Timing is important


Timing is important

Quote of the day

‘Timing is about being SPOT ON. It is about allocating time each day for Scheduling, Planning, Organising, Timetabling, Order and Negotiating. Do this in sequence and you would expend 86,400 seconds profitably each day.’

Welcome to the 27th of October 2016. Today I want to talk about the importance of your time. Your time on planet Earth is a precious gift bestowed upon you which is equated to 86,400 seconds per day. Transparent Success is based entirely on how you use these seconds each day. Timing is about being SPOT ON. The first letter in this acronym is Scheduling. Scheduling is about arranging your day to suit you. Here you develop a mindset to get up and go to bed at a certain time. It is about programming you to do this daily, weekends can be an exception. It is about scheduling all your activities in a logistic way. This includes going to the toilet, washing, brushing, bathing, eating, working, relaxing, reading, writing, walking, talking etc. What follows next is Planning. Planning is about thinking about tomorrow and the years ahead. It is about visualisation and understanding the workload attached to your visualisation. It is very easy to visualise what you want to do but then do nothing to achieve it. Planning is about writing down what you need to do. What comes next is Organising. Organising is the mathematical way to put your workload into a logistic fashion. Priority comes first in most tasks set upon by yourself when you plan. Planning gives you a series of tasks that is often sequential. To make them doable you need to enter them into a memo called timetabling. Timetabling is about allocating specific seconds to a task. This comes with experience. Every task requires time to complete it and proficiency to accomplish it. This leads to the Order of the day. Order in this case scenario is about sticking to a written mandate. At Universally Friendly we call this mandate Destinations. More about this later. Order maintains stability in your day. A day that is calm always ensures a future that is peaceful and not wasteful. Finally, there is negotiating. Negotiation is a personal discussion between you and yourself. Have you taken on too much? Are you being realistic with your promises? Can you undertake the workload at the designated time? By negotiating you can make several changes to suit you and the people that depend on you. You can make promises and often keep to them. Negotiation is like the cherry on the topping. Don’t forget to order your destinations Diary in good time for the New Year. Have a great day.


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