July, the month of Relativity

Quote 359

July, the month of Relativity

Quote the day

‘The Theory of Relativity states that all individuals respond to external stimuli to determine their success rate. To achieve productivity, they remain in a productive environment. To be engaged in activity they stay away from inactivity. To acquire positivity, they steer away from negativity and associate with positive people. To achieve Creativity, they doused themselves with Originality and riddled themselves with Ingenuity.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! A very, very warm welcome to you on the first day of July 2016. The Earth still continues its long orbital journey around the Sun, travelling at an enormous speed, creating a daily opportunity for you to succeed. A journey of 365 days equated to 940 million km and a speed of 30 km per second provides the perfect and sure platform to succeed. To succeed you need The Theory of Relativity at your fingertips to make progress throughout your day and throughout your earthly life. Success can be likened to a mirror effect. Look into the mirror with a smile and you will get a smile that lasts for an earthly mile. Look into the mirror with sadness and sadness is what you will get. Therefore, to succeed in any aspect of your life you need to relate to keywords. A smile will give a smile as wide as a mile. Positivity will yield positivity and develop longevity. Success will give Success as you progress in a constant process to impress, express and address as you walk, talk and work. Productivity will become productivity without an ounce of negativity based on the Theory of Relativity. Inactivity will be overridden by activity. Creativity will be dazzled with a glow of originality and ingenuity. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls always remember by giving your best you will be above the rest. By exerting yourself in a pace that has flair elegant grace will ensure that your output will be consistent and professional. The Theory of Relativity states that all individuals respond to external stimuli to determine their success rate. A person that clings to sorrow will always make tomorrow even more sorrowful. A person that loses hope will never find the right rope to cope. External stimuli are what they need. If you are sad then you need an external stimulus to overcome your sadness. That stimulus is obvious. They need to search for gladness, happiness, grandness and divineness.  It is all about polarising. It is about taking negatives and turning them into positives. It is about winning rather than losing. It is about learning about your mistakes rather than churning from them. This is The Theory of Relativity which we shall explore in greater detail in the month of July 2016. It is important for you to stay tuned and to read my articles, Quotes and Books on a regular basis to maximise your ability to succeed. Save these websites to your browser: www.universallyfriendly.co.uk, www.jippp.com, www.universallyfriendly.com, www.inspirationalgalleries.blogspot.co.uk. Coming soon for your enhancement: www.aimacademy.com and www.thedatabanktimes.co.uk


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