Happy New Year

Project 158
‘Happy New Year’

Quote of the day

‘Newness is brilliance, wholesomeness, purity and inventiveness. A New Year brings about all of these qualities from the first second until it is time to say farewell to a further 365 days. Wake up to this freshness and capture your individual triumphs as you tread along a long road lasting 365 days.’

Every human being has the right to equality not just in 2015 but for eternity. I want you to realise this and to reach out and take your slice of the opulence that the Universe provides so generously to all. How do we take a slice of this opulence shall be my targeted inspirational content for the rest of the month. Let there be brilliance in your daily achievements. Let there be wholesomeness in your qualities. Let there be purity in your thoughts. Be inventive from today and be conclusive before the end of the year. Brilliance is the quality of a working man and woman that seeks wisdom first and skills later on. Wholesomeness caters for your healthy needs. I urge you to fill your bowels with goodness and freshness. Eat well and stay well. Walk the first mile than run the marathon later on. Everything starts from zero and works its way upwards as long as you persevere. Dear Friends you need to develop confidence. Dear Friends, build a strong foundation. Once you have done this build your life brick by brick until the architecture of your dreams is revealed. Purity is chastity. Purity is about the soul and the mind cleansed to the core. Purity makes you walk tall and stand robust. You need to be pure and cure the ailments that beseeched you for so long. Purity is a wonderful quality of any human being. Being inventiveness is your mind at work waiting to send instructions to your body that performs the work. You need that extra bit of resourcefulness to make things work for you. You need to visualise and you need to improvise. You need to invent and you need to be content. You need to imagine and you need to have compassion. You need to be clever, forever. You need to be original and follow a valued and valid set of principles. The New Year is indeed new. As with anything new you need to be blessed at church, synagogue, mosque, temple or at a monastery. You need to feel new and pure. You need to be new from the 1st second of 2015 until the very last second. I shall be beside you guiding you, helping you and inspiring you. I want you to ensure that one of your pledges for the New Year is to read The Modern Day Trilogy. I conclude by wishing you ample wealth, good health and endless prosperity. With love and sincerity from your good old friend here in good old London Town.


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