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Have no fear, it’s a New Year



Quote of the day

‘Have no fear in your heart, for it’s a New Year that appears on the horizon of hope. Shed no tear for 2017 will pave a clear path for you. I am here to help you to steer away from unforeseen danger and I will appear at the dawn of your day guiding you with inspiration from the bottom of my heart.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Welcome to 2017. Welcome to a New Year of hope and opportunities. Welcome to a beginning of a new era without the terror of failing but the pleasure of succeeding. My promise to you is to provide you with the constant flow of inspiration to your door through various means bespoke to your preference. To overcome your fear of failure you need to have a new vision of hope. Hope Is written in the stars glittering across the horizon to touch your heart. You just need to believe in yourself and you need to believe in Almighty GOD. This is a prerequisite. First, you need HOPE founded by FAITH. If you start the New Year with these two fundamental requisites your journey into 2017 will be a lot easier. HOPE and FAITH are like Fuel and Coolant to a car. Can you make the journey by car without fuel or water? Likewise, you cannot make the journey to success without Hope and Faith. Secondly, you need a constant flow of inspiration. Inspiration is like fire in the chambers of a car engine. As the spark plugs ignite the fuel there is timed combustion which causes the pistons to move up and down. Without the spark, there will be no movement. You need Inspiration to keep your passion and desire at a constant level. The third requirement to success follows a series of instructions that has previously worked. You cannot reinvent the wheel but you can certainly tweak it to suit your circumstances. Similarly, you cannot reinvent the rules to success. These rules were laid down aeons ago as far back as The Garden of Eden. Over the millenniums these rules were tweaked to suit changing circumstances. I followed a series of instructions 22 years which I carefully wrote down word for word. These instructions became a blueprint to my overall success and I call it The Modern-Day Trilogy. Why you may well ask? I called it The Modern-Day Trilogy because I tweaked the instructions to suit my circumstances. These 3 voluminous books have been sold and distributed throughout the world. Today I urge you to get a copy if you want to see changes in 2017. If you are struggling to purchase a copy of The Modern-Day Trilogy, please send me a private message and I will send you a copy for free. It is my prime motivation to make available a copy of this amazing compilation to all householders on planet Earth. If it helped me, I am quite certain that it will help you. 2017 is made up of 365 valuable days and each day consists of 86,400 seconds. I want you to value your time on Earth and to make every second of your day count. I want you to love your life and to live your life. If you are faced with a dilemma there is a solution. Don’t fear for it is a New Year. I wish you a very happy New Year from the bottom of my heart. May every second of your year be filled with accomplishment and fulfilment. May your passion and desire grow and grow to unprecedented levels. Thank you once again for being my eternal friend. I will be by your side daily guiding you to act in the best possible way.


‘December is here, December is a time to endear and December is a time to hear.’


Project 131

‘December is here, December is a time to endear and December is a time to hear.’

Quote of the day

‘As I walk into a kingdom of magic I know that there is hope for me. The month of December is like a door that closes bitter memories and opens better ones. From the 1st to the 31st I shall treasure this passage as I journey into a kingdom of awe, wonder and magic.’

December is such a wonderful month separating an old year from a new one. December is a magical month too and celebrates the birth of our Lord. December is miraculous month astounding the world with miracles and hope. December is here but unlike a magical rabbit from a hat December is here to bring joy to the children and laughter to the household. December is a time to endear and to praise our Heavenly Father for our greatest gift on Earth, his only Son, in Jesus Christ our Lord. December is a time to hear. It is a time to hear your heart pour out its true feelings and urgencies so that you may take action in resolving any issues that you may have. It is a time also to hear others as well, to listen to their grief, their brief and their long awaited relief from their own personal trials and tribulations on Earth. December is also a time to hear the word of GOD and to acknowledge His presence. Without December life can be like a candle, flickering in the gentle wind and finally extinguishing into the darkness that beckons us all. The month of December must be likened to a mystical journey starting on the 1st and ending on the 31st. This journey shall start like this: As I walk into a kingdom of magic I know that there is hope for me. The month of December is like a door that closes bitter memories and opens better ones. From the 1st to the 31st I shall treasure this passage as I journey into a kingdom of awe, wonder and magic. December is definitely a highlighted journey of spirituality and morality. You can feel it in the air. It is a time for blessing, for resting and for celebrating. It is a journey that lasts for 31 days but makes an impact on the rest of your life. December brings hope to all. December is also a month to remember. We remember the birth of our Lord and we remember to offer praise. Praise comes through by celebration. Celebration is festive and brings people together and strengthens bonds. Let us holds hands together in December and start the New Year with a kilo of love and a milligram of hate. Let us cultivate hope together and make December a month to always remember. Let us treasure our gifts on Earth and let us give warmth and a hug to the person beside us. Let us light a candle so that its glow can be seen far beyond the ionosphere. Let us gather our thoughts and strengthen our bonds. Let us do things that will make 2015 a better year for all. The month of December is like a beacon that shows the end of the year has come. The greenery is taken away from the landscape and the mountains are capped in snow. The lakes are cold and the bears start their hibernation. The clouds are dark and the rains are torrid. All of these things will happen in order to cleanse the way for a New Year. As the cycle renews so do you, to start fresh on the crisp sound of a New Year. Go forth and break old barriers that inhibit you and take on new challenges that exhibits your desire to change the outlook of your life and the outlook of the world.

May the month of May 2012 bring new hope and a new vision in your life


I am so pleased to follow and to be followed in the media of social networking. It gives me the greatest of pleasure to know that judging from the many responses that I receive that you are seeing a new dimension to life and that with a little effort from your side change will happen for you in the year 2012. Its not too late to start and neither is it too late to create an emblem of your passions and desires that  will make your centennial life on Earth worthy and filled with the spirit to serve thy GOD. I hope you would have managed to follow me on Twitter as each daily tweets cognate into a series of useful instructions to help get you started on a rugged road ahead.  I feel very passionate about what I do. Getting up early each morning is not a strenous ritual for me, I awake knowing that each step that I take in the next 17 hours of work is important and when others are perhaps dependent on me I feel a strong sense of responsibility.

To ensure that you could feel confident about my intentions I put forward a simple roadmap of Universally Friendly for the rest of the year. Use this service on a hop-on, hop-off basis. In other words if you feel that you need reassurance, assistance, motivation, inspiration or any form of help hop-on to one or all of the following events in our calendar year and snatch the opportunity that will benefit you. If you need one on one assistance then you must consider becoming either a Silver, Golden or Platinum Member. Until the 18th of May 2012 there are special bonuses for you to take advantages of. Wherever possible I offer my services for free. However in the climax of a lifelong member of Universally Friendly then a one-off fee is payable to cover administration, upgrades, offers and support. This is a minimal fee and you will recoup in no time.

Here is our roadmap for the rest of the year:

  • May 2012 – Launch of JiP or Jaguar International Publications. Here you may purchase if required The Modern Day trilogy in a DVD format, The Modern Day Trilogy in a memory stick format, Motivational Picture Frames, Stationery, Diaries and other reading materials.
  • June 2012 – Universally Friendly will be moving to larger premises, details of which will be posted to you. Here you may choose to visit the store and make your purchases in person.
  • July 2012 sees the launch of our monthly Webinars for ALL Universally Friendly Friends and Visitors, to assist you in making your life on Earth peaceful, productive and Happy.
  • July 2012 – Edition 2 of The Modern Day Trilogy in a book format will be launched.
  • August 2012 – Universally Friendly is proud to launch Virtual Shop online whereupon you may browse though an array of useful products made by Universal Friends.
  • August 2012 – The bespoke Diaries of the Century called  Destinations will be available for Sale.
  • Late September/Early October 2012 welcomes you to the Universally Friendly Olympic Summit whereupon you will meet me and other successful individuals.
  • At the Olympic Summit will be the launch of my long awaited book in various formats called ‘A Pictorial View of the Universe’
  • Late October sees the launch of The Universally Friendly Million Christmas Gift Appeal. In the spirit of Christmas Universally Friendly aims to make available 1,000,000 gifts to children and families all around the world. Your help is crucial. It is our first year to launch this appeal, we may not reach our target but the effort of trying is equally important.
  • November 2012 sees the monthly launch of our health conscious cooking school whereupon a special site is launched for you to view all your special cookery classes.
  • December 2012 is our Universal Birthday Special whereupon a celebration of people from all parts of the world reveal the triumph of victory despite the hurdles in life. There will be many many bonuses for you to help you meet the New Year 2013 less ladened with financial debt and stress.

This article is not a ploy to make sales but rather an avenue of hope for those that find life difficult to cope with. All net profits from any sales that Universally Friendly makes will be directed to charities that universally Friendly regularly donates to.I know what it is like to be destitute. without a meal, without a penny, without a home or without a birthday party. With all my love and friendship for a spirited month of May 2012. Anthony

It is Time for change


Into the valley of intrigue there is hope and there is restitution for ALL and not just for a few. How would you like to open a new passage in your life that gives you life like never before. I want you to enjoy this video because it inspires change for you and for anyone else that needs change. I want you to make 2012 a significant change in your life. I want you to embrace 2012 with the right tools, books and inspirational quotes that will give you the drive to change for your longevity, for your personal happiness and for your inner peace. Can you imagine how different your life will be if an aura of peace, tranquillity and equanimity was around you?

The Wonders of the world


When you feel down, under the weather, bereaved, in financial distress, neglected, abused, confused, ignored, bullied or just anxious with life I want to you to watch this video as an aperture to hope when hope is no longer there. I want you to watch this video when there is loneliness and when friendship is a lost word. I want you to watch this video when tears fall and when crying is a beckoned call. The world is your oyster and the pearl is your treasure. You are in charge of the world and therefore the world is your oyster. You are rewarded for your efforts and therefore the pearl is your treasure. So, when others make you feel hopeless, lonely, in tears and anxious, let that not disengage you from your real duty and that is the celebrated role as guardian of the world no matter where you live, who you are or how old you may well be. Don’t let others judge you but instead judge yourself, did you do well enough to take hold of your treasure. In the penance of your trials and tribulations GOD does watch over you but leaves you to do best in the capabilities that HE had already bestowed upon you. GAZE into the wonders of the world and be AMAZED for GOD has made ALL, from atoms to molecules, from compounds to solid rock, from living creatures to non living matter, from the galaxies of heaven to the Universe itself. Stop wondering about yourself but instead wonder over the world!