Become a Universal Friend today and get real answers that make real differences

You have probably surmised me by now. I am Anthony, I am 52 years of age and I live in the United Kingdom.  I do not attach colour, creed, culture or credentials to my portfolio. I am an ordinary man, no different to you but I have been exposed to numerous human fallacies that has awakened me to find out why does just a handful of humans enjoy the fruits of life whilst the greater proportion live a life of destitute, suffering and poverty. Why do children all over the world not confined to a specific nation suffer so dearly? Why is it that some perish so young whilst others do not have a decent education? Why is it that some are deprived of the basic necessities in life whilst others waste so much of food? Why is it that only when we interact with other humans we experience harm, disappointment and sometimes death? Why is it that our economy has dipped so low and inflation so high? Why are animals poached, become extinct, or abused? Why is it that children become abused, sexually or violently? Why are humans kidnapped each day, kept in solitary confinement or left for dead? Why do youngsters take to the street in anger or revenge? Why are there so many people in the world that suffer, and with a population reaching 7 billion soon this problem seems to escalate? Why are there natural disasters that take lives so aggressively, and so quickly? Why do people become victims of fraud, deceit and violence? Why do men and women exercise fornication, masturbation, prostitution, adultery and even divorce? Why it is that humans do not live equally and in harmony? Why do we fight with all our might? Why do we kill each other, rob each other, swear each other or maim each other? Why do words of hate, slander, malice and jealously becomes words of action and of catastrophic consequence? Why do some excel whilst others don’t? Why is it that stalkers get away and petty crime gets ignored? What makes a child swear, smoke, drink or abuse? Why is it that the elderly do not necessarily enjoy a life of retirement as well as they should? Who are the makers of the law and who are the breakers of the law? Who makes your decision but not their own? Who holds a weapon in their hand and kills without concern? Who acts with disconcertion, please stand up right now? Who judges others and not themselves? Who throws their stubs or refuse on the ground without concern or decency? Who urinates along the roadside but disregards the rest? When are all of these disengagements going to come to an end? When are we going to see Happiness and some restitution? When will we learn to love with sincerity, honesty and integrity? When will we show compassion? How do we combat human rivalry? How do we search for the truth? How did life begin? Where is the Garden of Eden? Do aliens exist? Did UFOs exist? Did Dinosaurs live amongst humans? Do parallel Universes exist? How can we become financially independent? How can we become confident? How do we avoid been swindled? Is there life after death? Do we need to be bullied, abused, embarrassed, humiliated, hated, shouted at, evicted, robbed, terrorised, subjugated or tortured? What is life? What is life without life itself? Does life exist in other planets? Are there signs of life elsewhere in the Universe? I like for you too to become a Universal Friend and capture the real answers that make the real difference.



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