March into March 2014

March into March 2014

Good morning to you Dear Friends and Good Day to you if you are in the Eastern Hemisphere. I wish you a tumultuous start to a new and riveting day where actions lead to reactions. Quote of the day: ‘Good actions yield perfect reactions. Unplanned actions give a distorted reaction which could be good or bad but generally end up unacceptable.’ Let us march into March with a planned agenda. Today is the perfect day because you are in charge. Aerate your agenda with a list of tasks manageable by your capabilities. By this I mean do as you please. I said unequivocally that we need to TRAIN. To train we often get to refrain from unacceptable results. To TRAIN gives us the moral boost to make our day acceptable with a barrage of good and positive results. TRAIN stands for Transpiration, Respiration, Aspiration, Inspiration and finally Neutralisation. Transpiration shows that you have worked up a vigorous bout of solid work, perspiring to the core and transpiring on the surface. Without a work schedule bespoke to your circumstances reactions will not be good and satisfactory. Respiration is all about aerating your blood to be enriched with sufficient levels of oxygen to take on the might of an agenda. Breathe in by constantly saying I shall do well today and exhale by saying I shall reject negativity at all times. Aspiration is your personal guide to a wholesome day, a wholesome week and a wholesome month. You have a total of 2 million, 678 thousand and 400 seconds at your disposal this month. Are you going to use it wisely and unselfishly? Be aspired to do so. Create and then eradicate. Create a list of chores the day before and wake up to eradicate them forcibly. An asserted force generated by correct Respiration will yield a workload that will move mountains! Be inspired. Latch on to a good Mentor that inspires you daily. If I fit the bill follow me daily till the end of time and get it right as I did. Now get ready to brush away those negative feelings. TRAIN, TRAIN and TRAIN for you shall take away the constant strain that refrains you from success. Neutralisation says it all. Neutralisation is innovation at its best. Neutralisation crushes negativity. Neutralisation counteracts negation. We will expand on these words in greater detail as we march in the month of March. Have a wonderful weekend, a wonderful month and a wonderful life. You deserve it don’t think otherwise.


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