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May is the archway to 2017

Quote of the month

‘May 2017 holds the key to your overall success. It is the archway to inspiration, the causeway to motivation and the doorway to aspiration. It is the expressway to circumvent your inhibitions, it is the entrance way to glory and the passageway to endless opportunities.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Welcome to the first day of May celebrated throughout the world as a Bank Holiday. May holds the key to your success throughout the remaining part of 2017. In the almanac of events, May precedes June. Therefore it enables us to gauge our weaknesses and our strengths too. Our weaknesses can be clearly seen reflected in the alleyway of constant mistakes. Like waste disposal bins littering the sidewalk, our errs in life become our scares in life. What can we do in the remaining months of 2017 as we stand in the Archway of May? We can back away but this will only frustrate us. We can find some leeway and move forward with caution. Sadly, we can as most do become a tearaway sort of person, I don’t recommend that. My recommendation is as follows:

Dear Friends, I want you to stand still in the archway of May and make some important choices, choices that will change your life for the common good. We all err, we all show some signs of a flare, we all sometimes want to dare someone or maybe stare at someone or even scare them. Why do we do it? We do it because we are constantly making mistakes but cannot acknowledge that we do and prefer to blame some else for it. You should not bring your efforts that you already made since the beginning of the year to a halt. You worked hard and bored the traumas of life that awaited you thus far. You are now a month away from midway. It will be June next month. Suddenly your gallant efforts to reduce weight is slowly falling to pieces. Your commitment to consolidate your debts is slowly falling apart. Your relationship is on the brink despite your efforts to make things work out. This is the archway of May that I am referring to. It is an archway that constantly reminds you to persevere. If you have fallen back, I say onto you and verily too, relax and a take a breather. You are now standing at the archway of May. It is an archway of Inspiration, you have my word on that. You need to absorb this inspiration because it will uplift you. As you slowly tread into this hallway of magnificence you will find the causeway to motivation. Some will see it immediately, others will see it later on. Inspiration gives you faith, motivation gives you courage. If you can comprehend this statement then your faith is strong. As you understand the blunders you accrued and the inhibitions that make you want to give up you will want to move on or start again. This decision is the bravest decision you will ever make. As the days pass you more opportunities will await you because your faith is growing stronger. You will see them as you grow and grow and let bygones be bygones. If you are willing to acknowledge your mistakes then you are on the road to recovery. Remember when you err, polarise and turn it into a repair. Let us make this into a memorable quote.

Bonus Quote

‘When you err, polarise it by turning it into a repair. The thoroughfare from an error to a repair is the most memorable road you will ever tread with care.’

The next opportunity is the expressway to circumvent your inhibitions. In this expressway, there are friends to help you make amends.

Bonus Quote

‘At the expressway to circumvent your inhibitions, you will always find friends to help you make amends.’

They will guide you to the entrance way that shows you the glory of your life. When you see this door, you will be reminded of something important.

Previous Quote

‘Start your day with a prayer and end it sincerely with gratitude.’

Now that you got your affairs in order the passageway to endless opportunities resumes. You can end something or start something. You can repair an error with a sense of positivity. You need to maintain your faith and let go of the hate.

Bonus Quote

‘You need to ascend the ladder of success rather than descend liberally down the bladder of failure.’

Bonus Quote

‘Dear Friends, always amend rather than defend. Start by setting a noble trend, by watching how you spend.’

Do the following as well. When a friend helps you to make amends you need to give something in return. Recommend that friend to someone else. Don’t offend that friend because he or she was a godsend. Don’t pretend to be unappreciative, send a word of thanks. So, when things fall to pieces learn to pick up the pieces. May your efforts in May be rewarded with success upon success.


Become a Member in September


Quote 36

Become a Member in September

Quote of the day

‘Every human being has the right to live their dreams fairly and unselfishly. They have to expand the horizon of their limitations. They need to capture, they need to gather and they need to peer into a special aperture of opportunities that is bespoke to their needs.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! A special and cordial welcome to you on a spectacular month in September 2015. In September 2015 I want you to become a fully-fledged member of Universally Friendly. To this all you need to do is to sign up for my free newsletter and benefit from ALL the inspirational content that I have created in the past 20 years. There will be bespoke Quotes for you in detailed and enhanced graphic posters for you to print and keep close to you. Every person has a history of developed problems, some small and some not so small. Today, on the 1st day of September I want to confirm that all problems are solvable irrespective of what they really are. I know this for a fact because I solved so many problems both personal and public. There will be competitions and opportunities too for you like never before. As a member of Universally Friendly we will all learn to share, care and remain fair. This is the motto of Universally Friendly and will always be. To share is not a difficult task because it is an encoded humane value that we all have. To share is to give liberally to someone or to a group of people something that you have and they do not. To care is equally easy. To care is to show deep concern over the welfare of another human being and to our planet as a whole. It is something that we should do spontaneously, with ardent passion and desire. To be fair is by far the best humane quality that you may inherit. I say inherit because to be fair we need to be showed how to do it. The reason for this is that we are too emotional to be rational. Following by example the men and women that left behind a legacy of good deeds for us to follow is by far the best way forward and the best way to learn. In September I shall hold your hand to victory by inspiring you to reach your goals with ease and with the right keys. Having the right key makes you unlock the right door. There are many, many opportunities out there. You need to determine what you would like to do. Many of us are fearful of this search. I say onto you and verily too, do not fear for GOD is here, right beside you. Do not fear because you have the right to a fruitful career. Do not fear because fear makes you austere. You need to expand your horizons and reach out for the things that you want to do, have or partake in. You have the power to do anything. You just need to broaden your horizon by capturing, gathering and finally peering through the right aperture into your personal vault of happiness. Capturing is about accumulating visions of your dreams into a sequence of streams or actions. You need to capture what is bespoke to your needs. You need to expand your horizon and liven your life. You need to gather relevant information pertinent to your needs. Information is readily available as data in the form of text or images. You need to create a portfolio and this portfolio is the selection of your life in the future.  It depicts your capabilities and abilities and illustrates what you can and will achieve whatever your dreams hold. You then need to open the right door. You need to have the right key that fits the right lock. You need to open that door with confidence and courage. I shall be your locksmith and hand over your personal key to your future on Earth for the duration of your stay. Believe in yourself and you shall believe in your future. My contribution to your success is the vital link to your overall success. What I write is what I do daily. I follow stringently a set of instructions that work. I do not create but just update Laws of The Universe. The Laws of The Universe is as old as The Universe. The Universe is alive and has been for so long, so why not derive my inspiration from it. What you see is what I see. What you read is what I read. What you can do is what I have already done. Dear Friends, become a Universal Friend. In a few days from now I shall provide you with a link to do just that. I wish you a happy month rather than a snappy one. I wish you a joyous month rather than a pointless one. I wish you the best for I believe that you are the best in the faculty of your choice. Go out there and maintain your best, it is as simple as ABC.

I want to be Strongest, Flawless, less Lawless and Honest in August


Project 32

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Welcome to the month of August 2014. Our Mission this month is to become the Strongest, Flawless, lawful and Honest person in August. I stayed up late last night seated perched in my study finding the right solitude to offer gratitude to Almighty GOD for July 2014. I wanted to say farewell to July in a very special way. I wanted to see it pass awake rather than asleep. I wanted to reflect on my performances in July by looking into my diary which accounts for my time, my workload and my performance. I wanted to establish whether I was unselfish, whether I tried hard enough, whether I was charitable enough or pleasant enough. I needed to judge myself by reflection rather than judge others by rejection. Judging myself can only mean one thing – to become a better person. I needed to inspect every task written in my memorandum by scrutinising my performances rather than ignoring it. Judging others is the converse of inspecting my own true character. Finding my true character comes from Correction. Before July ended, around 11:30pm I was already ready to make a corrected start in August. On reflection, inspection and correction four potent words appeared in the vision of my mind-set. These words were Strongest, Flawless, not Lawless and Honest in August. If I wanted to make August a better month for me I need to become resilient by slacking in my emotional content and tracking my promotional content. Let me exemplify, wasted time is non retrievable time and therefore becoming too emotional pulls you back in your day. You need to be promotional about yourself by exercising positivity and marketing your abilities to the outside world. Getting into an in-depth emotional state makes you too sensitive over issues that are pertinent to your success. What comes of tomorrow is what was etched in your day yesterday. Emotional content mars the passages of your time elusively. A golden opportunity that cometh your way has passed you because you were too emotional to take the right action. To make August a better month for me I needed to become immaculate in all that I do. I need to stride for perfection in a pure and pristine way. I needed to become law-abiding rather than lawless. Every movement of my action needed be scrutinised to ensure respectability and decency. Travelling at 31mph in a 30mph zone means I was lawless. Throwing my stub onto the pavement means I was lawless. Spitting, arguing, molesting, stalking, lusting, fighting, abusing, raging, tempting, tailgating, murdering, injuring and deceiving are examples of lawlessness. Quote of the day: ‘Many of us get away with it when we are lawless because no one notices but when you judge yourself you will notice. You will notice that you are lacking in the qualities of being Strong, Flawless, Law Abiding and Honest.’ It is hard to maintain honesty. Sometimes we speak white lies to avoid unpleasant situations. To become a worthy citizen on Earth I need to exercise my sincerity to others. I need to establish a character that is trustworthy. I need to be good, gentle, humble and kind. I need to maintain this personage in order to be worthy to the world. I cannot be dishonest if I have a job to do. My job is enormous and therefore to be accomplished and fulfilled I need to be honest. I have judged myself over a lengthy evening in the hope to make August a better month for me, are you willing to judge yourself too. I wish you a pleasant month in August and I want to encourage you to carry a symbol of Strength, perfection, lawfulness and honesty. With love, fondness, honesty, pureness, dignity, worthiness and sincerity from your friend for life, I wish you well – Anthony

Be in Tune with June 2014


In Tune with June

Will you be in Tune with June? White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Welcome to June 2014. Welcome to a month that embraces the middle of the year. Welcome to a month of opportunities, the real question is can you been in tune with June. The world is bountiful. The world is your oyster. The world is your paradise and the world is your abode. The world opens limitless opportunities not just a few but for all from every city visible in The Universe and to every street that demarcates its borders. Quote do the day: ‘To be in Tune with June is like a melody that sounds chorale and flows with chimes that resonates a fitting time for you. To embrace life you need to be in tune with it, especially in June. You need to strum the right chord and sing in tune with natural flair and constant care.’ I want personally to wish you success in the month of June and I want you to propel your magnificence so that the angels can hear you. I want you to see changes in you and to feel your progress on a linear scale of positivity. I want you to be in Tune with June. Don’t ruin this opportunity that comes once a year. Take positive strides and step into a world of personal stardom. Climb the highest peaks of your career in Tune with the month of June. Fill the air around you with sounds of musical notes. Let your charm be a lever for others to follow. It is a bit like having an orchard of sweetness and fruitfulness around you. The question is how much you can eat even though you ploughed the fields relentlessly. It is a quest to care, share and remain fair. It is about the birds and the bees for without whom the honey, mildew and the pollination shall come to an end. It is about understanding that success is a joint venture ploughed into the sovereign fields of opportunities. As you blossom with a bluish sapphire transparency, your glow will flow and make sunshine when it rains or snows. This is the conquest of making your life in Tune with June. It is about understanding everything that you see. Don’t mock the salamander if they are mythological and live in fire. If they do let it be for they do you no harm. Don’t bark at the rooster that awakens that awakens you after a restless night. The rooster has a job to do and certainly does not interfere with you. Don’t slander the man in the sheepskin coat for he may be cold or is just passing through. Like the salamander, the rooster and the birds and bees this man like all men are so essential in your journey to success. Ladies and Gentlemen, light up the torch that shines knowledge and shows wisdom. Don’t shine the torch on confusion. Make your pledge to find your edge and create that harmonic flow that makes music in the atmosphere of human occupation. Don’t live with discord, contention and jealousy. These are old battlefields that have left the soil poisoned with death, abuse and torture. Live with harmony, be in Tune with June. Like and love the flora, the fauna and the planet as a whole. Hold each grain of sand in the palm of your hand and say that it is only sand and not yours or it is worth x amount. Be in Tune with June, be in tune with the symphony of success that blends a cocktail of harmony and togetherness. Stand amongst all the tallness in the world be it man made or natural and feel equally tall. Drive your message with gentle steps and live on Earth with humbleness. Now your machinery of thought and action is tuned in such a melodic fashion that passers-by will stop and stand in awe. Walk each day from now on with eyes focussed on achievement rather than procrastination. Have mannerism in all your daily chores. Light a candle of visibility so that people know that you are good in your intent. Don’t follow the same old habits in June 2014 but create a channel of new routes that create colour and charm in your daily life. Always remember that GOD loves you. Give equal love in return for the magnificence of our Heavenly Father that watches us each day.