Don’t make the month of February – Feb-bleary



Don’t make the month of February, Feb-bleary! To be bleary is the common path that we all take because we expend our energy reserves incorrectly. Firstly we consume foods incorrectly and therefore cannot take potential energy and unleash it into kinetic energy. By eating the wrong foods we create mood swings within ourselves. Culprit foods are oils, fats and carbohydrates. These are vital food requirements but moderation is the key to success. Eat correctly but also eat moderately. Consider your foods for the past 24 hours? How did it make you feel after you ate them? Certain foods do make you bloat. Certain foods cause flatulence, indigestion, heartburn, vomiting, cramps, itching, headaches, sleepiness, diarrhoea or constipation. You need energy and therefore you need it from the right source. Good energy yields good results, your potential source of potential energy. Poor foods will make you procrastinate, lazy, lethargic and unwilling to commit. You can quite easily tell whether your energy levels are right or wrong. 1st Quote of the month of February: ‘Success is a form of work. To perform work you need energy. However without the right reserves of potential energy you will certainly not have the ability to succeed.’ You will procrastinate and when the end of February arrives you shall feel Feb-bleary! Stick to a protocol, abide by the law and start believing in yourself. 2nd Quote of the month of February: ‘Success in life comes at a price and that price is made up of endurance, forbearance, acceptance, tolerance and avoidance.’ Endurance caters for the adversities in life, perhaps the recession or depression that came your way and put all your goals on hold. Forbearance is the act of holding oneself from the talons of temptation. If you are on a diet you simply learn to do without. Acceptance is the unique quality of an individual to accept right from wrong, good from bad, laziness from hardiness and belief from disbelief. Tolerance is the capacity of an individual to accept hardships when the plug is pulled and to endure the consequences that follows. Avoidance is the practice of engaging in effortless bouts of confrontations, arguments, disagreement and demeanour amongst people.  Do you want to succeed? If so you need to stick to a protocol. You need to abide by the laws of your country and the Universe. More importantly you need to believe in yourself. Follow me daily for free resources on getting your life on the right track.


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