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May is the archway to 2017

Quote of the month

‘May 2017 holds the key to your overall success. It is the archway to inspiration, the causeway to motivation and the doorway to aspiration. It is the expressway to circumvent your inhibitions, it is the entrance way to glory and the passageway to endless opportunities.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Welcome to the first day of May celebrated throughout the world as a Bank Holiday. May holds the key to your success throughout the remaining part of 2017. In the almanac of events, May precedes June. Therefore it enables us to gauge our weaknesses and our strengths too. Our weaknesses can be clearly seen reflected in the alleyway of constant mistakes. Like waste disposal bins littering the sidewalk, our errs in life become our scares in life. What can we do in the remaining months of 2017 as we stand in the Archway of May? We can back away but this will only frustrate us. We can find some leeway and move forward with caution. Sadly, we can as most do become a tearaway sort of person, I don’t recommend that. My recommendation is as follows:

Dear Friends, I want you to stand still in the archway of May and make some important choices, choices that will change your life for the common good. We all err, we all show some signs of a flare, we all sometimes want to dare someone or maybe stare at someone or even scare them. Why do we do it? We do it because we are constantly making mistakes but cannot acknowledge that we do and prefer to blame some else for it. You should not bring your efforts that you already made since the beginning of the year to a halt. You worked hard and bored the traumas of life that awaited you thus far. You are now a month away from midway. It will be June next month. Suddenly your gallant efforts to reduce weight is slowly falling to pieces. Your commitment to consolidate your debts is slowly falling apart. Your relationship is on the brink despite your efforts to make things work out. This is the archway of May that I am referring to. It is an archway that constantly reminds you to persevere. If you have fallen back, I say onto you and verily too, relax and a take a breather. You are now standing at the archway of May. It is an archway of Inspiration, you have my word on that. You need to absorb this inspiration because it will uplift you. As you slowly tread into this hallway of magnificence you will find the causeway to motivation. Some will see it immediately, others will see it later on. Inspiration gives you faith, motivation gives you courage. If you can comprehend this statement then your faith is strong. As you understand the blunders you accrued and the inhibitions that make you want to give up you will want to move on or start again. This decision is the bravest decision you will ever make. As the days pass you more opportunities will await you because your faith is growing stronger. You will see them as you grow and grow and let bygones be bygones. If you are willing to acknowledge your mistakes then you are on the road to recovery. Remember when you err, polarise and turn it into a repair. Let us make this into a memorable quote.

Bonus Quote

‘When you err, polarise it by turning it into a repair. The thoroughfare from an error to a repair is the most memorable road you will ever tread with care.’

The next opportunity is the expressway to circumvent your inhibitions. In this expressway, there are friends to help you make amends.

Bonus Quote

‘At the expressway to circumvent your inhibitions, you will always find friends to help you make amends.’

They will guide you to the entrance way that shows you the glory of your life. When you see this door, you will be reminded of something important.

Previous Quote

‘Start your day with a prayer and end it sincerely with gratitude.’

Now that you got your affairs in order the passageway to endless opportunities resumes. You can end something or start something. You can repair an error with a sense of positivity. You need to maintain your faith and let go of the hate.

Bonus Quote

‘You need to ascend the ladder of success rather than descend liberally down the bladder of failure.’

Bonus Quote

‘Dear Friends, always amend rather than defend. Start by setting a noble trend, by watching how you spend.’

Do the following as well. When a friend helps you to make amends you need to give something in return. Recommend that friend to someone else. Don’t offend that friend because he or she was a godsend. Don’t pretend to be unappreciative, send a word of thanks. So, when things fall to pieces learn to pick up the pieces. May your efforts in May be rewarded with success upon success.


Have no fear, it’s a New Year



Quote of the day

‘Have no fear in your heart, for it’s a New Year that appears on the horizon of hope. Shed no tear for 2017 will pave a clear path for you. I am here to help you to steer away from unforeseen danger and I will appear at the dawn of your day guiding you with inspiration from the bottom of my heart.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Welcome to 2017. Welcome to a New Year of hope and opportunities. Welcome to a beginning of a new era without the terror of failing but the pleasure of succeeding. My promise to you is to provide you with the constant flow of inspiration to your door through various means bespoke to your preference. To overcome your fear of failure you need to have a new vision of hope. Hope Is written in the stars glittering across the horizon to touch your heart. You just need to believe in yourself and you need to believe in Almighty GOD. This is a prerequisite. First, you need HOPE founded by FAITH. If you start the New Year with these two fundamental requisites your journey into 2017 will be a lot easier. HOPE and FAITH are like Fuel and Coolant to a car. Can you make the journey by car without fuel or water? Likewise, you cannot make the journey to success without Hope and Faith. Secondly, you need a constant flow of inspiration. Inspiration is like fire in the chambers of a car engine. As the spark plugs ignite the fuel there is timed combustion which causes the pistons to move up and down. Without the spark, there will be no movement. You need Inspiration to keep your passion and desire at a constant level. The third requirement to success follows a series of instructions that has previously worked. You cannot reinvent the wheel but you can certainly tweak it to suit your circumstances. Similarly, you cannot reinvent the rules to success. These rules were laid down aeons ago as far back as The Garden of Eden. Over the millenniums these rules were tweaked to suit changing circumstances. I followed a series of instructions 22 years which I carefully wrote down word for word. These instructions became a blueprint to my overall success and I call it The Modern-Day Trilogy. Why you may well ask? I called it The Modern-Day Trilogy because I tweaked the instructions to suit my circumstances. These 3 voluminous books have been sold and distributed throughout the world. Today I urge you to get a copy if you want to see changes in 2017. If you are struggling to purchase a copy of The Modern-Day Trilogy, please send me a private message and I will send you a copy for free. It is my prime motivation to make available a copy of this amazing compilation to all householders on planet Earth. If it helped me, I am quite certain that it will help you. 2017 is made up of 365 valuable days and each day consists of 86,400 seconds. I want you to value your time on Earth and to make every second of your day count. I want you to love your life and to live your life. If you are faced with a dilemma there is a solution. Don’t fear for it is a New Year. I wish you a very happy New Year from the bottom of my heart. May every second of your year be filled with accomplishment and fulfilment. May your passion and desire grow and grow to unprecedented levels. Thank you once again for being my eternal friend. I will be by your side daily guiding you to act in the best possible way.

April 2016, is the month for Activity


April 2016, is the month for Activity

Quote of the day

‘April 2016, is deemed the month of pronounced Activity. It is the quality of being active driven by AIR. Yes, AIR the formulated balance of Aspiration, Inspiration and Reason. Aspiration is a muster of collective goals bespoke to your current needs. Inspiration is the stimulus needed to get you started. Reason is the thought process linked to altruism, good intention and good judgement. Without AIR you shall never be fair. With AIR you will soon develop a constant flair that stands out like a flare for others to see and marvel at.’

Quote 253

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Thank you sincerely for joining me today in welcoming a new month to our divine and holy life. A life that makes us want to serve Almighty GOD fairly and justly and a life that makes us responsible custodians of our domain. April 2016 is indeed 30 days of activity, activity that should transform our lives into a wonder, a splendour and a great grandeur. April 2016 is the start to Spring and as we Spring into action let us be fully contented with our end result. Activity is a state of being constantly mobile, to show the genuine interest in something or a group of things and to pursue our dreams. Our state of activity must be good, otherwise our efforts will be relentless. Time is our most precious gift therefore whatever we attempt to do we need to do it well. We need to tread carefully on the foothills of fertility without harming a single gentle sprout. We need to be considerate and moderate in ALL that we do from A – Z. There should be no compromise in setting good standards. We need to be humane to the core and humane in our actions. As our mind fuses with our actions the world will see us as gentle people. We need AIR to breathe and as we breathe we need to constantly inhale goodness and exhale badness. We need a special consortium of AIR too. Like Air in the atmosphere made up of primary gases vital to life we need a similar amalgamation. The AIR I am referring to is Aspiration, Inspiration and Reason. Aspiration is a muster of collective goals bespoke to your current needs. Aspiration starts from your heart. Your eyes can see but your heart feels. Your ears can hear but your soul contemplates. Your mind can record images, data, video and the history of life but your sub-conscious mind creates your needs. Therefore, I say onto you and verily too, when your sub-conscious mind awakens you to do well you will then know that your heart, your mind and your soul collaborated to create a need or a golden goal. Sometimes we end up with more than one goal. A cluster of goals is not harmful but certainly useful. Once decided, once sampled, once tasted and once indulged we can take the next step and that is seek Inspiration. Inspiration is generally a divine influence on you where streams of positive energy comes rushing through your front door. A secondary source such as a Spiritual Master or a Mentor works equally well. Finding that source can be hard and also misleading. If you are happy with my approach, then stick with it. Inspiration must come to you daily. It must be fresh and current. Finally, Dear Friends you really do need Reason. Reasoning is a thought process which is based on good judgement. Having a goal, a task or an agenda is of little value if you cannot attach Reason to it. Reasoning makes you execute something without selfishness. Reasoning is a resonance of your heart, your mind and your soul. If all three resonant in harmony, then your thoughts and actions are swift and logical. Do you need AIR? Yes, you do. Like AIR that is vital to breathe, to live and to serve we need AIR to perform our tasks, goals and daily agendas. This is Inspiration at its best. This is Inspiration from above. Success in life is only possible if there is harmony in your thoughts and actions. If you cannot Reason with something that you are about to do, then don’t do it. If you have already done it, then rectify it. Have a wonderful and successful month of Activity in April. Do keep in touch daily to ensure a smooth flow of AIR reaches you.

Extraordinary February


Quote 189

Extraordinary February

Quote of the day

‘The river of inspiration flows constantly from its source to its mouth. In its meandering journey across the undulating surface of the Earth it gives life to life itself. Like a new month there is a new beginning for us all too. February is an extraordinary month because from the source of inspiration comes a deluge of positive energy giving new life to you.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Welcome to the 1st day of February 2016, welcome to a journey of positive inspiration. It was indeed sad to see January fade away into the horizon. It was like saying goodbye to a prominent event in the calendar of our existence. January opened the doors to opportunities in 2016. February now opens the atmosphere of positivity, enabling you to move on like a river downstream. As the eddy currents of a river agitates the soil beneath February brings the positive vibes needed to agitate the enthusiasm in you. We know what we want? We know the difference between right and wrong. We have the tools at our disposal. Now we need that positivity. Let the month of February 2016 do just that. You need positive energy like a seed that needs oxygen, moisture and warmth to sprout. Our goals are like seeds. Until the right conditions are met our goals like seeds will remain dormant. To create the stimulus to grow we need inspiration. To catch inspiration, you need to be like the early bird, chirpy and in good spirits. Getting up to the sound of negation toughens your goals. Like a toughened seed case it builds frustration inside you and strangulation on the outside. Today I want you to initiate the psychological switch in you by grasping onto Inspiration from the rich February supply of positivity. You need to get up and feel it before you can do anything else. January started like melting glaciers on the foothills of the Himalayas. It was slow but pure. It was like the beginning of time where you realised that you wanted to do something real and something positive. During the 31 days of January I enlightened you to take firm action with stimulating articles, Quotes and videos and access to bespoke materials. In February the flow of the rivers is stronger and the energy of positivity is increasing significantly. Like turbines in a dam that are able to rotate faster due to the surge of water you need to capture the power of Inspiration with equal dynamism. Therefore, you need to get up and be drenched like never before. You need to open the window to acknowledgement and let the power of inspiration touch your heart. Once the connection is made head for the bathroom to relieve yourself and cleanse your body in the appropriate way. Then start your day with a prayer making sure the connection to the heavens above is done with clarity and vivacity.  You have been drenched with the flow of inspiration so let your prayers be drenched with feelings, love and passion. If time permits partake in some exercises. In due course I will give you access to some incredible exercise workouts to suit you. Now head for the breakfast nook and create a spread of early morning nutrition. Cast aside the greasy, fatty and unhealthy foods and bring on the goodness of life through a sequential process of ingestion, digestion and assimilation. Eat well ensuring that your early morning intake is enriched with vitamins, minerals and the right amounts of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Always remember what is right will always seem unusual, difficult, tasteless and loathsome for the first time. However, if you turn on your psychological switch it is actually extraordinary, inspiring, tasty and delightful to be righteous. Follow these simple steps and your desire will be on fire each day. Try to flow with consistency throughout your day. Seek accomplishment and fulfilment in all your daily tasks. Work steadily during the week and reward yourself with a personalised weekend. Ensure that your Inspiration is a daily prescription to be taken in the morning preferably with a mug of hot water and a hint of lemon. By the end of Extraordinary February, you will feel extraordinary. You will see the buds on your golden goals open into a blossom of reality. You will see a pattern of life like never before where the meaning of life becomes written in the clouds. You will see light at the end of the tunnel and you will see a passage of righteousness at the end of your day where an angel stands before you. It all started with a psychological switch that you activated in your mind. A switch that turned darkness into light. A switch that created a purpose for you that you can live for. A switch that carries a flame of hope for you and your wonderful family. A switch that creates better friends for you from coast to coast. A switch that eliminates enemies that often vex your day, your life and your comfort. A switch that brings laughter to your front door. A switch that makes you a fully-fledged citizen of planet Earth. A switch that grants you full Universal status to journey along the vastness of the cosmos. A switch that grants you full privileges of the Heavens above. A switch that makes you turn dreams into reality. Thank you for finding the time in your day to seek this flow of inspiration. Let us embrace February with warmth and love. To the next 333 days I salute you, let us make all our personal dreams come true. It can be done, I am living proof of that. Always ensure that you read my blogs at either www.universallyfriendly.com or www.inspirationalgalleries.blogspot.co.uk

Remember it’s December – Remember it’s a month of LEADERSHIP


Quote 126

Remember it’s December – Remember it’s a month of LEADERSHIP

Quote of the day

‘Remember in December to take 31 days and create 365 days of noted change in your life, a lifetime of joy and happiness that permeates the air above you and a legacy of good deeds for others to follow with your own personal trademark. To achieve this you need LEADERSHIP’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! A festive welcome to the month of December 2015. Our theme for this month is called ‘Remember its December. It is an important month because we are going to gain LEADERSHIP in all our activities from now on. LEADERSHIP is about the mastery of management and in our case scenario we need to focus on the management of our Time, our Life and of our Finances. Keep these three important aspects of our lives in check and you have the making of a successful individual. To emphasis this point we shall use the word LEADERSHIP as an acronym to create a methodology to enhance our personal psychology. My definition of Personal Psychology is to create a lifetime of happiness and joy from within. Happiness and Joy must always be and should always be at the forefront of our existence. Take these two vital qualities away and you take away a life worthy of 100 years. LEADERSHIP is an excellent acronym to use as conjures up 10 useful words. These 10 words are: LONGEVITY, ETERNITY, AFFLUENCE, DIET, EXERCISE, RULES, SUCCESS, HAPPINESS, INSPIRATION and POSITIVITY. Before we talk about these 10 useful words we need to understand the importance of setting goals. Goals could be minute or they could be mammoth. Whatever size they are goals are designed to make substantial changes for an individual. We are not in a competition but rather in a noted transition. This transition revolves around a substantial ambition and that ambition is to live an honourable life on planet Earth which is immersed in a daily aura of Happiness and Joy. Time is moving rapidly and before you know it I will be wishing you a Happy New Year. Before I do that I need to build on your creativity by making your dreams turn into workable and golden goals. By the end of this month you must have a cluster of written goals and of course, the tools and the mechanism to make them come true. This commitment will create a significant change in your life for 365 days, it will also create a lifetime of constant happiness and joy. Would you trade in such a reward for anything else? I experienced change since November 1994. I would not trade such as change for anything else. On a scale of 0 -100, I would say my Happiness and Joy peaks above 95 every single day. I want the same to happen to you too. Remember in December is a program of 31 illustrious days of coordinated instructions for you to follow and implement. It starts from nothing and it develops into something. It fills a blank canvas with a masterpiece depicting your future. Your future is unique because you are unique. You are and will be a LEADER in your field. Today I want you to earnestly believe in your uniqueness and what you can do to make a significant change to your life. Let us now expand on these 10 useful words: LONGEVITY, ETERNITY, AFFLUENCE, DIET, EXERCISE, RULES, SUCCESS, HAPPINESS and INSPIRATION. Longevity is an inbuilt programmed concept to live a physical life of 100 years which is purposeful, eventful and unselfish. Eternity is about our existence beyond the realm of our physical existence. It is an account of our life in different dimensions and in different time zones. Affluence is the Science of living in comfort, and more notably without pain and without unselfish gain. Diet is a word that I do not necessarily like because it conjures up a vision of people eating only a selected range of foods. Diet to me is a process of eating intelligently and eating according to your workloads. Exercise is the necessity of an individual to help maintain a sturdy figure and to keep muscles toned and healthy. Rules are for the making and consists of a series of carefully orchestrated instructions that have been laid down for us to follow from the beginning of time. Success is our mainstream conduit to overcome stress. Stress is a killer, Success is a countermeasure. Happiness is the fountain of youthfulness, it annuls the forbidden zone of sadness. INSPIRATION is the breath of life. It intoxicates you with the constant desire and passion to make dreams come true. Finally POSITIVITY is the highlight, limelight, starlight, sunlight, bright light and delight that ignites you during daylight and during your nightlight. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls these 10 words are like tools to an artesian, melodies to a musician, circuitry to a technician, makeup to a beautician, figures to a mathematician, wiring to an electrician and words to a composition. I want to take 10 days in December with your permission of course to expand on these 10 most useful words. I think it is relevant to your overall Success. I wish you everything of the best as you close the curtains to your adventurous 2015 and open the doors in 30 days to 365 glorious days in 2016.

Become a Member in September


Quote 36

Become a Member in September

Quote of the day

‘Every human being has the right to live their dreams fairly and unselfishly. They have to expand the horizon of their limitations. They need to capture, they need to gather and they need to peer into a special aperture of opportunities that is bespoke to their needs.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! A special and cordial welcome to you on a spectacular month in September 2015. In September 2015 I want you to become a fully-fledged member of Universally Friendly. To this all you need to do is to sign up for my free newsletter and benefit from ALL the inspirational content that I have created in the past 20 years. There will be bespoke Quotes for you in detailed and enhanced graphic posters for you to print and keep close to you. Every person has a history of developed problems, some small and some not so small. Today, on the 1st day of September I want to confirm that all problems are solvable irrespective of what they really are. I know this for a fact because I solved so many problems both personal and public. There will be competitions and opportunities too for you like never before. As a member of Universally Friendly we will all learn to share, care and remain fair. This is the motto of Universally Friendly and will always be. To share is not a difficult task because it is an encoded humane value that we all have. To share is to give liberally to someone or to a group of people something that you have and they do not. To care is equally easy. To care is to show deep concern over the welfare of another human being and to our planet as a whole. It is something that we should do spontaneously, with ardent passion and desire. To be fair is by far the best humane quality that you may inherit. I say inherit because to be fair we need to be showed how to do it. The reason for this is that we are too emotional to be rational. Following by example the men and women that left behind a legacy of good deeds for us to follow is by far the best way forward and the best way to learn. In September I shall hold your hand to victory by inspiring you to reach your goals with ease and with the right keys. Having the right key makes you unlock the right door. There are many, many opportunities out there. You need to determine what you would like to do. Many of us are fearful of this search. I say onto you and verily too, do not fear for GOD is here, right beside you. Do not fear because you have the right to a fruitful career. Do not fear because fear makes you austere. You need to expand your horizons and reach out for the things that you want to do, have or partake in. You have the power to do anything. You just need to broaden your horizon by capturing, gathering and finally peering through the right aperture into your personal vault of happiness. Capturing is about accumulating visions of your dreams into a sequence of streams or actions. You need to capture what is bespoke to your needs. You need to expand your horizon and liven your life. You need to gather relevant information pertinent to your needs. Information is readily available as data in the form of text or images. You need to create a portfolio and this portfolio is the selection of your life in the future.  It depicts your capabilities and abilities and illustrates what you can and will achieve whatever your dreams hold. You then need to open the right door. You need to have the right key that fits the right lock. You need to open that door with confidence and courage. I shall be your locksmith and hand over your personal key to your future on Earth for the duration of your stay. Believe in yourself and you shall believe in your future. My contribution to your success is the vital link to your overall success. What I write is what I do daily. I follow stringently a set of instructions that work. I do not create but just update Laws of The Universe. The Laws of The Universe is as old as The Universe. The Universe is alive and has been for so long, so why not derive my inspiration from it. What you see is what I see. What you read is what I read. What you can do is what I have already done. Dear Friends, become a Universal Friend. In a few days from now I shall provide you with a link to do just that. I wish you a happy month rather than a snappy one. I wish you a joyous month rather than a pointless one. I wish you the best for I believe that you are the best in the faculty of your choice. Go out there and maintain your best, it is as simple as ABC.

March into March 2014


March into March 2014

Good morning to you Dear Friends and Good Day to you if you are in the Eastern Hemisphere. I wish you a tumultuous start to a new and riveting day where actions lead to reactions. Quote of the day: ‘Good actions yield perfect reactions. Unplanned actions give a distorted reaction which could be good or bad but generally end up unacceptable.’ Let us march into March with a planned agenda. Today is the perfect day because you are in charge. Aerate your agenda with a list of tasks manageable by your capabilities. By this I mean do as you please. I said unequivocally that we need to TRAIN. To train we often get to refrain from unacceptable results. To TRAIN gives us the moral boost to make our day acceptable with a barrage of good and positive results. TRAIN stands for Transpiration, Respiration, Aspiration, Inspiration and finally Neutralisation. Transpiration shows that you have worked up a vigorous bout of solid work, perspiring to the core and transpiring on the surface. Without a work schedule bespoke to your circumstances reactions will not be good and satisfactory. Respiration is all about aerating your blood to be enriched with sufficient levels of oxygen to take on the might of an agenda. Breathe in by constantly saying I shall do well today and exhale by saying I shall reject negativity at all times. Aspiration is your personal guide to a wholesome day, a wholesome week and a wholesome month. You have a total of 2 million, 678 thousand and 400 seconds at your disposal this month. Are you going to use it wisely and unselfishly? Be aspired to do so. Create and then eradicate. Create a list of chores the day before and wake up to eradicate them forcibly. An asserted force generated by correct Respiration will yield a workload that will move mountains! Be inspired. Latch on to a good Mentor that inspires you daily. If I fit the bill follow me daily till the end of time and get it right as I did. Now get ready to brush away those negative feelings. TRAIN, TRAIN and TRAIN for you shall take away the constant strain that refrains you from success. Neutralisation says it all. Neutralisation is innovation at its best. Neutralisation crushes negativity. Neutralisation counteracts negation. We will expand on these words in greater detail as we march in the month of March. Have a wonderful weekend, a wonderful month and a wonderful life. You deserve it don’t think otherwise.