Appreciate Life


Do enjoy this video in the hope that an aperture of possible resolve can be found in ALL the pain and sorrow that you may hold within you. Try to appreciate life. Life in all its glory is a great grandeur, so when you awake each day do appreciate life, by living it and enjoying it. Strap your saddle firmly into every decision that you make and mount onto a decision that you are happy with and then gallop into the foothills of enjoyment knowing that life is the way you made it and appreciated it. Look around you and see clearly the essence of life, the beauty of the flora and the diversity of the fauna, marvel at The Creation, share equally and give generously, then look back and see if others have followed you. Waste not, haste not and caste not, This then concludes a day in your life, for all the pain that you gained shall slip away like the rain on the plains.


About Universally Friendly

My name is Anthony, I am the founder of Universally Friendly, a circle of friends around the world that care, share and remain fair. I am the author of The Modern Day Trilogy. A set of books aimed to change your perspective to life and to bring home the happiness that you so deserve.

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