Have your say in May 2014 and be rewarded with a better pay.

May 2014

Have your say in May 2014 and be rewarded with a better pay.

A very warm blessing to you on the start of a new month. Welcome to May, welcome to your home, your live and your ambitions. May the grace of Almighty GOD also be welcomed in your home and may you pray in May with constant renewal. May you find your way in May too so that you may not go astray? May you feel gay in May 2014, in all that you do and to have your say whenever you want to? May you spray your innermost desires and passion with vigour and vibrancy throughout the month of May? May you find your ideal pay in May and to make sure that you do not stray across the threshold of your monthly budget? May your bay of solitude, rectitude and attitude in May flow rhythmically so that your goal searching and goal achieving is fulfilled. May you not stray in flay of constant criticism in May to a point where you shall always be noticed and left unnoticed. May you not fall prey in May to a constant barrage of telesales, counter sales and spring sales? May everyday of May become enlighten for you thrusting you forward into victory and fortune. May you weigh your efforts in May as well as deciphering the purposeful deeds from the less purposeful ones? May you also find the time to play in May to make sure that your life is more refined, refreshed and rewarding? May you have a good day today on the 1st day of May 2014 and to convey and display your character and personality in the right way? May you obey the Laws of The Universe in May 2014 such as love your fellowman and woman with all your heart? May you not be in dismay in May 2014 over issues that are often trivial and banal? Quote of the day: Welcome to May 2014. Welcome to a 31 day journey of better pay, say and display. Better pay denotes a better day and a better lifestyle. Better say denotes your needs and displays your ability to achieve them.’ Dear Friends with your help we can achieve any goal that you have tucked away in your mind. We can unleash them so that they become visible, tangible and enjoyable. Consider your circumstances at this precise moment. Is there room for a better lifestyle? This question constitutes your 1st goal searching idea. Now we need to collectively work together to achieve them. This is how we shall spend the next 30 days with the earnest desire to make an earnest change. This shall be our pledge. With cutting edge technology I shall help transform your life into one of majestic proportions. Go out into the world and taste the opportunities that look at you in the eyes. Pick something that you like and feel the desire to do. Build your goal searching to a pedigree level, where knowledge is gained from a lineage of masterful men and women that have passed on. You can do it. Don’t just be inspired, start to perspire daily and become admired for the good that you have done in May 2014.


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    1. Thank You Dawn for your appreciation. Do also look at my other blog when you do have a moment, for in it you shall find useful articles to motivate you in achieving all your goals. http://www.inspirationalgalleries.blogspot.co.uk.

      Kind regards


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