March on to March 2012

We really got to get a move on, Dear Friends because by now we must have a comprehensive list of unselfish goals, sorted out, prioritised and ready to execute. 2012 is the year for change and it is time for you to see change. 17 years ago when I was really in trouble and to compound this I lost my Mum unexpectedly. Life could not have been worst! I had no money, no job, no real goals, I was very suicidal, I lost my home, I lost ALL my friends and my family shunned me. I stood intimidated, rejected and humiliated. I was very religious and admittedly I still am. I needed a lifeline and I got it when I asked. For GOD did listen to me and GOD did answer me. GOD answered ALL my questions and GOD gave me a roadmap to my future. That was almost 18 years ago. Today  I have 47 years more to go for I now firmly believe that we ALL have a centennial life on planet Earth. How we expend our day, consume our food, how regularly we exercise and how we manage our funds ALL play a critical role to survival.

When I look back at my life over the last 50 years I saw life like no one had done before. I used to ask myself questions from the early age of 3. I was 3 years and 119 days old when I purged the first question, WHY? WHY? IF? WHEN? HOW? BUT? WHOSE? These were constant streams of inquisition that came my way but I never got conclusive answers. To be quite honest I was often deluded and settle for confused and irrelevant answers. The magic happened when I turned 35. To be precise I was 35 years and 201 days old when I received a revelation that would change my life. A revelation that would give conclusive answers to ALL my questions. You may think that you have the answers but are they conclusive, can you latch onto them with confidence? Can you move forward knowing that you are heading in the right direction towards the right destination?

Destination it is, destination it shall be. Destiny is our ultimate goal but to thread the right terrain and the purposeful journey is what life is ALL about. Taking the wrong route expends valuable time into nothing, into misery, into misfortune, into ill health, into stress and anxiety and into the perils of the unknown. My mission is to openly assist you if required to the right track on the right road to our common destination. I hope that you are able to follow me on twitter:!/UniversallyF for my daily quotes and for much more.

It is a long process to redirect your journey that you have followed for so long. I don’t want to mislead you but surely you cannot ignore what I have to say openly, unselfishly and with the affection and passion that comes from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for reading my blog today and I hope that I have created not only a lifelong friend but someone that will change to make their lives more destined and purposeful.

With the warmest of affections



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