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Rely on July 2015 to kick-start your future.


Project 330

Rely on July 2015 to kick-start your future.

Quote of the day

‘Many will argue but I say treat July as the beginning of a new era. Don’t wait upon January the 1st for another try. Try right away. Try in July.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! A hot welcome to the start of July 2015. Welcome to the start of a new era of personal achievements and accolades. You are YOU and therefore you deserve to get whatever you desire. If your needs are unselfish you shall be granted any wish that comes your way. It is like having a Genie by your side. Just make a wish and the Genie from heaven shall grant it for you. What is your wish? I would say that the most common wish is happiness 24/7 from birth to death. Now that isn’t really a tall order. In fact it is a minute request by a human being for the contributions that we make throughout our existence. Just think for one moment what would happen if you were not here. Can you imagine the void in history that you will create if you were not here? We have a fundamental purpose in life and that is to serve our Heavenly Father as sole custodians of the living world. Therefore with such a responsibility at hand asking for a wish of happiness is a very small request indeed. I can guarantee you that whatever your unselfish wishes maybe it will come upon you like miracles from the heavens above. You need to believe in yourself, you need to believe in Almighty GOD and you need to believe in miracles. You need to understand that you have the right to freedom and the right to reject boredom. You have the right to stardom because you are a star amongst the stars in a Universe teeming with stars. You have the right to wisdom from A – Z. With wisdom you can understand the greater meaning of life. With wisdom you can walk amongst uncertainties and trample distractions. With wisdom you can sail the seas and walk the earth without doubt or fear. You have the right to a kingdom of joy and happiness because you are the king of your domain. Don’t allow someone to siphon the happiness and joy in your kingdom. Let July 2015 open new doors for you. Let happiness rain upon you like the monsoon that drenches the earth. Let joy sweep you off your feet like the winds that blow from the northern hemisphere. Dear Friends, welcome to a new beginning with a wonderful ending. Welcome to a world of special dreams. Welcome to your world. Welcome to today where dreams shall come alive with your participation. Welcome to a Universally Friendly world where everyone is equal but different in their goals.


Think like a Tycoon in June


Project 304

Think like a Tycoon in June

Quote of the day

‘You can be whoever you want to be, you just need to think big. You have to build a picture of your dreams in your mind and then apply a bit of action to complement those dreams. In other words you need to think like a tycoon.’

Bonus Quote

‘Think big and you shall become big. Think of your existence and you shall exist. Think about your life and you shall love your life. Think about your family and your family shall think about you. Think about Almighty GOD and you shall sit beside HIM when the time is due. Think about the birds and the bees and they shall think about you and fill the sky with vibrant colours and sweetness that is so pure and divine. Think about those difficult days and tomorrow you shall marvel at the wonderful days ahead of you. Think big for you shall become big.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! A very warm welcome to you Dear Friends on the birth of a new month. Welcome to June where our theme is to think like a tycoon in June. More importantly we need to reach the pinnacle of our success as a tycoon in a given time. There is no need to hurry or scurry but a time allocation of how long it will take you to reach the pinnacle of your success motivates you to work harder and more diligently. Dreams are created daily but real dreams are created once in a lifetime. Real Dreams carry you onto cloud nine ready to make a pact with our Heavenly Father. This pact shows that you believe in yourself and that you believe in Almighty GOD. This pact is unselfish and it is all about having a purpose in life.  Your life is a precious gift. It is unique and it is untainted. What becomes of tomorrow is what you instil in your mind today. If you think like a tycoon you shall become a tycoon in a given time. What is a tycoon? A tycoon in my opinion is one that build a financially independent lifestyle unselfishly. He or she believes in themselves and works industrially each day to carry out a given task or a set of tasks to fulfil and accomplish by the end of each day, and collectively at the end of each week. A tycoon gives part of their fortune back to society without accepting recognition or glorification. A tycoon assists people that needs assistance, a tycoon insists on remaining altruistic, a tycoon consists of Integrity, Honesty and Trust and finally a tycoon resists temptation. Are you ready to become a tycoon in June? Are you ready to set the foundation to a better lifestyle filled with joy and happiness? Are you willing to work diligently each day and every day for the rest of your life? If so, welcome to the University of Success. Welcome to Universally Friendly. I wish you well and I bestow upon you a magic spell of love to make your month in June a successful one. It can be done for it was done before by countless individuals. Nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself. Don’t follow the sludge that leads to a common grudge or to judge someone else wilfully. Don’t begrudge someone either. Believe in yourself, that is the first protocol of your plan of action. What follows is indescribable. I am ready to take off like a rocket in June, will you join me to watch the stars glow and the planets rotate? Welcome to June dear Friends. You can do it whether you are young or old. I did it and I am still creating little goals every single day.

Hope Overcomes Pessimism and Enmity.


Project 215  Hope Overcomes Pessimism and Enmity.

Quote of the day

‘Hope changes the trough of your predicament and shifts it to the climax of your success. Hope Overcomes Pessimism and Enmity and changes it to Optimism and Goodwill’

 Dear Friends, the world paints an accurate picture of sufferings and pain on a daily basis. We see it but take no note of it. Water the essence of life is deprived to so many people. Diarrhoea kills at least 2,000 children per day as a result of lack of clean water. We have the technology to provide but lack the theology to supply. Every 5 seconds a child dies over a preventable cause. Preventable because we have the technology to provide but lack the ethnology to identify and supply. There is conflict in Syria and Ukraine, we have the technology to stop it but lack the methodology to implement it. There are 3.8 million refugees in Syria making it the biggest humanitarian emergency of our era. Families live in poverty in poorer countries as well as in richer countries. We have the technology to change this but lack the ideology to bring fairness to all. Dear Friends, the above forms a synopsis of trouble the world over. This is the trough of predicaments that I am referring to. This could be your predicament. We cannot depend on man for man is coveted with GREED. If it is commercially viable than man is interested. I say onto you and verily too, that GOD is here. GOD is omnipresent, omnifarious, omnipotent, omniscient, omnificent and omnibenevolent. Don’t listen to the GREEDY man that says he does not believe in GOD but believes in SCIENCE. Belief creates confidence for you to grow out of your predicament. Belief creates faith to ensure a steady and righteous path for you to follow. Belief makes you carry your TAG with you all day and all night. TAG stands for Trust Almighty GOD. When you believe you start to propagate hope. Hope is your lifeline. Hope changes the trough of your predicament and shifts it to the climax of your success. Hope Overcomes Pessimism and Enmity and changes it to Optimism and Goodwill. Hope gives you the confidence to move on. Hope makes you live in anticipation. Hope is faith, a lifeline you need. Hope is courage to overcome your adversaries. Hope is optimism laid out on a silver platter for you. I want you to march into March 2015 with HOPE. I want you to shift your trough of predicament into a climax of success. I want you to build passion in your heart and I want you to let it flow like the water that travels from the source of the river to its mouth thousands of miles later. Your source is your inspiration waiting to trickle in the frontiers of space and time. Tomorrow is the start of a new month and a time for you to create the first droplet of inspiration that will grow into your visionary thoughts of unselfishness making you what you want to become and making the world the way it was.

‘December is here, December is a time to endear and December is a time to hear.’


Project 131

‘December is here, December is a time to endear and December is a time to hear.’

Quote of the day

‘As I walk into a kingdom of magic I know that there is hope for me. The month of December is like a door that closes bitter memories and opens better ones. From the 1st to the 31st I shall treasure this passage as I journey into a kingdom of awe, wonder and magic.’

December is such a wonderful month separating an old year from a new one. December is a magical month too and celebrates the birth of our Lord. December is miraculous month astounding the world with miracles and hope. December is here but unlike a magical rabbit from a hat December is here to bring joy to the children and laughter to the household. December is a time to endear and to praise our Heavenly Father for our greatest gift on Earth, his only Son, in Jesus Christ our Lord. December is a time to hear. It is a time to hear your heart pour out its true feelings and urgencies so that you may take action in resolving any issues that you may have. It is a time also to hear others as well, to listen to their grief, their brief and their long awaited relief from their own personal trials and tribulations on Earth. December is also a time to hear the word of GOD and to acknowledge His presence. Without December life can be like a candle, flickering in the gentle wind and finally extinguishing into the darkness that beckons us all. The month of December must be likened to a mystical journey starting on the 1st and ending on the 31st. This journey shall start like this: As I walk into a kingdom of magic I know that there is hope for me. The month of December is like a door that closes bitter memories and opens better ones. From the 1st to the 31st I shall treasure this passage as I journey into a kingdom of awe, wonder and magic. December is definitely a highlighted journey of spirituality and morality. You can feel it in the air. It is a time for blessing, for resting and for celebrating. It is a journey that lasts for 31 days but makes an impact on the rest of your life. December brings hope to all. December is also a month to remember. We remember the birth of our Lord and we remember to offer praise. Praise comes through by celebration. Celebration is festive and brings people together and strengthens bonds. Let us holds hands together in December and start the New Year with a kilo of love and a milligram of hate. Let us cultivate hope together and make December a month to always remember. Let us treasure our gifts on Earth and let us give warmth and a hug to the person beside us. Let us light a candle so that its glow can be seen far beyond the ionosphere. Let us gather our thoughts and strengthen our bonds. Let us do things that will make 2015 a better year for all. The month of December is like a beacon that shows the end of the year has come. The greenery is taken away from the landscape and the mountains are capped in snow. The lakes are cold and the bears start their hibernation. The clouds are dark and the rains are torrid. All of these things will happen in order to cleanse the way for a New Year. As the cycle renews so do you, to start fresh on the crisp sound of a New Year. Go forth and break old barriers that inhibit you and take on new challenges that exhibits your desire to change the outlook of your life and the outlook of the world.

A very Happy Easter to all of you


Happy Easter

Easter holds joy and happiness for all in the matrix of life. It is all about life from the beginning to the very end and more importantly it is about the purpose of life. The Easter weekend marks the period from the Friday before Easter to the Monday after it. Easter is a celebrated and rejoicing period where life is shown in great magnificence marking the resurrection of our lord Jesus Christ. For those around the world that celebrate Easter it should be earmarked as a period where life is actually revealed in ALL its glory. Have a Happy and peaceful Easter weekend and fill your heart with the joy of living and with the happiness of giving.

The Kaleidoscope pattern in your life,


The kaleidoscope pattern in your life,

Good day to you Dear Friends from a much brighter day here in good old London town. Despite the bad weather we still are here living in a world filled with surprises. Years ago we always shared a white Christmas. Today we don’t and having snowfalls in March shows clearly how climate change is affecting us all. There is a definite drift in seasonal change, flower blossom and migratory patterns. One thing for certain is that we are still here. We were placed here on Earth as sole custodians of the living world and like a school that gets monitored by Ofsted we too are been monitored. GOD watches over us each day as we watch over others. Where is it all going wrong? Where is there hope to cope? I spoke a few days ago about a kaleidoscope pattern in your life, I want to exemplify this to help us get things right again. When they say you are feeling blue it normally means that you are emotionally setback with a touch of gloom and melancholy. Blue on the contrary is such a vibrant colour filling the sky and horizon in a majestic pleasantness of opulence and wonder. So when you feel blue like a blue Monday reach out to the opulence of blue Universe and become part of it. Sometimes they refer to you as being yellow in a cloud of cowardice or possibly a sensationalist with gross exaggeration. Yellow, however fills the petals of daffodils and covers the rind of lemons and the nutritional aspect of egg yolk. You need to enrich yourself with the splendour of yellow, a primary colour in the visible spectrum. We often go red in the face because of an embarrassing moment, you know the feeling as I do on numerous occasions. Don’t feel like this any more but characterise your redness with an abundance of haemoglobin in your blood with succulence of strawberries and tomatoes. Go green and starting feeling clean with a special touch of your personal preen. Green is for the grass that covers the terrain. Green is the leaves that captures carbon dioxide in the air and releases oxygen. Green is for the environment and your individual contribution plays a key role in maintaining a healthy environment. White or black they say we are, but we are not. We are human beings through and through. White is for the snow that creates a duvet of softness on the peaks of mountains. White is the colour of visible light. Black is the absent of light. It is the vastness of ones imagination for there are no boundaries. Black is beautiful. Quote of the day: ‘Don’t fill the canvas of your day with colours that can ruin your day and your workload. Choose colours that enlighten you and make you feel part of the overall picture of life. Love you all dearly, but remember GOD loves YOU even more.

A Very Happy 2013


Happy New Year


A very Happy New Year to all my friends from around the world. I am so privileged to have you as my friends. I feel the goose bumps on my skin as I type these significant compliments. Thank you for finding the time to read my utterance and for appreciating them too. I will continue to hit the QWERTY keyboard on my office desk each day as it brings my great joy and immense satisfaction to me. I want you to embrace 2013 like never before. Keep attuned to my utterance and let it flow like water in a conduit reaching ALL corners of your inspirational abode. You will see changes if you are willing to embrace change. Remember look at 2013 as a challenge. There will be hurdles to overcome but always remember I will always be by your side to inspire you. Go well and do well. Reach above and touch the inspirational source form above. Love thy heavenly Father and share your worldly deeds with Almighty GOD.