Project 216 ‘Our purpose in Life’

Quote of the day

‘The purpose of our life is to persist in serving our Heavenly Father with devotion and dedication as sole custodians of the living world. We need to reason and to rationalise in order to avoid treason.’

Start tomorrow without hostility in your heart and pave the future to a life of responsibility, reliability and amiability. Hostility delivers the converse. It makes you irresponsible, unreliable and unfriendly. No individual, young or old can say that they achieved success with hostility in their hearts. Successful people aim to please, they aim to serve and they aim to accomplish and fulfil without hurting anyone. Is tomorrow going to be like yesterday for you. If so, then the pattern of your life will always be the same. To exercise the role of sole custodians of the living world we need to develop and build a satisfactory resume. A satisfactory resume comes from learning and from experiences in life. Who better to learn from then our forefather in Adam? Adam spoke to our Heavenly Father daily in the Adamaic Covenant. Believers know this. Believers know that we have a purpose in life. Look at ourselves in the mirror.  Our appendages are developed for specific uses. We can write, hold, walk, run, engage, disengage, communicate and manage. A worm or a snake on the other hand cannot. However they can burrow, they can slither, constrict, and they have mobile jaws and venom. We all have different roles and serve differently but we all serve the one Master, our Heavenly Father who watches over us daily. So why start tomorrow with hostility in your heart when you know well that as sole custodians of the living world we need to serve diligently and we need to serve our Heavenly Father daily flanked with responsibility, reliability and amiability. Responsible individuals know well that they are in charge of their domain and exercise their roles in a mature and sensible manner. They do not pollute, shoot, boot, dispute, refute or uproot. Reliable individuals know that our Heavenly Father can depend on them to get on with the job. They are steadfast, loyal, devoted, stalwart and dependable. You cannot exercise these preliminary roles without been amiable. Every person should live in harmony. They should be agreeable, cordial and kind. Disagreements and unfriendliness brings about war and colonisation the world over. I say on to you and verily too, start tomorrow by reasoning and rationalising through careful thinking, logical prognosis, analytical observations and better ratiocination. Think before you blink or wink otherwise you will end your day being a stink. Let us tread the open roads and empty fields with a friendly, responsible and reliable approach. Let us make a change. Let us start from within us and slowly move to the outer parameters of our occupancy. I wish you success and I wish you a pleasant month in March 2015.


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