NOvember

Quote of the day

‘It is hard to say no when temptation comes upon you. It is hard to say no when an opportunity awaits you. It hard to say no because you like to be polite. Today I want to tell you it is time to stand up and say no.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! A very, very divine welcome to Sunday the 1st of November 2015. Welcome to a new month, the 11th month of 2015. We are now 60 days away from the New Year. Are you ready to embrace it with grace? How we embrace a New Year lies entirely in how we prepare for it in the previous Year. You cannot create mental goals on New Year’s Eve and expect them to work for you. This then becomes an annual fad. Creating those golden goals also termed New Year’s Resolutions takes time and makes all the difference to your future. It gives you on overall vision of what 2016 will be for you. That difference is a noted difference where you start to feel more relaxed, less stressed and generally quite contented with your life. Our theme for November is ‘Say NO in NOvember’. The reason for choosing such a theme is to help to motivate you to achieve your goals. Inspiration allows you to dream beyond your imagination. Inspiration allows you to create golden goals that makes all the difference to the years ahead of you. To live with kindness, happiness, tenderness and long term success will always ensure longevity. Surely it is only correct to have the mind-set to live onto 100 years and to serve our Heavenly Father as sole and responsible custodians of our living world? Saying NO makes you aware of the negative aspects of your life even though you don’t partake in it. For example although you don’t smoke when offered a cigarette you generally say NO but sometimes the temptation may prompt you to say YES. By applying the NO formula you can actually focus on your goals like never before. It is hard to refuse a fresh cream cake especially a slice of chocolate gateaux layered with dollops of fresh cream and cherries. Temptation is manufactured in an irresistible fashion luring you to do the wrong things. Therefore applying the NO formula stimulates you to do the right thing. The formula is simple. NO opposes Nastiness and Offences. NO opposes Negativity and Oppression. So when you come face to face to a temptation think seriously of the consequences. If it is ANGER than the consequences of such an emotion is rage, ire and fury resulting in broken friendships, imprisonment and remorse. Always remember the NO formula. NO = NO to Nastiness and Offences. Time wasting on trivial matters can lead to serious consequences. You achieve nothing by implementing nastiness to the world at large. Nastiness is untold cruelty to another human being or another living organism. Nastiness is meanness to another human being taking the form of bullying, abuse, violence and infliction. Nastiness is spite at the tip of your tongue saying words that hurt people. Nastiness is malice of an unprecedented level that can make countries go to war. Nastiness is unkindness to the core creating rifts between married couples, families and friends.  Nastiness is heartlessness when you kill, maim or injure someone by your brutal hands or a gun or a knife. Nastiness is ruthlessness when you defraud the Taxman, your working colleagues, your employees and your business associates. We need to visualise 2016 as a wonderful year for all. Can you imagine a planet free from harm, free from war, free from deforestation, free from anger, free from crime, free from nastiness, free from poverty, free from prostitution, free from illicit sex, free from binge drinking, free from drugs and free from the many disengagements in life? It all starts by saying NO in NOvember.


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