A month of adventure

A Month of Adventure

Quote of the day

‘June 2016 is deemed the month of Selectivity. It is an ideal time to select the perfect project and a time to reject the wrecked subject. It is also time to elect a new goal for Summer, a time to detect a defect in your agenda and a time to inspect the architect of your dreams. It is a time to correct the anomalies in your life and a time to protect the foundation of your hard work.’

Quote 328

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Welcome to the month of June 2016 as seen from the horizon of a new beginning in time. It is deemed the month of Selectivity. A time to select something new and something good and a time to reject something old and something bad. It is that time of the year to arrange the columns and rows in your life in a logical fashion and to enhance your psychological passion to make 2016 your year of personal success and personal change. It can be done. You just need to tweak the irregularities in your life with a stream of regularities. To do this you would need to select an irregularity in your life and cancel it with a regularity. A regularity could be the perfect project. An irregularity would definitely be an incomplete project. Don’t discard it just shelf it. A perfect project could be a joint venture or a mission to have a sound ambition such as a beautician, a magician, a technician, a musician, a mathematician, a politician, a paediatrician, an obstetrician or any profession that tickles your fancy. How about a new goal for Summer 2016? Do you need to lose weight, to be great or to go straight? Do you need a new teammate or to locate an old mate? June 2016 is certainly the month to press the select button. It is a time to replace old goals with new ones. Do you have a defect in your approach to succeed? Are you a procrastinator of written tasks and an accumulator of unfinished tasks? It is often better to do something later rather than be a hater of something that you couldn’t do. Hanging to something that you cannot possible start will often make you hate it, I say onto you and verily too, don’t procrastinate but concentrate. Concentration is about power developing and focus enhancement that makes you see your responsibilities and then undertake them. Concentration makes you develop the right will-power to get the job done and the precise brain-power to manage the job. Procrastination is about lengthening the wrong will-power to avoid getting the job done and negating your brain power to mismanage the job. June 2016 is the month to inspect the architect of your dreams and to establish if your foundation is strong and your realisation is even stronger. It is a time to be real rather than surreal. It is a time to feel your dreams rather than conceal them. It is time to select what is good for you and to reject with immediate effect what is bad for you. I will be here for the next 30 days to help you reach your destiny with triumph. Have a wonderful midweek and a wonderful month.


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