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May is the archway to 2017

Quote of the month

‘May 2017 holds the key to your overall success. It is the archway to inspiration, the causeway to motivation and the doorway to aspiration. It is the expressway to circumvent your inhibitions, it is the entrance way to glory and the passageway to endless opportunities.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Welcome to the first day of May celebrated throughout the world as a Bank Holiday. May holds the key to your success throughout the remaining part of 2017. In the almanac of events, May precedes June. Therefore it enables us to gauge our weaknesses and our strengths too. Our weaknesses can be clearly seen reflected in the alleyway of constant mistakes. Like waste disposal bins littering the sidewalk, our errs in life become our scares in life. What can we do in the remaining months of 2017 as we stand in the Archway of May? We can back away but this will only frustrate us. We can find some leeway and move forward with caution. Sadly, we can as most do become a tearaway sort of person, I don’t recommend that. My recommendation is as follows:

Dear Friends, I want you to stand still in the archway of May and make some important choices, choices that will change your life for the common good. We all err, we all show some signs of a flare, we all sometimes want to dare someone or maybe stare at someone or even scare them. Why do we do it? We do it because we are constantly making mistakes but cannot acknowledge that we do and prefer to blame some else for it. You should not bring your efforts that you already made since the beginning of the year to a halt. You worked hard and bored the traumas of life that awaited you thus far. You are now a month away from midway. It will be June next month. Suddenly your gallant efforts to reduce weight is slowly falling to pieces. Your commitment to consolidate your debts is slowly falling apart. Your relationship is on the brink despite your efforts to make things work out. This is the archway of May that I am referring to. It is an archway that constantly reminds you to persevere. If you have fallen back, I say onto you and verily too, relax and a take a breather. You are now standing at the archway of May. It is an archway of Inspiration, you have my word on that. You need to absorb this inspiration because it will uplift you. As you slowly tread into this hallway of magnificence you will find the causeway to motivation. Some will see it immediately, others will see it later on. Inspiration gives you faith, motivation gives you courage. If you can comprehend this statement then your faith is strong. As you understand the blunders you accrued and the inhibitions that make you want to give up you will want to move on or start again. This decision is the bravest decision you will ever make. As the days pass you more opportunities will await you because your faith is growing stronger. You will see them as you grow and grow and let bygones be bygones. If you are willing to acknowledge your mistakes then you are on the road to recovery. Remember when you err, polarise and turn it into a repair. Let us make this into a memorable quote.

Bonus Quote

‘When you err, polarise it by turning it into a repair. The thoroughfare from an error to a repair is the most memorable road you will ever tread with care.’

The next opportunity is the expressway to circumvent your inhibitions. In this expressway, there are friends to help you make amends.

Bonus Quote

‘At the expressway to circumvent your inhibitions, you will always find friends to help you make amends.’

They will guide you to the entrance way that shows you the glory of your life. When you see this door, you will be reminded of something important.

Previous Quote

‘Start your day with a prayer and end it sincerely with gratitude.’

Now that you got your affairs in order the passageway to endless opportunities resumes. You can end something or start something. You can repair an error with a sense of positivity. You need to maintain your faith and let go of the hate.

Bonus Quote

‘You need to ascend the ladder of success rather than descend liberally down the bladder of failure.’

Bonus Quote

‘Dear Friends, always amend rather than defend. Start by setting a noble trend, by watching how you spend.’

Do the following as well. When a friend helps you to make amends you need to give something in return. Recommend that friend to someone else. Don’t offend that friend because he or she was a godsend. Don’t pretend to be unappreciative, send a word of thanks. So, when things fall to pieces learn to pick up the pieces. May your efforts in May be rewarded with success upon success.



Quote 294

Dream in May, Stream in May, Gleam in May

Quote of the day

‘Dream in May to create workable goals. Stream in May to receive the right tools and gleam in May knowing that you are on the right track.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Welcome to the first day of May 2016, welcome to the start of something different. Welcome to the month of Resistivity, a period to learn how to resist temptation, aggravation and litigation. Now that you have a stack of workable goals let us focus our attention on accomplishing and fulfilling them. Don’t discard unworkable goals, just shelf them and we shall look at them later on. It is all about time management. It is about your understanding of every second of your day. It is about allocating time-slots to specific workloads. It is about understanding your responsibilities. Success is what we want to achieve but we need to achieve them in the right way. We cannot hurt ourselves or anyone else in the process. In May we shall look at detailed accounts of success stories including some of my friends from around the world. May I take this opportunity to thank you for your continued friendship and for your passion and desire to make significant changes to your life. May the month of May be special for you.  If it is your birthday, anniversary or a special day in your life please let me know and I shall prepare and send you a personalised greeting card. May the month of May shine a light to obliterate the darkness in your life by creating new opportunities for you and ending all problems that vexes you. May the month of May give you the power to pursue all your, dreams no matter how trivial they maybe or how complex they really are. May the month of May unite you with your family and friends and let all bitterness that may have existed in the past be eradicated. May the month of May enlighten your heart with new knowledge from the Universe and also to lighten the burden of your pain. May the month of May make you realise how important you really are and that your presence on planet Earth has a valid and valued purpose. May the month of May see the end to feud, bitterness, envy, slander, gossip, hardship, difficulties, ailments and stress. May the month of May open new doors to endless opportunities in life for you and to close old doors that always bring heartache to your soul. May the month of May help you to find joy and happiness like never before. Dear Friends let us work together to make our chosen goals workable and doable. I wish you a very happy month in May 2016.

Don’t dismay in May


Project 273


‘Don’t dismay in May’

Quote of the day

‘Don’t dismay in the month of May 2015, be gay and pray to be okay and to have a good day for the next 30 days. Obey your written instructions every working day and let the weekends be your time to play.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Welcome to May 2015 and farewell to a wonderful month in April where we cultivated positivity from a tiny seed of hope to a flamboyant bed of bloom, spark and added life. . Dear Friends, it is so wonderful to embrace a new month that is so coveted in absolute delight which also follows a fruitful month in April to remain positive. In one sense you could say that you planted the seeds of positivity in April and now it’s time to witness the growth of your success in May. Many a success story will highlight the rigorous approach to their steady growth over painstaking hours of endurance, tolerance and patience. Like a seed that similarly encounters many obstacles along it growth cycle Success for many is like that. You have to have endurance, tolerance and patience before your full bloom is seen. You cannot feel a speckle of dismay in you. You cannot be disappointed with the outcome of yesterday knowing that you have today to improve on any errors that you made. You cannot be stalled in your track by an unforeseen shockwave that come in front of you, you need to preserve wholeheartedly and believe in your principles and ideologies. You cannot fall to pieces at the appearance of consternation which could appear in all shapes and sizes right in front of your very eyes. You cannot feel apprehension over common intimidation or harassment. You cannot panic when your agenda is not fulfilled or accomplished. There is no room for sadness or madness when gladness is a better choice for you. You cannot slumber into a bout of depression if the curtains fall. You have to carry on with the will to continue. You need to remain positive all the way from dawn to dusk, 24/7. You have to, you have time at your side to make amends and alterations to the day ahead and for the rest of your life. I say onto you and verily too, don’t dismay in the month of May 2015, be gay and pray to be okay and to have a good day for the next 30 days. Obey your written instructions every single working day and let the weekends be your time to play. The use of the word play implies in this instance to have fun, to enjoy yourself and to recover from the rigorous workout of the previous working week. Remember exercise the concept of PET, discussed in a previous article. PET stands for Patience, Endurance and Tolerance.

Have your say in May 2014 and be rewarded with a better pay.


May 2014

Have your say in May 2014 and be rewarded with a better pay.

A very warm blessing to you on the start of a new month. Welcome to May, welcome to your home, your live and your ambitions. May the grace of Almighty GOD also be welcomed in your home and may you pray in May with constant renewal. May you find your way in May too so that you may not go astray? May you feel gay in May 2014, in all that you do and to have your say whenever you want to? May you spray your innermost desires and passion with vigour and vibrancy throughout the month of May? May you find your ideal pay in May and to make sure that you do not stray across the threshold of your monthly budget? May your bay of solitude, rectitude and attitude in May flow rhythmically so that your goal searching and goal achieving is fulfilled. May you not stray in flay of constant criticism in May to a point where you shall always be noticed and left unnoticed. May you not fall prey in May to a constant barrage of telesales, counter sales and spring sales? May everyday of May become enlighten for you thrusting you forward into victory and fortune. May you weigh your efforts in May as well as deciphering the purposeful deeds from the less purposeful ones? May you also find the time to play in May to make sure that your life is more refined, refreshed and rewarding? May you have a good day today on the 1st day of May 2014 and to convey and display your character and personality in the right way? May you obey the Laws of The Universe in May 2014 such as love your fellowman and woman with all your heart? May you not be in dismay in May 2014 over issues that are often trivial and banal? Quote of the day: Welcome to May 2014. Welcome to a 31 day journey of better pay, say and display. Better pay denotes a better day and a better lifestyle. Better say denotes your needs and displays your ability to achieve them.’ Dear Friends with your help we can achieve any goal that you have tucked away in your mind. We can unleash them so that they become visible, tangible and enjoyable. Consider your circumstances at this precise moment. Is there room for a better lifestyle? This question constitutes your 1st goal searching idea. Now we need to collectively work together to achieve them. This is how we shall spend the next 30 days with the earnest desire to make an earnest change. This shall be our pledge. With cutting edge technology I shall help transform your life into one of majestic proportions. Go out into the world and taste the opportunities that look at you in the eyes. Pick something that you like and feel the desire to do. Build your goal searching to a pedigree level, where knowledge is gained from a lineage of masterful men and women that have passed on. You can do it. Don’t just be inspired, start to perspire daily and become admired for the good that you have done in May 2014.