What is life without life itself?

As we see February 2012 come and go, where do we stand in the transition of time? We know that we shall get old, we shall live to tell a tale, we shall see the newer generation take over or we shall live in contrast in acute pain, sorrow, suffering and debt. Live appears to be the subtle art of choosing the one sphere of bliss or landing in the other sphere of total risk. It is not meant to be like this, it never was and it should never be. I want you to know that your life is the most important thing in the world that no amount of money, jewels or gold could possibly buy. Your life is worth 100 years in the physical plane and as we transverse along different planes we gather like the harvester new experiences and we do like the labourer better things so that ALL can benefit, manifest or invest. My name is Anthony, by now you must have mustered a collection of ideas of whom I really am but what I can wholeheartedly say that I received a revelation that has changed my life! I want earnestly to pass on this revelation to you at once so that your life will change too, not just for today or for your centennial life on Earth but from here and beyond!



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