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Quote 96

Say NO in NOvember

Quote of the day

‘It is hard to say no when temptation comes upon you. It is hard to say no when an opportunity awaits you. It hard to say no because you like to be polite. Today I want to tell you it is time to stand up and say no.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! A very, very divine welcome to Sunday the 1st of November 2015. Welcome to a new month, the 11th month of 2015. We are now 60 days away from the New Year. Are you ready to embrace it with grace? How we embrace a New Year lies entirely in how we prepare for it in the previous Year. You cannot create mental goals on New Year’s Eve and expect them to work for you. This then becomes an annual fad. Creating those golden goals also termed New Year’s Resolutions takes time and makes all the difference to your future. It gives you on overall vision of what 2016 will be for you. That difference is a noted difference where you start to feel more relaxed, less stressed and generally quite contented with your life. Our theme for November is ‘Say NO in NOvember’. The reason for choosing such a theme is to help to motivate you to achieve your goals. Inspiration allows you to dream beyond your imagination. Inspiration allows you to create golden goals that makes all the difference to the years ahead of you. To live with kindness, happiness, tenderness and long term success will always ensure longevity. Surely it is only correct to have the mind-set to live onto 100 years and to serve our Heavenly Father as sole and responsible custodians of our living world? Saying NO makes you aware of the negative aspects of your life even though you don’t partake in it. For example although you don’t smoke when offered a cigarette you generally say NO but sometimes the temptation may prompt you to say YES. By applying the NO formula you can actually focus on your goals like never before. It is hard to refuse a fresh cream cake especially a slice of chocolate gateaux layered with dollops of fresh cream and cherries. Temptation is manufactured in an irresistible fashion luring you to do the wrong things. Therefore applying the NO formula stimulates you to do the right thing. The formula is simple. NO opposes Nastiness and Offences. NO opposes Negativity and Oppression. So when you come face to face to a temptation think seriously of the consequences. If it is ANGER than the consequences of such an emotion is rage, ire and fury resulting in broken friendships, imprisonment and remorse. Always remember the NO formula. NO = NO to Nastiness and Offences. Time wasting on trivial matters can lead to serious consequences. You achieve nothing by implementing nastiness to the world at large. Nastiness is untold cruelty to another human being or another living organism. Nastiness is meanness to another human being taking the form of bullying, abuse, violence and infliction. Nastiness is spite at the tip of your tongue saying words that hurt people. Nastiness is malice of an unprecedented level that can make countries go to war. Nastiness is unkindness to the core creating rifts between married couples, families and friends.  Nastiness is heartlessness when you kill, maim or injure someone by your brutal hands or a gun or a knife. Nastiness is ruthlessness when you defraud the Taxman, your working colleagues, your employees and your business associates. We need to visualise 2016 as a wonderful year for all. Can you imagine a planet free from harm, free from war, free from deforestation, free from anger, free from crime, free from nastiness, free from poverty, free from prostitution, free from illicit sex, free from binge drinking, free from drugs and free from the many disengagements in life? It all starts by saying NO in NOvember.



Quote 65

SOS – Stop in October, Start in October

Quote of the day

‘It is time to bring to an end the pain, the sorrow, the agony and the discomfort of your life thus far. Today on the first day of October 2015 you need to start to bring pleasure, joy, ecstasy and comfort back into your life as if you were born again and felt the need to be loved and caressed once more.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Welcome to the 1st day of October 2015 where we shall try to gallantly put a stop to all things that are bad. Bad things are slowly turning our world into a morbid sphere of slow destruction, cutting away vital life forms from basic organisms to augmenting anger of men and women in all corners of the globe. In October 2015 we need to open new doors in our lives to let the flow of happiness and joy to enter once again. Happiness is such a wonderful realm of comfort to be in. It is like floating on cloud 11. Happiness brings contentment to one’s heart and soul and makes worries disappear overnight. Yes, we can make the adversities of life disappear at the snap of a finger. We can if we are willing to try. Where there is aridness a drop of rainfall is all that is needed. Where there is hunger a morsel of breadcrumbs is all that is asked for. Where there is hate that turns men into bloody machines love can quite easily undo. Where there is financial hardship a penny is worth so much more. Where there is death there is life. Where there is life there should never be the thought of death but the will to live onto eternity. Where there is abuse we need to wipe it off the slate of our existence with kindness, tenderness and gentleness. Where there is a sense to divorce we need to have the sense to reinforce our values and our goodwill.  Where there are children there is the presence of life in abundance. Where there is illiteracy education must come first. Where there is a surplus of anything big or small we must learn to give away to others that always live with a deficit no matter how big or small. Where there is anger we must exercise management of our temperament and of our senses. Where there is lust we must have the courage to be just and to develop trust. October is the month to put an immediate stop to all things that are graded badly. The list to bad things are too enormous to list in this article but whatever your definition of bad things are it will be included in the list. October is the month to start a new life by choosing all things that are graded well. You can tell good from bad quite easily. Good things are generally good and manifests in an individual as a sparkle of unique decency, respectability, morality, righteousness and virtuousness. Great men and women have paved a road of righteousness for others to follow and are constantly leaving similar footpaths for newer generations to follow. Bad things are always bad manifesting in the streets and in our homes as evil, wicked, corrupt, immoral and ruthless. Bad things are happening daily in countries like Syria, Somalia and Zimbabwe. Good things always end up as how it should be with flowers to bloom, fruits for the plucking and grasslands greener than ever. Bad things always end up in a feud, in war, in irony, in death, in conflict, in bitterness, in rivalry and in competition. Dear Friends, as I write to you today and thank you for finding time to read my words I cannot tell you how important it is to be good. I cannot tell in words the effectiveness of being good really is but I do know that it is enjoyable, pleasant and really nice. You cannot be successful if you have a taint of badness in you. Badness is like a viral or bacterial infection. If you do not control it, it will control you. Good things in life hold an esteem of greatness. Men and women over the generations have a left behind a legacy of good deeds for us to follow. Where did they acquire these altruistic skills? They got them from The Master himself who taught it well in the auditorium of The Creation. With just 91 days to the start of a new revolution around the Sun I urge you to share a live of goodness. Have a wonderful start to October and make a firm decision to put a stop to all things that make your life less happy. I am here to help. Call me your Mentor, you Modern Day Guide or your Inspirer. All I can say is that I shall always be your friend that holds your hand to guide you along the footpath to righteousness.

Become a Member in September


Quote 36

Become a Member in September

Quote of the day

‘Every human being has the right to live their dreams fairly and unselfishly. They have to expand the horizon of their limitations. They need to capture, they need to gather and they need to peer into a special aperture of opportunities that is bespoke to their needs.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! A special and cordial welcome to you on a spectacular month in September 2015. In September 2015 I want you to become a fully-fledged member of Universally Friendly. To this all you need to do is to sign up for my free newsletter and benefit from ALL the inspirational content that I have created in the past 20 years. There will be bespoke Quotes for you in detailed and enhanced graphic posters for you to print and keep close to you. Every person has a history of developed problems, some small and some not so small. Today, on the 1st day of September I want to confirm that all problems are solvable irrespective of what they really are. I know this for a fact because I solved so many problems both personal and public. There will be competitions and opportunities too for you like never before. As a member of Universally Friendly we will all learn to share, care and remain fair. This is the motto of Universally Friendly and will always be. To share is not a difficult task because it is an encoded humane value that we all have. To share is to give liberally to someone or to a group of people something that you have and they do not. To care is equally easy. To care is to show deep concern over the welfare of another human being and to our planet as a whole. It is something that we should do spontaneously, with ardent passion and desire. To be fair is by far the best humane quality that you may inherit. I say inherit because to be fair we need to be showed how to do it. The reason for this is that we are too emotional to be rational. Following by example the men and women that left behind a legacy of good deeds for us to follow is by far the best way forward and the best way to learn. In September I shall hold your hand to victory by inspiring you to reach your goals with ease and with the right keys. Having the right key makes you unlock the right door. There are many, many opportunities out there. You need to determine what you would like to do. Many of us are fearful of this search. I say onto you and verily too, do not fear for GOD is here, right beside you. Do not fear because you have the right to a fruitful career. Do not fear because fear makes you austere. You need to expand your horizons and reach out for the things that you want to do, have or partake in. You have the power to do anything. You just need to broaden your horizon by capturing, gathering and finally peering through the right aperture into your personal vault of happiness. Capturing is about accumulating visions of your dreams into a sequence of streams or actions. You need to capture what is bespoke to your needs. You need to expand your horizon and liven your life. You need to gather relevant information pertinent to your needs. Information is readily available as data in the form of text or images. You need to create a portfolio and this portfolio is the selection of your life in the future.  It depicts your capabilities and abilities and illustrates what you can and will achieve whatever your dreams hold. You then need to open the right door. You need to have the right key that fits the right lock. You need to open that door with confidence and courage. I shall be your locksmith and hand over your personal key to your future on Earth for the duration of your stay. Believe in yourself and you shall believe in your future. My contribution to your success is the vital link to your overall success. What I write is what I do daily. I follow stringently a set of instructions that work. I do not create but just update Laws of The Universe. The Laws of The Universe is as old as The Universe. The Universe is alive and has been for so long, so why not derive my inspiration from it. What you see is what I see. What you read is what I read. What you can do is what I have already done. Dear Friends, become a Universal Friend. In a few days from now I shall provide you with a link to do just that. I wish you a happy month rather than a snappy one. I wish you a joyous month rather than a pointless one. I wish you the best for I believe that you are the best in the faculty of your choice. Go out there and maintain your best, it is as simple as ABC.

31 days in August – The Autumn of our dilemmas


Quote 6

Quote of the day

‘What is life without life itself? With 31 days in August we shall explore the meaning of life, to appreciate it, to alleviate our tremors and to remediate our dilemmas.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! A very warm welcome to the autumn of our lives. Welcome to August 2015. What is life without life itself? What is a rainbow without a beginning or an end? What is the purpose of life without experiencing it, enjoying it and fulfilling it? What is the meaning of life if there is animosity between every pair of eyes and anger in the clinch of every fist? What is love when hate is so rampant? What is life after death when there is no appreciation of life before death? What is health without wealth and what is wealth without health? What is change if you cannot make an individual change? Dear Friends, August has the answers to all your questions. August is the season of change. August is the start of a new beginning and a tally end. August brings out the colours in you and when you sparkle with colour you will bring out the colour in all of them. August is the time for seasonal change and a time for you to make a defined change. I am so happy to embrace this beautiful month, the month of colour, the month of new beginnings and the month of seasonal changes. As the leaves get ready to change we need to also find the time to change. To change like the leaves takes courage, patience and endurance. Change is to arrange your life into a new kaleidoscope of vibrant colours. Change is to have a range of purposeful goals bespoke to your needs. Change is to exchange old habits for new habits, to exchange bad moods into good moods and to exchange sadness into happiness. Change is to become strange by shifting from the ordinary mode to the extraordinary mode. We have 31 days to do just that. We have 31 days to explore the meaning of life and become fused with it. I call it the Fusion of Life. The Fusion of Life is a separate article to follow in August. There are many more articles for you to read, capture, print and keep or print and share. Life is all about sharing. In fact the principle motto of Universally Friendly is to care, share and remain fair. Start August with a bang of enthusiasm. Let the rain of inspiration fall upon you and let it stimulate you to act with the character of an unselfish and purposeful human being. Let the light of your life shine form a distant and awaken the weak and the meek in front of you. Care for all in August. Care for the ones that are homeless by giving part of your paraphernalia to them, openly and liberally. Share your daily bread to those that go to bed hungry. Share part of your earnings and give to the poor that cannot find the energy to enlighten their lives. Be fair, be fair to the man or woman that walked passed you. Show reason where there is treason. Be open-minded in all situations instead of clinging onto to narrow-minded values. Be impartial rather than partial to the vulnerable. Do these things for others and they will do the same for you. You have to learn to give liberally in order to receive consistently. I wish you a splendid month in August and by the end of it I want you to see a change in you and to be proud of the profound change that you instilled in you and in your values. You have the power to change so why not change for the good, like the trees that change their leaves to create new ones for the new annual cycle of life.

Rely on July 2015 to kick-start your future.


Project 330

Rely on July 2015 to kick-start your future.

Quote of the day

‘Many will argue but I say treat July as the beginning of a new era. Don’t wait upon January the 1st for another try. Try right away. Try in July.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! A hot welcome to the start of July 2015. Welcome to the start of a new era of personal achievements and accolades. You are YOU and therefore you deserve to get whatever you desire. If your needs are unselfish you shall be granted any wish that comes your way. It is like having a Genie by your side. Just make a wish and the Genie from heaven shall grant it for you. What is your wish? I would say that the most common wish is happiness 24/7 from birth to death. Now that isn’t really a tall order. In fact it is a minute request by a human being for the contributions that we make throughout our existence. Just think for one moment what would happen if you were not here. Can you imagine the void in history that you will create if you were not here? We have a fundamental purpose in life and that is to serve our Heavenly Father as sole custodians of the living world. Therefore with such a responsibility at hand asking for a wish of happiness is a very small request indeed. I can guarantee you that whatever your unselfish wishes maybe it will come upon you like miracles from the heavens above. You need to believe in yourself, you need to believe in Almighty GOD and you need to believe in miracles. You need to understand that you have the right to freedom and the right to reject boredom. You have the right to stardom because you are a star amongst the stars in a Universe teeming with stars. You have the right to wisdom from A – Z. With wisdom you can understand the greater meaning of life. With wisdom you can walk amongst uncertainties and trample distractions. With wisdom you can sail the seas and walk the earth without doubt or fear. You have the right to a kingdom of joy and happiness because you are the king of your domain. Don’t allow someone to siphon the happiness and joy in your kingdom. Let July 2015 open new doors for you. Let happiness rain upon you like the monsoon that drenches the earth. Let joy sweep you off your feet like the winds that blow from the northern hemisphere. Dear Friends, welcome to a new beginning with a wonderful ending. Welcome to a world of special dreams. Welcome to your world. Welcome to today where dreams shall come alive with your participation. Welcome to a Universally Friendly world where everyone is equal but different in their goals.

Think like a Tycoon in June


Project 304

Think like a Tycoon in June

Quote of the day

‘You can be whoever you want to be, you just need to think big. You have to build a picture of your dreams in your mind and then apply a bit of action to complement those dreams. In other words you need to think like a tycoon.’

Bonus Quote

‘Think big and you shall become big. Think of your existence and you shall exist. Think about your life and you shall love your life. Think about your family and your family shall think about you. Think about Almighty GOD and you shall sit beside HIM when the time is due. Think about the birds and the bees and they shall think about you and fill the sky with vibrant colours and sweetness that is so pure and divine. Think about those difficult days and tomorrow you shall marvel at the wonderful days ahead of you. Think big for you shall become big.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! A very warm welcome to you Dear Friends on the birth of a new month. Welcome to June where our theme is to think like a tycoon in June. More importantly we need to reach the pinnacle of our success as a tycoon in a given time. There is no need to hurry or scurry but a time allocation of how long it will take you to reach the pinnacle of your success motivates you to work harder and more diligently. Dreams are created daily but real dreams are created once in a lifetime. Real Dreams carry you onto cloud nine ready to make a pact with our Heavenly Father. This pact shows that you believe in yourself and that you believe in Almighty GOD. This pact is unselfish and it is all about having a purpose in life.  Your life is a precious gift. It is unique and it is untainted. What becomes of tomorrow is what you instil in your mind today. If you think like a tycoon you shall become a tycoon in a given time. What is a tycoon? A tycoon in my opinion is one that build a financially independent lifestyle unselfishly. He or she believes in themselves and works industrially each day to carry out a given task or a set of tasks to fulfil and accomplish by the end of each day, and collectively at the end of each week. A tycoon gives part of their fortune back to society without accepting recognition or glorification. A tycoon assists people that needs assistance, a tycoon insists on remaining altruistic, a tycoon consists of Integrity, Honesty and Trust and finally a tycoon resists temptation. Are you ready to become a tycoon in June? Are you ready to set the foundation to a better lifestyle filled with joy and happiness? Are you willing to work diligently each day and every day for the rest of your life? If so, welcome to the University of Success. Welcome to Universally Friendly. I wish you well and I bestow upon you a magic spell of love to make your month in June a successful one. It can be done for it was done before by countless individuals. Nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself. Don’t follow the sludge that leads to a common grudge or to judge someone else wilfully. Don’t begrudge someone either. Believe in yourself, that is the first protocol of your plan of action. What follows is indescribable. I am ready to take off like a rocket in June, will you join me to watch the stars glow and the planets rotate? Welcome to June dear Friends. You can do it whether you are young or old. I did it and I am still creating little goals every single day.


Project 216 ‘Our purpose in Life’

Quote of the day

‘The purpose of our life is to persist in serving our Heavenly Father with devotion and dedication as sole custodians of the living world. We need to reason and to rationalise in order to avoid treason.’

Start tomorrow without hostility in your heart and pave the future to a life of responsibility, reliability and amiability. Hostility delivers the converse. It makes you irresponsible, unreliable and unfriendly. No individual, young or old can say that they achieved success with hostility in their hearts. Successful people aim to please, they aim to serve and they aim to accomplish and fulfil without hurting anyone. Is tomorrow going to be like yesterday for you. If so, then the pattern of your life will always be the same. To exercise the role of sole custodians of the living world we need to develop and build a satisfactory resume. A satisfactory resume comes from learning and from experiences in life. Who better to learn from then our forefather in Adam? Adam spoke to our Heavenly Father daily in the Adamaic Covenant. Believers know this. Believers know that we have a purpose in life. Look at ourselves in the mirror.  Our appendages are developed for specific uses. We can write, hold, walk, run, engage, disengage, communicate and manage. A worm or a snake on the other hand cannot. However they can burrow, they can slither, constrict, and they have mobile jaws and venom. We all have different roles and serve differently but we all serve the one Master, our Heavenly Father who watches over us daily. So why start tomorrow with hostility in your heart when you know well that as sole custodians of the living world we need to serve diligently and we need to serve our Heavenly Father daily flanked with responsibility, reliability and amiability. Responsible individuals know well that they are in charge of their domain and exercise their roles in a mature and sensible manner. They do not pollute, shoot, boot, dispute, refute or uproot. Reliable individuals know that our Heavenly Father can depend on them to get on with the job. They are steadfast, loyal, devoted, stalwart and dependable. You cannot exercise these preliminary roles without been amiable. Every person should live in harmony. They should be agreeable, cordial and kind. Disagreements and unfriendliness brings about war and colonisation the world over. I say on to you and verily too, start tomorrow by reasoning and rationalising through careful thinking, logical prognosis, analytical observations and better ratiocination. Think before you blink or wink otherwise you will end your day being a stink. Let us tread the open roads and empty fields with a friendly, responsible and reliable approach. Let us make a change. Let us start from within us and slowly move to the outer parameters of our occupancy. I wish you success and I wish you a pleasant month in March 2015.