Quote of the day

‘Say NO to Vanity, Edacity, Mendacity, Brutality, Enmity and Rotundity.’

Welcome to the month of November 2017. In this month, the penultimate month of the year I want us to have the mind-set to say NO. Yes, No to NO-VEMBER. It is a definite no to Vanity, Edacity, Mendacity, Brutality, Enmity and Rotundity. You must apply this mind-set to help you bring out the best in you. Vanity can drive you to insanity if you are not careful. Vanity is about having a negative approach to your life. You want to be successful but you remain unsuccessful. You want to be productive by the end of your working day but remain unproductive. Therefore, in NO – VEMBER you need to say no to vanity. To remain trim and slim you need to manage the Science of Edacity and that is very simple. Eat in Moderation and with a little bit of Consideration. Saying no to Mendacity is a vital necessity to a Meritocratic Goal Setter. You need, to be honest rather than dishonest. You need to keep promises rather than break them. You need to be at your finest, always. Say no to Brutality in NO – VEMBER. You cannot be harsh to another human being. Every human being alive is important to you and to them. Respect works in both directions. Show respect and you shall gain respect. Show disrespect and you shall earn disrespect. Brutality should be for the bullies. Say no to Enmity in NO – VEMBER. Without friends where will you be. Friends make all the difference. Friends always lighten your day, enemies always darken your outlook to life. Make friends, not enemies. Rotundity is a definite no in NO – VEMBER. We need to keep in shape to cope with the trials and tribulations of our day, our life and our world. Without shape we are shapeless. Without the drive, we lack the will to survive in the best of times and in the worst of times. Remember to embrace each other and say no in NO – VEMBER.


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