The Challenge in life is what is you want to challenge

Dear Friends thank you for finding the time to to read my blog. Many of you are following me on Twitter whilst others are following me on various social networks and from the responses I receive daily it is quite gratifying to know that my insertions into the electronic world daily are worthy and helpful. Your life categorised by a number be it a social security number or identity number clearly defines your presence on planet Earth on this day the 2nd of June 2012. What do you make of it thus far? Do you see life as a challenge as a result of your circumstances? Are you struggling to make ends meet? The world of Commerce has let us down despite advancement in Technology. If you look clearly at the statistics of hunger, pain and suffering how can you possibly rate this world that we live in as fair, especially to an observer above the stratosphere. Perhaps it is an alien from another planet who decided to drop in but suddenly changed his mind because he sees life as a challenge. Yes, friends life is a challenge. If you cannot measure your needs in dollars and cents then you simply cannot feed the challenge in your mind. Just peer through the aperture of sight right in front of you at this very moment. Everything is there from cars to property, from food to leisure, from entertainment to social integration but if you cannot present yourself n dollars and cents these presentations are really a figment of your imagination. Dear Friends, I want to assure you that The Universe is opulent and will cater for all your needs therefore you should envisage life as a challenge but only take on a challenge that is applicable to you. In others wear the shoe that fits. Don’t concern yourself with what the chancellor of the Exchequer does even if you disagree. Don’t concern yourself with the 24 hour bus strike even if you travel by bus daily. Don’t concern yourself when the price of bread becomes ridiculous high even though bread forms your stable diet. All you need to concern yourself is with what really matters. What really matters is that you are here on planet Earth and not  a passing visitor. You need to acknowledge that you are you and not just classified by number. You need to probe the inner concept of your thinking and classify what really matters to you and what you really want to do. This makes your life the challenge to meet rather than the challenge you do not really want to engage valuable time in. Take pen and paper in hand and let your yourself free into the fields, into the forest and away from the cluster of Commerce. imagine yourself for one moment that you are you and you are alive and have the right to live equally on planet Earth for 100 years. Ask yourself what do you want to take on as a challenge? Commit this challenge to paper and head on back home and start to make the difference that is applicable to you. Give it a go. Try it for I did it and I know the challenges I want to meet each day and stick to it rather than wander aimlessly along the forest floor and end up lost!


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