A Message for YOU, for HIM, for HER, for THEM and finally to the WORLD

Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting my blog today and as you pace the obvious keys on your QWERTY keyboard there is a hope for me that you might read and grasp the message that I say. I say this message in the hope that you will one day become my friend. For Friendship is the bond to everlasting Happiness. Friendship brings a smile when smiles are most needed. Friendship develops trust when trust no longer exists. Friendship unites people of ALL walks of live where division has taken so many lives. Friendship offers love and understanding amongst the chaos of Hate and misconception. Friendship brings life onto this world where life could not possibly exist. Friendship is charitable and develops hope to poverty, destitution and hunger. Friendship is not confined to certain groups for Friendship is Universal. My message simply is: ‘I want to start a chain friendship around the world and to form a bond of Universal Happiness’. It is a huge and seemingly impossible endeavour but it is something that is long overdue.

To the realm of Happiness that Friendship offers I bid you well on your journey today and when you return home I know that you will develop friendship as a language that invokes a smile, trust, unison. love, understanding, life, charity and hope.

Take care,



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