The Wonders of the world


When you feel down, under the weather, bereaved, in financial distress, neglected, abused, confused, ignored, bullied or just anxious with life I want to you to watch this video as an aperture to hope when hope is no longer there. I want you to watch this video when there is loneliness and when friendship is a lost word. I want you to watch this video when tears fall and when crying is a beckoned call. The world is your oyster and the pearl is your treasure. You are in charge of the world and therefore the world is your oyster. You are rewarded for your efforts and therefore the pearl is your treasure. So, when others make you feel hopeless, lonely, in tears and anxious, let that not disengage you from your real duty and that is the celebrated role as guardian of the world no matter where you live, who you are or how old you may well be. Don’t let others judge you but instead judge yourself, did you do well enough to take hold of your treasure. In the penance of your trials and tribulations GOD does watch over you but leaves you to do best in the capabilities that HE had already bestowed upon you. GAZE into the wonders of the world and be AMAZED for GOD has made ALL, from atoms to molecules, from compounds to solid rock, from living creatures to non living matter, from the galaxies of heaven to the Universe itself. Stop wondering about yourself but instead wonder over the world!


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    • Thank you ever so much for enjoying my article, it is unduly appreciated. I wish you everything of the best in ALL that you do and may the wonders of Australia attract more and more tourists each year.

      Kind regards

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