Did you carry your TAG?

When you leave home each day do you carry your TAG with you? You see Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls TAG stands for ‘Trust Almighty GOD’. Every breath that you take, every step that you thread, every decision that you calculate, every relationship you create, every seed that you sow, every goal that you envisage, every friend that you make, every journey that you conquer, every meal that you consume, every thought that embraces action, every word that you utter or every sound that you hear carry your TAG with you, always and forever. Don’t leave home without your TAG, make it part of your paraphernalia. Life is so abundant surely GOD deserves ALL the credit and the Love and the worship. I love GOD with ALL my heart and with ALL my strength every single day and as the radiant rays of the Sun strew its way into the aperture of my daily life I know GOD is there.


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